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  1. Wow. I remember when people did this kind of K crap.
  2. Caesar15

    Origins of the Kraken?

    The amount of people who had their accounts wiped are a minority compared to the people who actually joined in 2013.
  3. Caesar15

    Origins of the Kraken?

    Hah! All these people who joined in 2013 don't even know it, I remember when they first said they "fixed the Kraken", what a load.
  4. Caesar15

    I broke a Kerbal

    Please Disregard this. Totally got the dates wrong. Well you know, happy necroing.
  5. Glad you're interested, here's another one.
  6. Wow, taking a look at my imageshack account I've found some really old pictures...
  7. Caesar15

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, your game is fine, but your computer crashes. I wish I had a life.
  8. Caesar15

    Probes before Kerbonauts...

    "Why would them send kerbals to an unstable, untested environment without knowing if they can hav a probe there?" Because quite frankly Kerbals are expendable, and cheaper than unmanned capsules.
  9. Caesar15

    What is your proudest moment?

    Tell me about it I couldn't land on the mun when it first came out, I had to wait for the hotifx that added landing gear. Was it even a hotfix? Or was it an update? I don't remember anymore..
  10. Caesar15

    Who refuels and where

    Refueling requires being able to dock...and that is something I have not mastered, even though I have travelled and landed on other planets. It would probably be easier though with the fueling stations I reckon, but what do I know.
  11. You guys actually use math for ksp? Man if I tried using math...
  12. Caesar15

    What are you missing in KSP?

    When did you first get the game? For me it was back in .11. Mods back then we're pretty much required to do a lot of things, but then again there were no planets back then, and I think the mun was added around .12.
  13. Caesar15

    The hardest thing in KSP for me is....

    Taking off without crashing.
  14. Caesar15

    The official unofficial 0.22 discussion thread

    If you go only at 1x speed the game will be way past .22 when you're done