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  1. Thank you for your answers but, as @bewing explained, the problem is in the algorythm, not in the satellite positioning.
  2. Thank you for the answer. That's exactly what I was interested in. I'm a programmer myself so I know about graph theory and difficulties in calculations. But unfortunately that means that my network wouldn't work as I planned and I shouldn't bother about it that much.
  3. I have one 100G on stationary orbit roughly above the opposite side to KSC and 2 other 15G forming triangle with the first one to translate the signal. Actually I have like 5 or 6 relays with 2 to 15G antennas orbiting Kerbin because of contracts. But again - my 100G relay on Duna had direct connection to KSC (3 lvl by the way) at the moment I've made screenshots.
  4. I don't use extra ground stations but that's not the case - my 100G relay on Duna has 96% connection with KSC at the exact same moment my other relays on Duna fail. The queston here is why my 2G relays doesn't want to connect to this relay to have stronger connection? Is it possible to have one-hop 6% connection stronger than three-hop connection where all points of the route connected with green color? Or maybe this system just connects via the shortest path ignoring signal strength?
  5. I've decided to create comm network on Duna for my rover mission. So I've got one satellite with 100G relay antenna on high orbit and a bunch of 2G relays on lower orbits. The problem is that these smaller relays keep connecting directly to the KSC in one hop with 6% strength even if they can establish stronger connection via 100G relay. So here are screenshots. My first 2G relay having only 6%. Connection from this 2G to other satellites. Red line goes to KSC and some green lines go to other relays. Switched to this "another 2G" and it also has 6% with KSC though it has green line connection with my main 100G relay. And finally - 96% strength on 100G relay. Why my initial relay doesn't use other relays to increase the signal strength? Is it supposed to work like that or am I doing something wrong? P. S. I know that my network is terrible but I've got this question in the middle of construction.
  6. Is there any way to disable "warp to" buttons on the map view? I've never really used them. They simply were until I ocasionally pressed one when I wanted to create a maneuver at the apoapsis and screwed the whole mission to Jool (because I left with not enough time to slow my ship down with one little ion engine) so I don't want this to happen again.
  7. Wow, thank you! I suspected that this thing should be in stock somewhere, but didn't know where to find it. It's not so obvious that the name in tracking station info panel is clickable.. I'm playing this game for a long time and still have something to learn.
  8. Hello! I'm looking for a mod and don't know if there is the right place to post such question. Is there a mod that allows to rename vessels from the tracking station (not only to change the name but also to change its icon - satellite, lander, station, etc.)? Or at least that adds a button "mark as debris" because I'm playing career mode and have lots of rescue contracts completed, so my tracking station vessel list became terribly long. I know that I can rename it before I get the kerbal out of cockpit, but not all parts allow me to do so (and sometimes I just forget it). And I know that there is a big red button to remove the vessel from tracking station, but looks like this button completely destroy the vessel (and I want that this part to have a chance of colliding with my other launches).
  9. I like this model little more than the previous 1.0 version (looks more stock for me). But what about the second one? That old-styled cockpit doesn't fit the new design of plane parts. So I can't wait to see it remodeled. As well as small landing gear.
  10. Is "Launch a kerbal into orbit" included in this contract pack? This contract is sort of broken. Once it binds to the specific vessel there is no way to complete this contract with another. Yes I had a mistake when switched to my space station before making the contract. And since int was in orbit, its periapsis was higher than 70km and it had a pilot onboard - the contract just decided to complete the first "make an orbit" part of it. And then when I launched another rocket into orbit and returned it: the game didn't want to complete my contract. If you don't want to store a list of acceptable vessels instead of the single one: just write a warning note that the next active craft should be purposed for this mission or so.
  11. I mean windows registry. It was just a panic because I haven't noticed the ckan folder in my ksp install and the only way of storing configuration that came out to my head is windows registry. But then deleting scan folder helped. What happened: I had several mods and then wanted to try ckan. I downloaded, refreshed repository, scrolled through all the list checking the most interesting mods, then went to the next tab and installed. I had a few errors with "already installed mods", so I deleted them and repeated again. Then I thought like "oh, looks like auto-detected mods won't be available for updating or deleting with ckan", so I've made a copy of my gamedata, deleted everything except squad, clicked refresh button in scan and here we go: unhandled exception thar broke everything. There is only one tab, no way of installing or deleting mods and clicking refresh button always lead to unhandled exception. I know that my "delete everything" action was stupid, but it's my only quick way to start from scratch. Unfortunately I haven't copied the error text and function calls from the exception window, so I cannot make an actual report. What I've learned: deleting ckan folder in ksp install helps with this issue.
  12. So one of my theories was right: they are just ghosts from the past.. But it's really odd that they've not been removed, even after so called release.
  13. I started to play KSP since 0.22 and I still have a question: those empty folders (internals, parts, plugin data, plugins, resources, sounds) - what are they for? I suspect that they have some use in the past (at least one of the mods I used had to be in plugins folder). And if it is so - why they were not deleted when they have no use anymore? Or are they automatically created by unity? Or maybe they are empty only when the game is not launched? Who can reveal the secrets of this empty folder mystery for me? P.S. Sory if I am too annoying but I cannot get rid of my curiosity. And 1.0.3 hype.
  14. Is there any reset button somewhere that cleans all the ckan registry records? I have strange issue with refresh button and don't know how to fix it. I tried to clean the registry manually but maybe I missed something (and I really hope not to broke my PC).
  15. Haha, I really start to panic when I realize that my probe with good pack of science data from the deep space is going to land on a mountain.