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  1. If it was about the money, they would go for a mobile game. Console market is almost 10 billlion dollars more than PC and mobile is twice that of PC (see below). KSP 1 on console was a bad move because it had to be a port of a game that never was intended to be on console in the first place. If the developers are smart, they will lay the foundations for a less cumbersome conversion to consol for KSP 2. Especially since the upcoming console generation is a PC in fancy case. I get a lot of comments per week by disappointed console players on my videos. And it really breaks my heart tha
  2. I can only relay the information I have received, and that was that it is a planet and it is named "Puf". The name is also supposedly a hint about the planet's character. But I have no clue as to what that should mean. Potentially a lack of language or cultural knowledge on my part.
  3. No, the cruise stage is jettisoned before the vehicle enters Mars's atmosphere. Tony Bela did an excellent infographic on the process:
  4. Use KAL-1000s to manipulate the RPM to go over the allowed maximum. You can do the same with thrust level on engines, that leads to hilarious results, see Danny's video on Crew Dragon or his single stage to infinity. Yes, you could consider it cheating... or just exploiting that the game allows you to do with the parts available.
  5. That is a great Ingenuity recreation! I especially like the use of the antenna to hide the fact the blades are "hovering" above the body and the use of struts as landing gear. I went with the small grip strips. And yeah, flying is really only possible in the low atmospheric regions. Good thing I am not participating, then The size was something that came about due to the fact that there are no smaller parts than 0.625m ... Ingenuity's body is only 14cm in diameter and has a "wing span" of 120cm. With the smallest probe body I had to make Perseverance around it so large
  6. I no longer use two monitors, but I do use a monitor so wide I have KSP running 1440p and can have my browser open beside it. Would love to have the map view separate. However, this would even further increase the divide between console and PC. And console players have been treated very poorly regarding updates. Would hope to see KSP2 giving them more love or design the game in such a way that updates for them can get released easier. But since KSP2 will have multiplayer, this opens up the idea of a "mission control" role in multiplayer. Players 1,2,3 can't access map view, Player 4 can o
  7. One more thing about those wonderful rings. Will the particles/asteroids in that ring have a hitbox or will they be just decoration like the trees and rocks in KSP1 and the vehicle will pass through them? Could you bring some of those back home?
  8. This is looking to be a very nice update for KSP. There are no special parts presented for Rosetta. Will there be ones on the game or is the Klaw jr (nice addition btw, been hoping for that for a long time) the only concession to a micro lander for landing on a comet?
  9. The thing about journalism is this: every article is approached with a certain bias. I am confident to claim this because I was an editor for a national newspaper in my country for many years. Everybody has biases, and these biases influence the way we write or talk about things, most of the times unconsciously. If you look at certain wordings in the article, it is clear that Schreier approached the story from a "poor indie guys, they didn't deserve that" mindset. The article begins: Okay, "it struck them as bizarre" ... who exactly? All of the employees? Or just the few th
  10. The switch to Intercept happened in December according to the article. The pandemic was a non factor in the US at that point.
  11. Exactly. I also looked into the three key people I mentioned earlier. Jeremy Ables is now listed as Studio Manager for Intercept Games, but he was with Star Theory for five years, being CEO for more than two. If your CEO who was with the company for half of its lifetime immediately jumps ship when a new offer comes in, something is up.
  12. It's certainly a delicate matter, not being helped by the article using words like "cut throat" etc, mixing reporting with opinion. Let's look at the facts: T2 hires Star Theory to work on KSP2 in 2017. In August 2019, the game is announced. In November 2019, Star Theory gets a 6 month extension of their deadline (according to the article and based on the fact T2 announced the delay in a press release in November). Somewhere around that time, the Star Theory founders try to sell their studio to T2. Ok, let's pause for a second. I was in Seattle and met the developers in Sep
  13. I finally was able to show KSP in it's full glory by recreating the KSP2 trailer using just stock parts from KSP1: And I put all those crazy vehicles in here: https://kerbalx.com/hangars/90035
  14. I made a Cybertruck and flew it to Duna on a Starship. If you prefer still pictures, I also put something on Imgur: https://imgur.com/gallery/tjODKOS
  15. I too am very interested in this. I got an entire mission planned where I would revisit the Outer Planets and collect surface science. But of course there's nothing there yet. So I tried to fiddle around the configs myself and created a OPM_rocsdef.cfg file where I tried to invoke the Gilly ridgeline but on Tal. Game didn't crash but I also didn't get any Gilly ridgelines on Tal... hmm... Plot twist: I have no idea how to mod this game
  16. I tested the Launch Escape System for my upcoming "Apollo 50 ... LITERALLY" mission. Just some minor damage. Next iteration works better
  17. I landed a Saturn V. On its side. Sort of.
  18. I did. In general you can find out a lot about KSP from analyzing savegame files and/or config files, especially for newly added parts and features. There is for instance a .cfg file that defines which terrain feature is present on which planet or moon and in which biome. I am pretty sure modders can use the structure of that config to add their own surface features for scanning. I'm really hoping this might one day apply to my favorite mod of all time: OPM. In regards to the save game edit: I put up a screenshot of two saves, one old and one new. The old one has a value of "-1" for the
  19. Well... And then there's the undocumented hours in my RO/RSS, OPM and older version installs.
  20. @AFF I totally had the same problem with wheels during my "Purple Pain" Eve exploration series. That planet is just evil. As to the thread: I did a Blue Moon lander replica, flew it on a New Glenn replica and tried to land the booster on a ship. Things didn't completely turn out as I planned...
  21. I paid 18 USD to see "Avengers: Endgame". I enjoyed myself for 3 hours. I have more than 4200 hours clocked in at KSP - and that's just my Steam install, my other variants (RO, OPM, ... ) not counting. I paid about 30 USD back then for KSP and 15 for Making History and I will gladly shell out 15 for Breaking Ground. All in all a total of 60 USD for a game that already gave me thousands of hours of fun. Triple A titles ask for the same amount of money for a hammy single player campaign and a derivative multiplayer part I am not interested in. Add to that, KSP taught me a lot abou
  22. UUUUUUH YEAH! The things I will be able to do with this. 500 ton Kerbal BattleMech incoming!
  23. I failed miserably trying to get an Orion/ESM/ICPS thing into an orbit around the moon in Realism Overhaul. Any variant or mod part I test, the ICPS inevitably runs out of fuel way too early. I mean it would be a lot more bearable if my RO install would start in less than 8 minutes...
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