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  1. no it`s a separate mod called E4 that adds these windows. you can save a coloring preset and apply it to each part, so simple!
  2. not sure what you mean. i have downloaded and installed the latest Simple Construction mod files for ksp 1.8.1 via github. should i download the elp original mod and replace the part folder?
  3. hello! i have installed the Simple Construction mod for ksp 1.8.1 and i keep getting an error message whenever i have launch clamps supporting my ships. the part it says it`s missing is "ELExtending LaunchClamp". any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. the pwing configs are pure magic @Manwith Noname and i just started to play with it. THANK YOU!
  5. just tested the cfgs for pwings and they work. i wanted to thank you.
  6. wow! that`s amazing. does the metallic shader work too? i`ve been playing 1.8.1 and found no odd behavior with pwings (apart from the rather huge lift they produce). i`m itching to try it, i wanna build some shiny robots heh. props for your hard work looks like a godsend and would greatly expand my builds. cheers!
  7. hello, i`m looking for a way for a way to make the old pwings (they still work in 1.8.1) use TU. atm i`m stuck to duplicating the parts and recoloring them in Photoshop but it`s cumbersome and increases part count. A TU cfg would mean alot to me. thank you !!!
  8. ----------- using 1.8.1 with updated Firespitter plugin and updated B9/B9 Animation Modules everything seems to be working!!!!!!!!! some cockpit textures are missing but i remember they were unfinished anyway. even the part variants work just fine. the rotors work as well and the gladius vtols are the best thing ever!!!!!!!!
  9. amazed this still works after all this time. with some cfg edits it can be use to create almost anything and combined with procedural parts, well, the possibilities are endless i put it to use making this ship. editing the textures can also yield very interesting results.
  10. great!!! i think the best way would be for you to update the files, i have no idea how that would work. i`ll pm u with the zip, i`m working on getting more numerals in currently most of the numbers have a zero in front. so i`ll make a 0-9 series on white and black, i`ll also test some more dashed lines, i`ll see how that goes.
  11. hey, it would be awesome to have these included in the mod !!!! please let me know what steps need to be taken. i`m prepared to make bigger resolution items if necessary and i want to expand the curved vertical selection that has no decals atm. let me know!
  12. Hello! I made a texture pack for Nebula, 87 textures, download here -> beacuoupzero texture pack, just overwrite gamedata. hope you enjoy.
  13. https://imgur.com/gallery/c4oQVhp wow it really works!!!!!!!!!!! too bad i already made a vid. i`ll include it in the next anyway. many thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Hi!  I recently got the fairings working with TexturesUnlimited and wanted to offer you some help!

    Add this to your TU config (you can remove the ",fairingSize4,fairingSize1p5" if you don't have Making History) and it should work! You might want to modify the Metal and Smoothness values to your liking. Enjoy!

        name = STOCK-Fairings
        title = Default
        recolorable = false
            shader = SSTU/PBR/Metallic
            //simply setting properties for metal and gloss
                name = _Metal
                float = 0.75
                name = _Smoothness
                float = 0.75
            name = KSPFairingShader
            textureSet = STOCK-Fairings
            materialIndex = 0

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