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  1. Hey guys I am kinda in need of help . Ksp is a relatively fun game just for that fact that it takes up to much space on my harddisk . I know I am the only one experiencing this as I seen youtuber record 100 of episodes and they dun seem to be having any problems . Everytime I save my progress it takes away at least 1.2gb away . I bought the game via kerbal and it came in the winrar format . Do I need to extract it out or smething ? I hope a moderator or admin or any person who comes along this post .
  2. Hey guys ! I just bought Ksp and it is really fun , the only downside is when I save my program it it takes up a lot of space my hard disk went from 74gb to 50gb . I think I m the only 1 experiencing this or maybe not . I bought it directly from kerbal and it came in the winrar file . I hope that you guys may knw the or at least an admin will notice this post and