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  1. Icing on the cake would be if they would become all burnt and sooty after use
  2. Sooo... clearly open cycle engine. I would assume this would make it one of the earlier engines available in the tech tree of KSP2 before we move on to the more sophisticated stuff?
  3. Thanks! Couldn't have done it without the fantastic mod by @Galileo and all the others that contributed to it. It turned out really great, was easy to use and I don't think my game crashes were because of the mod
  4. Not quite, it's actually "Damen" (one less "m" in there). "Dämmen" on the other hand (with the Umlaut) means to isolate (temperature, water, etc). "Verdammen" means to curse something or somebody (same as "damn"). I still believe "Gurdamma" is the sound you'll make when you fail your 15th landing on that thing.
  5. Oh, I haven't heard of that one yet! When did that one get revealed? Is there a picture?
  6. Thanks, Nate! From what we have learned so far, aside from the known planets and moons from the original game, these new celestial bodies are known: Rask & Rusk (binary planets) Ovin (ringed super earth) Gurdamma (early Earth type planet) Donk (Gurdamma's moon) Glumo (Saturn analog) Charr (crispy hot stuff) Puf (the eyeball planet) Skut (the non spherical from the latest episode) Did I forget one? Are all of them in the Debdeb system? Great beard, by the way
  7. Thanks for the update (video as well as the HUD explanation). I feel a bit dumb now posting a video in which I negatively remark that we haven't seen any real gameplay since the announcement 2 years ago. Here's to hoping there will be more soon
  8. Thanks for sharing and the kind words, guys! I'll post another KSP2 video tomorrow (Friday, September 3rd) which will take a look at how to create a great product and how not to lose focus of what's important while doing so. 2 years since the announcement --> 2 videos. Hope next year we don't have to keep speculating but can actually play it - I don't want to do 3 videos in one week
  9. Already found 2 potential bugs with the ground anchor and have another regarding folders. I'll be in touch
  10. First off, thank you! KSP rekindled my love for space exploration and space flight I once had as a kid. By sparking that interest again, I learned more about orbital mechanics, rocket engineering, astrophysics and cosmology than I could have imagined. I am truly grateful for that. Looking forward to the update!
  11. At 02:21 that appears to be our first look at a redesigned Tylo, or am I totally mistaken? It looks forboding... as it should!
  12. I am actually writing the script for one right now. Not a "news" video since there hasn't been anything major, more something along the lines what I believe are some of the biggest challenges around a certain topic for KSP2. Fingers crossed I might be able to release it this Friday.
  13. first 2 seconds of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaON1dBfsEU I gladly accept my new responsibility as a meme
  14. If it was about the money, they would go for a mobile game. Console market is almost 10 billlion dollars more than PC and mobile is twice that of PC (see below). KSP 1 on console was a bad move because it had to be a port of a game that never was intended to be on console in the first place. If the developers are smart, they will lay the foundations for a less cumbersome conversion to consol for KSP 2. Especially since the upcoming console generation is a PC in fancy case. I get a lot of comments per week by disappointed console players on my videos. And it really breaks my heart that there are people out there that paid money to enjoy the fun we have with KSP and can't have nearly the same experience. And no, "buy a PC instead" is not an option for many of them.
  15. I can only relay the information I have received, and that was that it is a planet and it is named "Puf". The name is also supposedly a hint about the planet's character. But I have no clue as to what that should mean. Potentially a lack of language or cultural knowledge on my part.
  16. No, the cruise stage is jettisoned before the vehicle enters Mars's atmosphere. Tony Bela did an excellent infographic on the process:
  17. Use KAL-1000s to manipulate the RPM to go over the allowed maximum. You can do the same with thrust level on engines, that leads to hilarious results, see Danny's video on Crew Dragon or his single stage to infinity. Yes, you could consider it cheating... or just exploiting that the game allows you to do with the parts available.
  18. That is a great Ingenuity recreation! I especially like the use of the antenna to hide the fact the blades are "hovering" above the body and the use of struts as landing gear. I went with the small grip strips. And yeah, flying is really only possible in the low atmospheric regions. Good thing I am not participating, then The size was something that came about due to the fact that there are no smaller parts than 0.625m ... Ingenuity's body is only 14cm in diameter and has a "wing span" of 120cm. With the smallest probe body I had to make Perseverance around it so large that then the fairing/head shield combo got big and then the cruise stage and then of course I ended up with a 120m Atlas V replica... For the rover's wheels, I went with small rotors and the structural tubes. Luckily those were the size I needed them to be, but I think ruggedized wheels would have been roughly the same size but didn't nearly look as good.
  19. I no longer use two monitors, but I do use a monitor so wide I have KSP running 1440p and can have my browser open beside it. Would love to have the map view separate. However, this would even further increase the divide between console and PC. And console players have been treated very poorly regarding updates. Would hope to see KSP2 giving them more love or design the game in such a way that updates for them can get released easier. But since KSP2 will have multiplayer, this opens up the idea of a "mission control" role in multiplayer. Players 1,2,3 can't access map view, Player 4 can only access map view and is in communication with the other three, coordinating them to rendezvous or tells them when to point their rockets where and how long to throttle etc. Definitely would not be everybody's cup of tea but I could imagine it being fun when playing together. Yes, every new feature adds potential new pitfalls in development. There's no way around it. That's why good product managers /product owners prioritize their backlog based on what will yield the highest impact on the market. We'll see whether or not this will make it. But it's fun contemplating it and having a discussion around it
  20. One more thing about those wonderful rings. Will the particles/asteroids in that ring have a hitbox or will they be just decoration like the trees and rocks in KSP1 and the vehicle will pass through them? Could you bring some of those back home?
  21. This is looking to be a very nice update for KSP. There are no special parts presented for Rosetta. Will there be ones on the game or is the Klaw jr (nice addition btw, been hoping for that for a long time) the only concession to a micro lander for landing on a comet?
  22. The thing about journalism is this: every article is approached with a certain bias. I am confident to claim this because I was an editor for a national newspaper in my country for many years. Everybody has biases, and these biases influence the way we write or talk about things, most of the times unconsciously. If you look at certain wordings in the article, it is clear that Schreier approached the story from a "poor indie guys, they didn't deserve that" mindset. The article begins: Okay, "it struck them as bizarre" ... who exactly? All of the employees? Or just the few that Schreier was able to talk to? Look at the rest of the article, most of the comments are from former Star Theory employees. Of course they are not happy with how things turned out, who would be? This is now their bias coming through in their comments, understandably. Then there are other wordings like "It was strange and disconcerting news..." or "cutthroat standards of the business" or "extreme tactics". This makes it clear to me that the article is not intended as a mere report of the things that happened, but Schreier wants to tell a story. The story of a small indie studio eviscerated by big corporate. Side note: when I started as a journalist, I was mostly criticized for my writing style by my colleagues and bosses, not my fact checking or objectivity. Sometimes entire paragraphs were re-written by them to make them "prettier" or "more exciting" to read, at one point even completely distorting the meaning of an article at which point I protested and retracted my name from that piece. Again, who said that? The disgruntled former employees? Or did Schreier also talk to people who are now at Intercept/PD/TTI? What was their measure of "proceeding smoothly"? I hope this does not come accross as me trying to discredit Schreier. Far from it, I applaud him getting that much information out of the events that transpired. I myself tried to find out more about the dealings that led to the transition from Star Theory to Intercept but hit many brick walls on that end. But, and this relates to EVERY type of media, be it an article, a news broadcast or yes, also my youtube videos, every type of media is produced with at least some type of bias. There is no objective truth in media. The only thing you as a journalist/reporter can do is to try to be as objective as you can, get as many facts as possible and have the guts to accept facts that are not in line with your own confirmation bias. The latter part has become a huge problem in media general over the past 10 years, by the way. Based on the information available to him, I do believe Schreier wrote the best article possible, but with a certain picture he wanted to paint. Now, to my own bias. I am over 40 and have lived through 4 to 5 takeovers in my line of work. Some friendly, some hostile. In neither case was the transition completely smooth. And in every case there were things that happened that left a sour taste in my mouth. Especially the first one, that was brutal. There were shouting matches, tears, thrown objects, almost fistfights, livelihoods destroyed. During another transition, the new bosses fired a pregnant woman, which is illegal where I live. They then retracted their decision for fear of litigation and payed her a hefty amount of money so she would leave on her own and stay silent. What happened to ST sounds like a walk in the park compared to that. Loyalty in business doesn't mean much, to be honest. That's why there are contracts. I had people claiming "I'll stick it to the new bosses" or "when they do this or that I'll leave, that will show them" just to have them stick around for a few years more after realizing that other companies wouldn't treat them any better but probably would pay them less. Also, I really want this game to succeed. Does that cloud my judgement? Maybe. I like to think I am old and jaded enough that stories like the current one don't faze me anymore and that that is the reason why I can stay so calm in the face of it.
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