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  1. Okay, somehow I missed the part where you explicitly said "Here is a CSV file". I had copy-pasted it to notepad and was futsing with it before I realized that the items were nicely separated by commas, spaces and hard returns, and that I could save it as a .CSV and it'd be easier to play with (which I did). Then, this morning, I log back in, and boom! there it is, mocking me. Anyways, enough drama. I'll continue working on this over the next couple weeks; I just need to decide which parts go in which nodes. Right now they're all set to the same node, albeit in four parts.
  2. Attachment points are controlled entirely in the cfg. The handles are funny, and inverting it might take some fiddly work, but it can be done. It's been a long time since I've spent any time with those, though.
  3. Okay, I've got into this some, and have the initial framework coded. Do you have any idea which parts should go in which nodes? Or for that matter, a parts inventory so I can cross-check? Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Hi Linux; I've been unable to find that patch so far. I have a couple more places to check, but it might be easier for me to create a new one. Let me know if you do decide to adopt this, and what you need in a patch.
  5. Oh sure. I think you mentioned this when I started work on this little project. Career mode really doesn't have any appropriate nodes anyways. Even the Community Tech Tree doesn't make any that are really appropriate. The ones I've added should be decently balanced. In the coming months, I'll add a node for the hovercraft, too. I know a lot of mod-makers (especially the ones that do really neat parts) find career mode to be tedious at best; I enjoy career mode, and felt it was appropriate for naval stuff to have it's own branch. I suppose I could go in and MM part costs, but at this point, I think they're reasonable enough.
  6. It doesn't redistribute any of your code, or parts. It just creates a CTT branch and nodes for them. Everything it touches, it does through module manager. Its only utility is in career mode, in sandbox, the changes aren't even accessible.
  7. Hi all. I've finally got my CTT integration branch mod up. This will create naval tech nodes, and place Fengist's parts in them. https://spacedock.info/mod/1283/Community Tech Tree Naval Branch
  8. Excellent! It is functional at this point, though I do want to tweak a couple of things. I'm okay at graphic design (those icons are about par for the course), but I'm a fair hand at .cfg files. At this point, I'm trying to figure out how to make it available. I suspect that it would be a mod, and as such, would need licence or copyright stuff. Do you manage any content? I could certainly use some help and/or advice, and would be happy to set up your tech tree icons in exchange.
  9. I'm working on a Community Tech Tree nautical branch. Any interest in Career mode integration?
  10. Yeah, I'd forgotten about the structural panels, ladders, stairs and such. They would certainly be last to be addressed. I'll take a look tonight and compile a list.
  11. True, it would be rather unfortunate to have a ship capsize simply because it's used half of it's fuel. I'll take a look at it and see if there's a workaround, and get back to you on that. That's pretty low on my list, though. I'm still entertaining ideas as to how to assign price; my main thought is to base it off of weight and to compare completed ship cost to rocket cost. In the real world, they're both about $30/lb. I'll take a look at fuel tanks, engines, and command pods to get a good price/lb. I thought there were about 65 parts? Using MM callouts, that's not really that many to address; I have 9 tech nodes, I can create one item per node that references multiple parts. Cost will take significantly longer, but probably not more than a few weeks.
  12. The changes would be to add the parts to appropriate tech nodes (dependent on Community Tech Tree) and to balance costs (both part costs and unlocking cost). Most of the parts would indeed be early career, though some of them (mostly submarine and aircraft carrier parts) run toward mid-career. The only other change I'm considering would be perhaps to turn off infinite fuel, requiring that ships be refueled or recovered/relaunched. (Kerbal UnRep, anyone?) Otherwise, I wouldn't touch functionality.
  13. Is there any interest in adding career functionality to this pack? I'm putting together a Community Tech Tree naval branch, and I could add MM configs for your parts, if you like.
  14. Is there any interest in incorporating a branch for ships/boats? Is that something that should be implemented by the nautical mods whose parts would be incorporated? I've created such a branch (and I'm still tweaking it, but it's in working shape) for my own career game, and I figured that others might be interested as well. Affected mods so far would be SM Marine and Fengists' Maritime Pack.
  15. Well, boat parts really don't make much sense in any of the stock tech nodes. I use Community Tech Tree in my career games just because it adds depth and coherence, especially with modded parts. My branch just adds nodes appropriate to boat, ship, and sub parts; it is, however, dependent on CTT. I'll go ahead and look at the parts more closely, and create a MM config that'll price them in a way that is (by my best estimate) balanced. Most of your current focus on the Steampunk pack? Or are there others, as well?