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  1. Hey, using the spawn vessel behaviour, is it possible to spawn vessels relative to positions of other vessels? Say for example I have parked a vessel at a random position (on ground or in orbit). Then after I accepted the contract I could have another vessel spawn in nearby. Think of Elite Dangerous when meeting up with someone for a trade in a random place in space.
  2. That looks absolutely amazing!!! Can't wait for it! : D
  3. There are no option for custom resources yet, it's something I intend to do as soon as things get more streamlined, I.e. if the current game-play mechanics works properly and is somewhat satisfyingly balanced. I'm still having a play-through of my own, and I expect some will raise their if something is dissatisfying. If not, that probably means it is... There are ways of having things influence other modules yes, as well as making events such as fake explosions. KKS has some nice, "built-in" instructions on how to write that type event-style add-ons based on damage sustained by the KKS ad
  4. Well that's one more way of doing it, it doesn't mean it's going to be accurate, and would still have to be tested with the majority of parts to be somewhat accurate. So, if it has to be tested with the majority of parts then may as well do individual configurations. I have tried numerous way of automation, including calculating from mass, but it simply doesn't scale well. And relying on "flags"/tags for determining the type of part, just ends up with more flags than practical, I.e. individual configs is even less work. However, if you do have a properly working algorithm for doing it automati
  5. The problem is to figure out how much seawater every part is going to hold. It's sort of the same dilemma with a damage system. There aren't really any smart way of creating an algorithm that can realistically add a proper amount of seawater to every part (at least none I can think of). For example if one uses the volume of the collider it would not function well with a "girder" type part. Essentially you would have to make individual configurations for, as well as test, every single part in the game. On top of that you'd have to do that with every single other add-on as well if you'd like it
  6. Can't wait! : D It would be awesome if you could do that!! Every time I open up Blender I need to print out 10 pages of shortcuts to hang on the wall just to get started... hahaha
  7. I'm sorry, I'm really not sure what could be the problem here, but to try clear up some things about how it works: The VLS has to be a children of the part it is trying to clip, this means it has to be directly attached to that said part, and the missile has to be directly attached to the VLS as well. The conditions for clipping are having the specific missile selected through the Weapon Manager window as well as having it armed. This is just because of how the mod and BDA operates. Preferably it would be better to not have a global clearance check, an individual would be more practi
  8. I'm not intending to make any custom models or textures until 1.1. Since, in my experience, memory is the main culprit to all crashes, and 1.0.5 can hardly handle anything more than the base game. Also I'm just not very good at it, so I need some practice first : p Yay : D
  9. Update Beta 0.1.6 Check first post for download. Updates/changes etc: Re-made the risk/fire potency system to more mimic reality - in addition to a risk level, which will determine the chance of having a fire, there is now a potency level which will determine how fierce the fire is and how hard it is to extinguish. Fires and risk are now more dependent on what you're doing and which type of part you use. G-forces, dynamic pressure, etc, plays a more significant role now. Engines risk level and potency depends on how much you throttle them. Parachutes
  10. Yay : D Not sure if it's possible without messing up other mods... Hope it will work out! : D Not sure it would be of much interest. Though resources is a nice idea and (probably) not really a big deal to make (I think), there are, however, a lot of other things which may become an issue though. Looking at your picture, the issue seems to be that you're using action groups. It was not designed to be used with action groups, you have to select and arm the thing using the weapon manager menu. Only this will turn off the clearance check, and enable clipping mode fo
  11. Yay : D.There are no custom explosions. There may be a way to implement it, but I don't know how without interfering with functionality with other mods (I haven't tried yet). xD Thanks! : D
  12. EDIT: False alarm, sorry, it was something entirely different that caused the issues. Any moderators around can lock this if they want! I'm working on an add-on, Wildfire, where parts run checks on its connected parts to determine whether the part should catch fire or not. However, while setting up a small base using Kerbal Attachment System I encounter a massive amount of throws, and I suspect it's related to attaching objects to the planet's surface and the module trying to check its connected part, which in this case would be the planets surface (or whatever is in between,
  13. Hmm animated textures of some sort huh? Not sure if that is even possible. Haven't seen anyone else doing it yet, but worth looking into nevertheless. Aggressive breathing, lol. Darth Vader will not be pleased.. It's possible, though for some weird reason particle effects seems to behave strange at high altitudes and high speeds. Not exactly sure why yet, but if I can figure that out, decent fire trails during re-entry may be possible.. Could you please elaborate on this? I don't think it will explode if you ignore max temperature. Whoa, didn't even
  14. N.A.N.A. Fairwell Warning this is a WIP Not sure this is the best timing to be releasing something new, considering what day it is... That aside: Fairwell automatically deploys your (stock)fairing when reaching a specific altitude. Just right-click any fairing(base), adjust altitude and toggle. Now you can sit back and wave fairwell as your rocket undergoes metamorphosis in fully automated glory. Fairly easy eh?... get it? fair... ha - ha - ha... never-mind then! If you're anything like me, who plays games half-AFK, or has a chronic urge to switch on Mechje
  15. More economical to just have one thread where people can let go of their frustration, it's easier to monitor and reduces the risk of many other similar threads popping up and turning this into a widely spread issue no? Minority suppression 101 : p (on top of that, non-concerning people will know exactly what thread to ignore - kind of like how the slums work).
  16. I've been following this thread for a little while now and it's quite interesting to see how much anxiety this "pre-release" has caused. Obviously (or at least very likely) this so-called "pre-release" is nothing but a marketing move in order to generate enough WOM prior to 1.1 and, the more important console releases, thus having higher sales rate on release. Why am I so certain? First, of all is the reasoning for bug fixing. I do a bit of for-fun programming and I made a couple of mods for KSP, and to be fair, most bug reports I get are most likely useless. They usually consist of:
  17. Not sure about you, but lately I've been thinking about trains. More specificity: Space trains. Although, to my astonishment, despite all the hype trains, there aren't really any train mods out there (perhaps something to do with the lack of tracks and so on...). Therefore, just get the idea out there, as a sort of suggestion/request: How fitting wouldn't it be with an MK3 cockpit modelled after one of the Japanese bullet trains?! They already look amazingly "futuristic". Some pictures for reference. 500 series (some add-on cockpits already look similar...) 3
  18. It actually does consume resources when on fire, just not very much at the moment. I think for making things inoperable and having repairing ability will require dedicated damage system, which is a bit of a long step considering the scope of the add-on (at the moment at least). All major variables will be available through the config file for the next update. Fire and smoke will go upwards in the next update. Exempting ignition types will be available for the next update. Bug is related to structural damage detection, and is fixed for the next update Fires will
  19. Excellent! Thanks a lot! : D This isn't exactly a damage system per se (more like a "damage event" add-on), but I do hope for some sort of unified damage system which can incorporate everything in some sort of balanced way. Since it's a hot topic, i've included an experimental module for this. I haven't had time to test it yet, so go ahead and try if you want. Just edit and stuff the parameters bellow into an ammo box config-file. @PART[myAmmoBox] { MODULE { name = ModuleExplosiveStorage resource = myAmmo //
  20. New release Beta 0.1.5 Added configuration files for NAS (made by @Acea) Fixed taking on water detection. Added experimental module for explosive (magazine) storage (no config yet).
  21. About the VLS issue, it's a bit of a mystery at the moment. At least you don't need the clipping functionality : D About the sinking part, when you right-click a boat part there are supposed to be a number of "SA: [some text]: true/false" are any of them true? If everything is false or if there is nothing is coming up when you right-click, I suggest you re-download and re-install the add-on.
  22. Did you install Module Manager and the Maritime Part pack? Awesome! That would be wonderful : D From your description it doesn't sound like you're doing it any different from what I have done. isTubeloaded should be true if any missile is attached to any of those two launchers. Perhaps you've encountered some sort of bug? Do you have a log, or a picture? Perhaps that could clear things up a bit. Removing the generalpatches file removes the clipping functionality, yes. Which 5" gun are you referring to? I may have to take a look at it. I've nerfed the hulls in referenc
  23. New Release Beta 0.1.4 Added all major parts from Martime Pack. Added moding flexibility (check out description). Fixed some alarm warning issues.
  24. Unbelievable.... At least I have many cores, but that doesn't really help with anything in KSP...
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