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  1. What would I need to type in in order to put all my sats in geostationary with 120 degrees between each one? I"m going to fly them all up there, do it myself, and then finish off by editing each one with hyperedit. The thing is, when I tried to do that with my space station, It put them directly on top of each other and blew them up. How do I go about this?
  2. Or just add it on to one of the informational plugins?
  3. Will this automatically store the data in the capsule?
  4. I make mucccch more than enough money to purchase it. But it's the principle of it. We all helped test the game in early access. We were the QC team basically. Found bugs and reported them. Dealt with random crashes. And so much more. We should be rewarded for that. At Least everyone before .5
  5. I'm not purchasing anything anymore. This is all false goodwill that's screwing the people who supported them when they needed it. Plus after people buy DLC then they'll push more and add microtransactions. "100 Maneuver nodes for just 39.99!"
  6. Well then they should have cut off at the end of 2011. But that would liquid off too many people. The fact is right after May is when they started making the most money/getting the most customers, so they don't want to include them.
  7. Yes. I was here since the beginning. June 2013. That's when popularity spiked.
  8. KSP's popularity/sale spike happened right after May of 2013. Which is why they're choosing to give the DLC away for free for the people who purchased before that date. It is false goodwill. The people who bought after that in 2013 are the ones they got the most money from when they needed money the most. Because of this, all 2013 purchasers should also be included for the free DLC.
  9. Because that's right before the spike of purchases. It's appeasement to us "oh they aren't loveing us at least" when in reality it's an extremely small percentage of people who bought before that. I bought in June. June is when it spiked in popularity.
  10. http://phys.org/news/2015-07-perturbative-method-gravitational-n-body-problem.html Would this help to create true Nbody simulations in KSP? Lagrange points and all that jazz?
  11. http://phys.org/news/2015-07-perturbative-method-gravitational-n-body-problem.html
  12. I would love an internship working with you all! I'm a pretty decent java dev. Also, I'm about to drop 5 grand on a new computer with the newest i7 extreme edition. It I was to work with you all I wouldn't mind adding it to your compiling cluster, if you use multiple servers to do it.

  13. Because you're using a much smaller ship to dock. You're saving fuel and gaining space. [pun intended.]
  14. ITT people who took a philosophy class vs STEM majors.
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