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  1. No I didn't... Fix it that is. Welcome to the world of incomplete testing. It never, ever.... EVER....EVER occurred to me that a piece of code, meant to shed parts in a game with 6 degrees of freedom, wouldn't have it's directional vectors referenced in some way to the part. Nope. The part can have it's mass, force, AND DIRECTION of ejection specified, but that direction is relative to the UNIVERSE... I kept cheating my craft into orbit to test the direction of ejection, and once the panels blew OUT and not sideways thru the craft I thought it was all good. Later in game play I noticed it was still wrong - did some more complete testing, and found out that all I did was make sure the panels would travel Up and Down (relative to the camera in orbit mode) with no regard what so ever to the orientation of the service module. This module is used in many places where it would go unnoticed (engine shrouds for instance) but in the case of the LV-N engine, it can be noticed - and this in fact leads me to recall that this has been the case for a LONG LONG time. Seems rather stupid to me - heightened enormously by my embarrassment at not being more thorough and making assumptions.
  2. @PART[ServiceModule25] { @MODULE[ModuleJettison],0 { @jettisonForce = 30 @jettisonDirection = 0 1 0 } @MODULE[ModuleJettison],1 { @jettisonForce = 30 @jettisonDirection = 0 -1 0 } } Requires Module Manger (and Making History of course), changes the panels to jettison OUTWARD as expected rather then laterally... NOTE: Does not address the whole "bay is open but parts think it's closed" bug NOTE: If craft is spinning when the panels are blown, you'll see some really odd behavior. Take one to orbit and roll before jettison; you'll see what I mean...
  3. FWIW solar panel sun tracking tweak is still working in v1.8.1
  4. That's another "helper" that ought to be stock.
  5. Guys "look at what I can do under such difficult circumstances! Its easy!" To someone who is struggling is not helpful. I suggest some YouTube. Learn not so much ksp but orbits in general, scott Manley is good for this. Also consider installing mechjeb and just watch what it does. Then try the tutorials. You'll get your lightbulb moment went you pierce the mental barrier that is keeping you from "wrapping your head around it" Thats how I learned. That said, it is a real shame that something like navyfish's docking alignment indicator isn't stock. You still have to hand fly it, but it gives you some feedback on what's going on. Hell, Apollo had an eye piece and a target to hand fly their docking, it wasn't automatic and it wasn't "seat of your pants" like stock KSP.
  6. Module Manager is the way to go. That way future updates won't stomp on any customizing you do. I wanted to make hull numbers so I whipped up some textures and made a cfg file to get them in the list of texture options. Slight correction tho: @MODULE[ModulePartVariants]{ ... } needs to be added around the VARIANT entries, else it won't work. Resulting in: @PART[sticker*]:HAS[#author[blackheart612]] { @MODULE[ModulePartVariants]{ VARIANT { name = Kerman displayName = Kerman themeName = Kerman primaryColor = #ADAFAD secondaryColor = #ADAFAD TEXTURE { mainTextureURL = MyFlags/Flags/kerman } } //More "VARIANT"s here if desired } } Took a second for me to figure out why my textures weren't appearing on the options. While I'm in here posting, //MODULE { name = FStextureSwitch2 in the cfg file results in nothing right? Because the MODULE is commented out, the following curly braces and their contents are in effect also commented out, if I understand correctly. If so, shouldn't that whole block be removed? It makes it a bit confusing - to say nothing of bad formatting/messy code.
  7. Weird tho because it was usually M$ browsers that gave me headaches...
  8. Yes, I see that for a split second and then the screen I posted. Firefox 70.0.1 if that makes a difference. EDIT: It does make a difference... Chrome, Edge, even Internet Exploder all work ok.
  9. This still works in v1.8.1 so I updated the title.
  10. New 1.8.x compatible version is now available. See Original Post for Links and Details. > > > BUG REPORTS GO HERE!!! < < < (I cannae fix what I dinnae know aboot)
  11. It's been brought to my attention (I still Kerbal, but not at all like I used to) that some parts in T.R.A.I.L.S. are not working in the latest version of KSP (1.8.x) I'll be looking into this in the next few days. At a glance, it appears they've moves some things around, for no discernible reason, so I need to update the configs.
  12. @Tonka Crash what version of VS did you use? I'll have to reinstall it (system reformat) to recompile and release a bug fix.
  13. Quick question, what units are being used for Fairing jettison, it doesn't seem to be KPa or Pa.
  14. Ok -Meanwhile in other news: Crash that happened after a vehicle blew up on the pad and I attempted to "Revert to Vehicle Assembly Building" And here's the log from that same crash (let me know if you want a "crashless" log too)
  15. Just tell me the path and file name, it's been awhile and there are a few files with the ,log extension...
  16. Here's mine (note different "last modified" time?) and it's 8pm here, so it's not the time I unzipped it.
  17. Clicking here results in a direct launch with no build time. (intended?) (of course that's the Making History Expansion giving me 2 launch sites - I *think*)
  18. Well, you could just buy another copy and maybe giver the key to a friend or family member. Personally I gave a key to my grandson, and I have both the KSP store version and the Steam version.
  19. Seemed to work ok for me. The only issue I had was that it won't relinquish control when I click abort.