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  1. I did exactly that in the interim, as I finally reasoned that it was needed because you had used some of CTT nodes. So far I love it, the remaining "wut!?" moments in the tree are baked into the game (thing like kerbals can't seem to use any of the numerous doors to go outside, etc. )
  2. So I loaded this up with a new save, but without Community Tech Tree and it appears to be doing what I expected. Will I run into problems? I don't have much in the way of part mods, kOS, hullcam, FASA launch clamps, and that's about all. This so far looks like exactly what I wanted, something more sensible in the early tiers of stock and that's all. (Although it's still perplexing that Kerbals could build even the tier 1 KSC but have no idea what a wheel is, or the ability to go outside. LOL)
  3. I've got a super simple dumb ascent script for KOS. It does two things. Autothrottles to keep you 50 seconds from AP, and steers pitch to match a simple equation: tan(altitude/18000) I tried 10000 instead of 18000 but that leads to heating effects during launch and I like to avoid that. Anyway, my idea today was, a MOD that would put a target on the navball that showed that pitch during ascent. The player would then try to keep that marker in the middle, rather than my script which steers for you. Nothing fancy in the way of optimized trajectory for a specific craft, just a hard coded "reverse ballistic trajectory" upward to 80km. Thoughts?
  4. When you do that (which I have been doing for a long time now) you get your screenshots AND the built-in screens. I want JUST my screenshots. So I was wondering if there was a mod that ONLY removes the built-in screens, so you ONLY get your own shots which are in /userloadingscreens
  5. Thanks, I'd have never known as I don't see it posted on the forum, but it looks like quite a bit more than I'm after.
  6. Wat? Shots in the normal screenshots folder do not appear as loading screens ever.
  7. Found a bug - like the actual fault, not just the symptom. Symptom - "Place Anywhere 1 Linear RCS Port" has no sound Cause - Line 344 in RCS.cfg Reads: transformName = RCSthruster Should Read: transformName = RCSjet Cheers!
  8. I've since installed this, and kept realplume for SRBs - I haven't specifically tested to see if its better than particles but I certainly haven't seen any drop in performance. Which means no flashing yellow time, no visible low frame rate. I do miss the smoke sometimes even if it wasn't always accurate.
  9. Don't know it's a bug: Don't save logs. It's such a not-edge case, I figured there was something I wasn't doing.
  10. I get this after using the "KURS view" while docking. The docking happens, I get "thrown out" and I'm left with the data on screen. How do I make it go away? Reset view doesn't do it.
  11. Is there a mod? I'd like to ONLY see the shots I've curated and placed in the UserLoadingScreens folder. That is all.
  12. Ok, but the waterfall framework post specifically mentions that the old particle system would cause lag with lots of particles ..? So all things being equal, which is less of a load on a system? Realplume/smokescreen or Stock Waterfall Effects/Waterfall? Its obvious waterfall is the future but just like I use Eve and DO NOT use a super hires graphics config, I dont want to step up(?) to Waterfall if it's going to hammer my beleagured gaming rig. (FWIW, I use stock, breaking ground, and making history parts only - I dont even use restock for fear of high vertex counts and large textures.)
  13. One suggestion. Hide the OCISLY button in all but "Flight" context. There's no use to it being in the VAB, SPH, or Space Center and it just clutters the toolbar.
  14. Except one thing, and sorry if I'm being dense, but what is a Docker Container? Is it this? > https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Docker_(software) Why and how would I use that? (Yes I saw pull blah blah, but that has no meaning to me)
  15. This is fun!! I'm exploring a whole new way to play. I set up the cameras using a couple clients. *HIDE* KSP, and let a KOS script do my control of the craft. I then operate KOS using an Apple II I have connected to my PC. KSP Ground Control Simulator!
  16. So far, I locked down a lander by sticking a clamp-o-tron Jr to one, and then using my kerbal to shove the lander over it, then retracting the legs. I was VERY sad when I found out you can't run struts from a lander to a stamp-o-tron. So I'm having a hard time figuring what good they are. You can build on them of course, but that's limited...
  17. If it's done right, at worst it should run smoothly, but not look as nice. If done well, only those on older systems will experience "not look as nice" while bleeding edge early adopters will get all the eye candy, which of course is the most important part of any good game.
  18. I wish they would have left the ports alone.
  19. Wonderful... And as a result of a feature that I at least had zero interest in. I was fine with simply docking correctly.
  20. To futher clarify, I made this post because I have a dim vague memory (as most of them are these days) of reading a post where someone mentioned this being "a thing".
  21. The offset Gizmo started following me around after appearing each time I moved an item from one cargo container to another. Is this a "known thing?" - and is there a work around to get rid of it? (Total sidenote - it's nearly criminal that the forum STILL doesn't host images)
  22. Chatterer - Adds all manner of sounds, including just "SciFi" ambient background sound, winds, etc. If you want your game to have that, get the mod. If you want to learn how it was done, study the source code.
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