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  1. hi! Finalizing the cockpit concept cold and dark aviation style, Very annoyed by the colorchanger module, so as I do not know what its options are possible, so I do not use it, I do not have much info either on the light modules so the module ModuleAnimateGeneric has become my best friends waiting to learn more about the light module and its possibilities. The colorchanger module is fine but it touches all the textures placed in emissive, which makes it take over my lamps very annoying. With Unity and the animations of the channels emissive color and others its similar there are limitations in short .... I found the trick; I now have all my independent lights with their own emissive what I originally wanted. The second part is the WIP on the MK1, with as chalenge to have the windows of the cockpit animated internal and exterior, at the same time of course, the also I finalized the thing more than tested with KSP, and a small bunker before more camera pods (wip) in video: See you soon Steph
  2. hi ! Final key for mk1 - 3, Restock and Squad compatibility without mod. (PodCams + Airlock Light + DockingLight internal switch) I do not have to crash with ModuleManager, I do not quite master the machine lol. -> Tested and Updated OK Steph.
  3. hi ! @theonegalen (Apollo-style look) it's good too I agree ... Small update on the MFD KOS side, with the addition of a special "PAGE" button that frees up a few extra options on the MFD. Updated the home screen, I remain the last MFD the big one that does not have a page of welcome finalized. and Voilà... (As KOS and KPM are external mods, I will try to integrate a patch, it will only be present with KOS and KPM for those who wish.) (Tested and finalised OK) Steph EDIT (tip for PROP in unity) - How to handle a lot of prop in UNITY and the CFG EMPTY is my friend - PLACE empty object and give ORIENTATION and LOCATION for grouped PROPS you want, NO scale and NAME it (RADIO....) PARENT all PROPS concerned with this empty (RADIO....) , SPAWN prop, copy component for the empty ROOT (RADIO....) and paste VALUE in PROPS The prop as correct orientation you have just to place in group, and scale it. (Place first a BOX props or JSI panel, for visual placement not mandatory) After exporting to the CFG file, to easily find a prop indicate each group containing the props Use FIND, and you have exactly the section concerned, once the IVA defines it is easy to redo small retouching as well.
  4. hi ! @dsonbill ( I'll look into it. The main issue is it would require a hard-link to RPM, which would break future MAS compatibility.) Ok I understand, I have my afternoon on the wiki , I looked and tested a lot the options of the section: Page handlers This variable especially: pageActiveMethod, I insert it on the default page of the CFG file of the MFD I thought for a moment that it worked but no. I have 3 pages so (0 to 2) I tested pageActiveMethod - true or false, my pages from 0 to 2. everywhere lol. sometimes I had the possibility to use KOS on the second config but in any case we lose the tips of the mfd. this video example : I exceeded the delay of 6 seconds i placed before accessing the page containing kOSMonitor, the script started and started addons:KPM but it is not taken into account. And here are my attempts to have several configs of pages with label without label etc. I really would have liked to look at programming side, but it would take a long time to assimilate all aspects, I try to make some modifications with visual studio, I look a few times at the twich chain of @linuxgurugamer , there is so much to master that it would take me years to understand ... and English makes me find it difficult to get some stuff. But hey it's not too serious everything works I released some buttons of the MFD with the latest model of MFD, thus offering more choice to use the buttons with KOS. Keep up the good work !!! Steph.
  5. hi ! I found the culprit, it was my tiny agency icon (my planetool mod), which I had disguised as .truecolor (probably not good at all) which caused this big white square, I can not believe, I redone the icon in DDS format and it's good ....... Without parallax there was no problem (with the icon defines in .truecolor), very strange. It would be nice to detail some news info in the wiki ksp page, we would save time, (about this 1.11.1 version) ....... Steph.
  6. Hi ! Testing from every angle is perfect (apart from an error message in the console loading the ship, posted on GitHub). On the other hand can I make a suggestion , Could there be a Meta-variable (JSI) returning the active page of the MFD (JSI) recoverable by KOS or KPM, it's still my problem by that I use a key of the MFD to switch from the presentation page to the KOS page, but I don't control it in the script (in boot), the scrip start that I activated the MFD kos page or not , the result is that if addons:kpm and loaded while the page MFD kos is not displayed, one loses the creation of the object. I don't know if it's quite clear... I added a delay: wait 6. so under this delay if the page MFD kos and displayed everything works, past this deadline no buttons or labels, it is necessary to restart KPM via the button of the MFD. It's not very practical. In any case it's really great to access KOS via this MFD it opens up a lot of horizons and allows you to fly in cockpit mode with KOS without having to open the CONSOLE of KOS. My regrets are that I only have a JAVA base in programming (1 years) that allows me to get by with KOS, I have some notions in C but it's really not enough for me to create modules for KSP Steph.
  7. hi ! Tested a fresh install without Mod only parallax and kopernicus ! It's OK Which one is it??? (causing this white circle) 1.11.1 of course . I have more than to pray that it is not the mods I need or mine. steph.
  8. Hi ! ( @rettter3 ) After two days of testing including animation, color light animation, model import in another model etc., the most difficult was to find the methods for animated several elements, and that everything is brought together under one action, so I have my method that I will be able to apply to the other IVA. Added camera OK it's work, in the form: cameraTransform - ALCORExt_B_CamTransform, On the MFD have now accessed its PODCAM, on this IVA I included a camera view docking, and a camera view down (animated camera, switch in the IVA with this animationName = ALCORCamBanim). Add a small panel cameras with its own labels and some switch (in test) The LIGHT (my idea a docking light, and airlocks light), It was a tough battle lol fortunately I have this in my favorites, I made nice lamps with emissive and I could not activate the channel _EmissiveColor in KSP I actually a whole bunch of test lol ....., And in fact it's the ColorChanger module that blocks!!, It's a shame, I do not know how to do, it's pretty a texture with emissive on a lamp. I tested if I remove this "modulecolorchanger" everything works, but I lose the cockpit lighting. , Unless someone save how to do I'll have to remove the emissive channel has my texture, to replace this effect I combine a light dot and a spot. Module manager I test for now everything is done taking into account the mod Restock, but I would also make a version squad (ok) Resolved See you soon ! Steph. quelques photos (some pictures) The small external addition to the Pod MK1-3 ,These are the lamps with emissives it's prettier anyway, but I'll have to remove the emissive. Airlock & dockport light !! Camera Pannel. (and camera B tilt on give this) In cockpit MFD PODCAM I think I'm going to finalize this first POD. bye !
  9. hi ! A little video about MK1-3 Pod I finally try to add two external JSI camera plus two lights located around the exit hatch, and one to illuminate at the time of docking, if all goes well to drive in the IVA, the cameras will be of the type "POD CAM", transform (ALCORExt_A_CamTransform) to match the settings of pages of the mfds. Everything will be added via module manager if I get there, I struggle a lot with because you have to consider all the other mods. The problem is also that restock update with its own FILE MU, and in blender there seems to be a small difference in size, it would have to make a squad version and a Restock version in patch I do not know if it is possible with Module Manager to choose the config according to the mod installed or not. For now I model everything based on Restock pod, I love this mod it really brings a plus to the command module MK1-3. w.i.p Steph.
  10. Hi ! I'm starting to build complete IVA ! with updated MFDs and especially an integration of KOS in the cockpit thanks to KPM, I start from the principle of a cockpit Dark and cold not texture type internal with emissive, only the spots will bring cockpit lighting. ---- Thanks to ---- * Alexustas For these beautiful PROPS packs (ASET). And its Pods that are beautiful and very technical (That's my reference) * Mihara for its original RasterPropMonitor mod, and thank MOARdV & JonnyOThan For its maintenance. RasterPropMonitor (adopted) by JonnyOThan. * dsonbill for its very practical kOS<-->RPM interface for Kerbal Space Program. * KOS originally created by Nivekk Thanks to all the contributors to this mod. * Nertea for are pack Near Future Props v0.6.4. * Completely inspired by DE_IVAExtension created by DemonEin and IVA_ASET_MAKING_HISTORY I would be nothing without this forum and the contribution of all these fantastic people who makes incredible Mods. MK1-3 POD MOD (Cockpit - IVA finished.) PodCam & Light ok (exterior) : Squad Pod by default, setup 1, compatible with Restock setup 2. (MM patch tested ok) MFDKOS added if KOS+KPM present (Replaces one of the RasterProp MFD) (MM patch tested ok) Big picture ______________________________________________________ mk1Cockpit_MOD (wip)
  11. hi ! I spent a whole afternoon with KOS, in my to-do list I had planned for my hover program, the ability to save the parameters of the pidloop that manages the altitude in a file associated with the plane. Because I can adjust its settings in flight and once set properly the settings are now kept in file and recharged at start-up. each change made is re-recorded. Record the settings and perform at the exit of the script or at the end of the landing mode. // ---- Checking if parameter saved file exist if not create it ---- switch to 0. set vol to core:currentvolume. set SavedParamAircrFile to (NameAircrafFile + ".txt"). if not vol:EXISTS("AircraftParM") // check if folder exist or creat it { vol:createdir("AircraftParM"). CD("0:/AircraftParM"). } else CD("0:/AircraftParM"). // // Create file if not exist if not vol:exists("AircraftParM/"+SavedParamAircrFile) vol:create("AircraftParM/"+SavedParamAircrFile). LIST FILES IN savedfile. // store file in list (parameter folder) for n in savedfile { if n:name = SavedParamAircrFile // search if aircraft parameter file present { local filecontain is n:readall. if filecontain:empty // file empty loading default parameter format { n:clear(). n:writeln("MINthr"). n:writeln(Convertnumber+MINthr). n:writeln("MAXthr"). n:writeln(Convertnumber+MAXthr). n:writeln("FactorVspeedLan"). n:writeln(Convertnumber+FactorVspeedLand). n:write("endfile"). break. } else // parameter updated with data in file { set parseline to filecontain:iterator. // to read by line set filedatalexicon to lexicon(). until not parseline:next { local key is parseline:value. // set lexicon key to string if key = "endfile" break. // exit end file reached parseline:next. // step to value local value is parseline:value. // set lexicon value to string set filedatalexicon[key] to value:TONUMBER(). // create index & value } set MINthr to filedatalexicon:MINthr. // update value from file set MAXthr to filedatalexicon:MAXthr. set FactorVspeedLand to filedatalexicon:FactorVspeedLan. } } } This part of the script verifies if the folder exists, creates it if necessary. (Kerbal Space Program\Ships\Script\AircraftParM\) Same for the file that is created the first time with the settings by default of the script. But if the file corresponding to the aircraft already exists it is the parameters of the file that are loaded. _ // ---- function exit button 5 & save parameter ---- function stop { LIST FILES in curentsavedfile. for n in curentsavedfile { if n = SavedParamAircrFile { n:clear(). n:writeln("MINthr"). n:writeln(Convertnumber+round(MINthr, 2)). n:writeln("MAXthr"). n:writeln(Convertnumber+round(MAXthr, 2)). n:writeln("FactorVspeedLan"). n:writeln(Convertnumber+FactorVspeedLand). n:writeln("endfile"). break. } } sound2:play(musique()). // for fun :) (testing) wait until not sound2:isplaying. set running to true. // End Main hover boucle }. This part and tasked with backing up the data of the pidloop. At first I had a lot of concern when to the method, doing a syntactic analysis (PARSER) of a chain of character "et bien" (in french) it is not my thing lol, given the time I spent understanding how to create a file or folder and extract the data, doing a parser would have taken me the week Kos and handy all the same the possibility to recover line by line the data of a file made me a great service. All you had to do was find the text formatting in the file. And that's it ... Steph.
  12. hi ! @Spaceman.Spiff ah no I did not pay attention to this version when I download Kopernicus, it seems to me I used the last release. I'll check thank you. Steph. EDIT : I have the same problem, as the version R-T-B's, I just tested Kopernicus 1.11.1-34 .
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