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  1. Thank you, DaMichel. I cannot believe how much I rely on your two mods (Flight Data and Flight Indicators). Greatly appreciate your dedication and ability.
  2. Claw: I hate to come with you with a request, as this module is perhaps the most important and essential on this board and we are all indebted to you... But with that said, is there any way you can include the airbrakes, when used as pitch or yaw controls, in the plus part of the mod that disables the aerodynmaic control surfaces in space? Pretty please???
  3. I have had the exact same problem with BahamutoD's critter crawler--I had thought it was a bug with that mod. After attaching a critter crawler probe/rover (saved as a subassembly) to a ship by a docking port and, in game, detaching it from that docking port, causes me to lose the ability to move it's legs (which I understand are just retextured wheels). The controls are still working because it rocks from torque (and I can activate it's rockets and fly it), but it will not roll/walk. Switching to the space center, switching vessels back and forth, and reloading do not fix it. I should have a save file somewhere with the rover experiencing this problem that I can upload tonight.
  4. One other question/issue. Is there supposed to be usable atmosphere on Duna? Because the MASAMUNEs weren't working for me. My crew is in for quite a long vacation....
  5. Hmm... for whatever reason, I need to include the Smokescreen.dll to get that pretty red color. No clue why. Ah well, at least it works for me now. And with your mod I can make a smallish mk2 SSTO with a 20% payload fraction to Duna (can only get home with a small tweakscale ISRU in the forward bay, but...) So cool!
  6. Let me do it in pictures (it's easier) One picture is closed cycle with Hot Rockets and your mod installed, the other is with just your mod.
  7. Can you check your install? I was not getting the red closed cycle MASAMUNE effects until I also (just) installed HotRockets. Now I have both the blue open cycle effects and red closed cycle effects. Is HotRockets suppose to be a dependency? Sorry if I missed that. Also, while I love the MASAMUNE sound effects, they are a little... loud (so loud that it drowns out chatterer with voice at 100% and ship sounds at 10%). Still love this mod more than I can express.
  8. First, don't you think that is a little uncalled for? Second, I would think nuclear engines, at most, should produce electricity when not running (when running, the heat begin generated is used for thrust, not power). Third, to the extent the game doesn't support "inverse throttle" alternators, I figure the power being generated when it is off is being used for cooling and containment. Fourth, its based on the RAPIER, which also doesn't generate electricity. So it's not really stupid at all... IMHO.
  9. I just realized something, are the MASAMUNE engines supposed to have an emissive in rocket mode? I don't see anything coming out of them...
  10. Awesome job, man. Keep up the great work. One thing, however, your DRE config needs a "NEEDS" in there. It is currently setting parts to 933.15 degress in stock. Your OMS engines keep blowing up on my ascents...
  11. Oh how I love this mod... Masamune is so much fun as the endgame SSTO engine.
  12. Real easy fix for this. Open it up. Works for me.
  13. I don't want to end up derailing this thread, but the auto-generated drag cubes for parts that do not have customized cubes in their specific *.cfg part file are found in "PartDatabase.cfg". Assuming there is a solid part the same size as a K cargo bay, I'd expect you could find the values.