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  1. great!!! i think the best way would be for you to update the files, i have no idea how that would work. i`ll pm u with the zip, i`m working on getting more numerals in currently most of the numbers have a zero in front. so i`ll make a 0-9 series on white and black, i`ll also test some more dashed lines, i`ll see how that goes.
  2. hey, it would be awesome to have these included in the mod !!!! please let me know what steps need to be taken. i`m prepared to make bigger resolution items if necessary and i want to expand the curved vertical selection that has no decals atm. let me know!
  3. Hello! I made a texture pack for Nebula, 87 textures, download here -> beacuoupzero texture pack, just overwrite gamedata. hope you enjoy.
  4. wow it really works!!!!!!!!!!! too bad i already made a vid. i`ll include it in the next anyway. many thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi!  I recently got the fairings working with TexturesUnlimited and wanted to offer you some help!

    Add this to your TU config (you can remove the ",fairingSize4,fairingSize1p5" if you don't have Making History) and it should work! You might want to modify the Metal and Smoothness values to your liking. Enjoy!

        name = STOCK-Fairings
        title = Default
        recolorable = false
            shader = SSTU/PBR/Metallic
            //simply setting properties for metal and gloss
                name = _Metal
                float = 0.75
                name = _Smoothness
                float = 0.75
            name = KSPFairingShader
            textureSet = STOCK-Fairings
            materialIndex = 0

  6. hey thanks, but it only works in the vab/sph, inflight it does not affect the fairings, just the base.
  7. thank you so much for your answer!i have to admit i am completely lost and i have no idea what to do with this. could you please give me some more hints as to how to install this ? i am not a coder : ) many thanks!!!!!
  8. hello, thanks for this mod, the reflections look stunning and it really takes things to the next level aesthetically. i am trying to learn if it is possible to apply the metal shader to stock fairings. i am using the porkjet config found in electrocutors thread and fairings are not affected by the shader. any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. hello, i have a question, how can i apply the metal shader to stock fairings?
  10. MODS: KSPIE, KJR, Space Y, B9+legacy packs, SVE, scatterer, navhud, kerbal engineer, procedural parts, procedural wing, nebula decals, kerbal foundries continued, simple construction, TAC fuel ballancer, TAC life support, hangar extender, distant object enhancer, DiRT (for changing the skybox get it!)
  11. i`ve followed your instructions and it works but with issues i will list the procedural parts cfg used the old parts names, i have updated that and it worked (see updated cfg in quote) but there are some weird transparency issues, some the designs are kinda extreme but the issue appears on smaller craft. it also appears that the colors bleeds into surrounding parts(note the tank under the b9 wing, 1st pic). i have no idea what causes this. it is actually pretty usable as long as i apply darker colors as the transparency makes visible some sort of shading layer of the objects around the painted object (second pic). anyway great work! here is the album. best.
  12. i`m working on it wow you are so kind!!!!! no doubts here, heh, just reporting what i found. the mere fact that it works is incredible!!!! i am really grateful for your hard work. Seasons Greetings! ps : i will post painted results soon!
  13. wow, it actually works on stock parts (1.3.1 here). not working on pwings and it used to work on procedural parts as well, i missed this so much. thank you.
  14. Hello, i am having the exact same problem, KJR installed too. i am making very large wings and the wings flop like noodles and collide with various parts. i`ve added lots struts but the large surface produces so much lift they get ripped off at 150m/s and just 2g. i had moderate success when i made the wing very heavy. i know the design is highly unorthodox but the endcap pwing makes for a great fuselage, the b9 too...any help is greatly appreciated.