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  1. Hm, this is probably a dumb question, but do they have to be removed when imported, or is it fine to import them in, then just remove them before launching the craft? You know, for ease of replacing components where they were exactly, as well as retaining WM and PAI settings for reference.
  2. Out of sheer laziness, when importing craft from 1.0 to 1.1, can we leave things like missile rails on the craft? I can't see how missile rails would be broken by the update. Also ammo boxes. Do those need to be removed too?
  3. Hey everyone, Updates! So, I've just finally moved ahead with creating new combat zones, after discovering after much trial and error that KSP doesn't cooperate very well with landed objects past ~30km over 'random' terrain; i.e., not KSC or the Island Airfield. What this meant was that when I went past about 30km, anything landed (read: a beacon, or what would be more relevant, aircraft) would fall through the terrain and explode and be destroyed. This occurred even after placing Kerbal Konstruct runways over the intended spawn areas and trying to spawn vessels over those runways. Nope, vessel would still fall through terrain if you move past/switch vessels 30km from it. So, what that all means is that the new runway starts are all going to be within 30km of each other. It's slightly shorter than the 34-ish km between KSC and Island Airfield, but it's not a big deal. With that out of the way, I've finally started placing runways and runway beacons for the new combat zones. Here's a preview, starting where we (debatably) left off: So, with the help of Kerbal Konstructs, we can now have runways anywhere we want facing each other, adding variety and, more importantly, simplifying the launch sequence greatly. Formations are much more consistent, not much different than what you'd see in an 'optimal, not-bugged' launch in the old KSC-Island method. Sorta. As you can see from the two videos, the BD AI still suffers from 'first takeoff glitch', where at least one of the aircraft won't follow in formation at the start. In the second takeoff, the aircraft fly in a more uniform manner. The main point is though, is that the only major thing to mess around with now are the distances between spawned aircraft, which might take some trial and error to see what works best, but even then, getting the spawn arrangement between teams to be similar is now way easier to do with identical runways. This combat zone is more of your standard 'over water' area (of which there's still a few), but another interesting thing of note is that, due to initial spawn heights, the combat altitude is also higher. Something to think about, now that we have new combat zone options... Oh yeah, and Gunbrick does the ultra-merge thing to move on to fight TFD. We'll move to the new thread when I finish the map and get the other stuff set up. For now, I'll keep updates in this thread. Also, a note about Kerbal Konstructs: it doesn't actually save the runways in a save file. Instead, its data is in its mod directory, so there's just a few more steps involved when sharing the competition files. You'll still need the save file though, since it has all of the beacons placed down not only for the locations, but the runway spawn points.
  4. That seems like a much more accurate method as well as an easier one.
  5. What toggles the drawn gun aim vectors in the editor?
  6. Not yet, as BDAc 1.1 has not yet been released for KSP 1.4 (to my current knowledge).
  7. Hi, just wanted to report back again. I reinstalled SSS (without redownloading!) and for some reason it fully works now (KSP 1.3.1)... I'm not quite sure how or why, but I guess there was something wrong on my end.
  8. Biggest Plane with a Juno

    Actually, fun fact, I built the JunoSlab-51 featured in the video incorrectly. I used Structural Wing Ds on the sides instead of Structural Wing Cs, which I had 'calculated' would still be flyable while landing with over 51t. The JunoSlab-51 in the KerbalX link is the corrected version, which will land 51t on the island. I was going to do a flight of it in 1.4.2 because someone said 'it doesn't work as well in 1.4.2', so I was going to prove them wrong, but I didn't have my beacon set up, so I couldn't aim at the start precisely, and I ended up in the water about 1.5km short from the island.
  9. Alrighty folks, got news. Just got a message from exbyde transferring the competition to me. I'll be starting up a new thread soon, with a few changes in effect. Assured changes: 1. New combat zones, requiring Kerbal Konstructs. This is for launch and formation consistency, as well as change of scenery. This save file will be put up for sharing for anyone else that wants to run competitions. 2. 'Public' leaderboard; I'll make a Google Sheets table or a Google Docs that can easily be shared and modified between multiple people. This is for ease of continuity and management between people that choose to run battles, as well as future-proofing takeover of the competition runner should that need to happen. Potential changes: 1. Moving from a 'best out of 3' format to 'best out of 5' (like PFC) or 'reserve units' format. 'Reserve units' means that each team starts with a set amount of aircraft (e.g., 6 or 8), and 3v3 sorties are fought until a team's reserve is depleted. This will help a relatively competitive plane design get more screen time if it can put up a fight, just to be more interesting. 2. Expanded leaderboard with two tiers. A 'top five' leaderboard as is and a 'second tier' leaderboard with 3-5 aircraft. Aircraft entering the competition will start facing off the #5 as usual. If the aircraft in testing loses against the #5, it will test downwards against the second tier board until it either takes a victory or it falls through the floor, out of the competition board. This is another measure to increase a design's showcase time. Note that these potential changes will be present in my own offshoot, ASC Light Drones. I've been preparing the save file already for the past few days, but I didn't expect to have to step up the pace so soon. New thread will go up within the week after preparations. That thread will start where we left off here, just to finish off the queue.
  10. I would prefer flooded engines to be a failure for an aircraft, but I completely accept 'increased maintenance' because KSP's water physics and the parts we have in this challenge aren't exactly easy to make aircraft float with (though it did turn out that fairings do make incredibly good flotation devices).
  11. To be honest, I've found this challenge to be one that doesn't require that much messing around with stock aero quirks, but to each their own I guess.
  12. Seawater and lakes and stuff are actually pretty dirty with all sorts of stuff lol. Seaweed and other water plants and flora and stuff that float up to the surface You know, things that you generally don't want in your turbine blades. And look dirty on the hull. I mean, I run two different installs of KSP. My serious career one (where I actually go to space, haha) has FAR, but my second one (which I'm sure I've spent far more time in by now) for challenges and stuff are stock.
  13. I feel like there should be a fairly hefty hit to the maintenance portion for sinking an engine in water.
  14. Biggest Plane with a Juno

    Alright. As my final attempt any time soon, I did as I said I would and would put it under MechJeb control as soon as I figured applicable. Given this flight plan, I also increased the mass again, with the expectation that precise computer control can fly this in the narrow margin of flight that it will have. Not just that, but I decided to be fair and not use Kerbal Joint Reinforcement. Some minor adjustments were done- spacing out the layers from each other, and adding load-bearing struts. Did you know struts are really heavy? I use them so little that I had no idea! But they work! The Kraken tries to attack, but this brick of wings can hold itself together. Here it is: JunoSlab-51 (It requires MechJeb to fly, but there's no MJ module on it since I have MechJeb and Engineer For All installed, so those are integrated into my probe cores.) And here's the demonstration, sped up for convenience:
  15. Biggest Plane with a Juno

    Yeah, uh... I went and installed KJR for that. Not even toggling All Rigid with EEX could prevent the death jiggle. I haven't tried spacing out the wings with the offset tool though. That might prevent the death jiggle. It's honestly less of a plane than a powered glider by this point. I'll give it one more go later using MechJeb from the start of the takeoff run for maximum efficiency through robotic precision.