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  1. Battles: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: So. I will actually be holding off on running further battles because BDA is being very weird right now. Missiles are exploding on launch a lot, at least on the D-1. It also explodes on other craft occasionally. That's problematic. Even on other craft I'm making... missiles are exploding on the launch craft with frequency, despite following the new 'missile mounting rules'. A bigger problem is that some parts (I think mostly AP+ parts; the Tiger, mostly) just don't have consistent hitpoints. I can spawn in one team and the Tiger engines will have 26000 hitpoints, while the other team only has 2500 hitpoints on the Tiger engines... or even 1000. So... yeah. Problems. I haven't fully figured it out yet, if there's anything I can do on my end about it, but I also have to check in with the BDA dev team about it.
  2. Box of Stardust

    The FAR Fightout: BDA Gunfighters!

    If it's guns-only, might as well allow Aviator Arsenal as well.
  3. We've been told by the BDA devs that under full AI controls, aircraft do not reload missiles. Now if you mean that with action groups, while under full AI control, the AI will be able to reload missiles, then we'll look into it.
  4. Stats sheet has been updated by dividing drones into weight classes, by the way.
  5. Well the other 6 are on the PRD, so they get detached.
  6. I was complaining a bit about the 12 flare pods on the Du-11B, which is kind of excessive, but only 6 flares stay on the craft, which I guess is okay. It just matters because too many flares has a heavy performance hit. I'm going to declare a six ( 6 ) flare pod maximum on crafts, because, well, laggy performance sucks. Download this craft: It has drop tanks. However, the fuel tank will always be locked if you reload a quicksave, due to how the Modular Missile Manager works. So you have to unlock every fuel tank in a drop tank every time you load a save. It works under the same principle as the routing devices we use. It's a GPS-based launch, and the AI will fire GPS-based weapons always at the set max range. Though, it helps if you don't have other weapons overlapping that range.
  7. We're in a weird spot like in ASC-BDA 1.0. The TFD wasn't really a particularly hard plane to beat if you built against it... but your plane also had to get past the Squirrel. The HSC might be able to beat the PEGASys, but the X-Fighter couldn't- twice, and even in a 5v5... but the HSC can't get past the X-Fighter. I mean, you guys could just check the queue if you want to know if things have happened. But no, Du-11 is a little bit more down in the queue, plus I gotta do some Tier 2 matches.
  8. Battles have happened. After Action Report: Up next: (You will want to watch the first one.) After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report:
  9. A minor history note, Gunbrick came first to 'correctly' exploit the gun spam, which was fully designed in all aspects as a gun-based craft. TFD 2.1 was a response to that, which only proved that a huge amount of guns was a valid solution to almost anything in BDA 1.0. Basilisk wasn't really intended as a gun spam competitor, but just simply a plane with heavier gun armament than PEGASys at the time (though the Basilisk-D5 was intended to compete with 2.5km gun range to partake in the gun meta, but that was replaced with the full-on gun design, Gunbrick). That's why it's still around in BDA 1.2- because weight of fire is still valid... and why the new meta is mounting gun numbers higher than 4 guns. Do remember, standard gun armament in BDA 1.0 was 3 or 4. Because tagging a plane for half a second with one gun was good enough to make it explode. Not anymore though. In a weird sense, I've been building my craft for BDA 1.2's damage model even back in BDA 1.0. Basilisk-C3 from BDA 1.0 is... almost near-identical to Basilisk-C4 in terms of construction. Funny enough, BDA 1.0's heat damage model actually caused internal structures to kind of work against me. Okay, enough of that. You should probably link the BD Armory wiki page somewhere (I didn't see it anywhere). The entire page on AI tuning is still incredibly helpful. I should mention that my AI tuning method has always been to tune Damping first. With some experimentation, I finally understood what the BDA page concerning rotational input. Lower damping is 'looser' control by the AI, letting the plane rotate more in its axes more freely. Higher damping 'restricts' rotation. To have a plane that tends to act more super-maneuverable, lower the damping like nuts, and the plane will alwya flip over. It's difficult to find the right Steer Factor setting without knowing how much Damper is needed first, at least in my opinion. Damping defines how the plane will turn and maneuver. Steer Factor only influences how it'll make that turn. Also, 1 Sidewinder is actually perfectly fine, since it really all depends on if the AI sees a missile and launches countermeasures. In the majority of cases, firing two ends up wasting two. I still recommend having the setting on 2, but for craft with less missiles, 1 is a perfectly fine value. (Funny side note, in BDA 1.0, I had it set to 3 because the AI was dumb with using missiles.) A single Sidewinder's damage can absolutely wreck a plane as long as it hits right; you don't need two to do it. Just luck.
  10. Okay, so more battles have happened. Leaderboard updated. The HSC has started its run, and I can say that it now has THE BEST moment in ASC ever. Moreso than the Lancer vs P-5a. Funny enough, the P-5a stars in the new best moment too. But the poor P-5a is again, the victim in this event. Be excited for the footage. It's hilarious.
  11. @ZLM-Master's Mini Shark III continues upwards, now against the X-Fighter Hunter. After Action Report: On that note, I'd like everyone to watch this helpful video by JollyRogerAerospace concerning missiles and how to make sure BDA doesn't cause your plane to kill itself:
  12. Okay, we have battles: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: Next battle: After Action Report: And that's that for now. Two series are to be continued, which will be recorded later.
  13. Just a note, gun jousting doesn't work anymore since it's actually been programmed out of BDA for the most part. The AI is just generally a lot smarter now. You may also want to quote my bit in the ASC thread that sums up good aircraft construction: 25% airframe, 30% weapons and utilization, and 45% AI tuning. Also- EditorExtensionsRedux. Everyone needs it. For building literally any KSP thing. Anyways, this is my rating system for BDA combat aircraft, with no specifics on how to do anything, just the core of what's what: Maneuverability: Maneuverability of an aircraft. Aside from general control authority, it also includes the ability to perform extreme dogfighting maneuvers, which may be influenced by factors such as thrust. Propulsion: Acceleration and speed of an aircraft. High thrust-to-weight is good, but can also be influenced by aerodynamics; know the ins-and-outs of the KSP aerodynamics system to help create less draggy aircraft. Endurance: Time an aircraft can remain in combat before running out of fuel. 15 minutes dry thrust according to KER readout is the lower bound I recommend. Size: Size and form factor of an aircraft. Influences ability to avoid damage, due to being a harder-to-hit target, as well as smaller radar cross section. Damage Mitigation: Ability to take damage and remain combat effective. To clarify: not simply surviving damage, but remaining able to fly effectively despite the damage and not be locked into basic defensive actions only, and if possible, continue fighting. Structural durability comes into play greatly. Offensive Capabilities: Aircraft armament and the effectiveness of the utilization of the weapons (weapon ranges and such). Flight Control: Ability of the AI tuning to both push an aircraft to its maneuvering limits and maintain stability and directional control. The AI must be able to perform extreme dogfighting maneuvers, evade incoming fire, pursue enemy aircraft, and be accurate when firing on a target. Additionally, the ability for the AI to accomplish this despite the aircraft having taken damage. (Note: this has become increasingly harder to judge with BDA 1.2.) Also, about missiles: it's not that planes are more durable necessarily (though it does help to prevent immediate aircraft combustion when it does take damage). They did something with proximity detonation and how damage propagates from the blast that tends to give missiles a 'hit-or-miss' effect. A really good missile hit (usually coming from the side or front, not chasing behind) will usually cause enough damage to blow a plane apart. Unless it's an ASPEN aircraft like the PEGASys, which gets pieces blown off, but otherwise won't be completely killed off thanks to its protected internal structure and redundant controls.