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  1. Thank you very much! I can play japanese-translated-KSP without white box! before→after https://gyazo.com/a86519bfc4d4af234dc6e44c09cf9149
  2. NathanKell : thank you for your reply. Today I try EI v3.2 and RF v6.0 or v6.1 or v5.3. I deleted the folders every time. Then I can play limited ignition with EI v3.2 and RF 5.3. I use only one Module Manager dll v2.1.5. I think RFv6 has something which cause the trouble. Thank you for your reading.
  3. The EngineIgnitor.dll can't work because of the RealFuels.dll. During I use RealFuels.dll, the counter of Ignitions:Electric 1/1 doesn't change. I can ignite all engines infinite times. How can I make EngineIgnitor.dll work well?