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  1. Hi ! for 2 days modification and test, and nerve crisis as usual ... Final Update on ASET MFD40X20, And fits like other instruments and buttons with the variable: ALCOR_BACKLIGHT_ON. steph !
  2. hello ! today test of my first KOS program, after a week of nervous breakdown:) to understand how it works, Kos code, mfd setup etc... How to use the buttons of the mfd was a chalenge, because of my level of English lol, everything is in English ....... but !!! it's work !!! I still have a lot to learn, especially about controlling the direction of the ship, stability a landing function, but I'm happy :). steph.
  3. Hello! Resolved I find how use button!! Ex : Set Button to addons:kpm:buttons. Function test {print "hello" !}. Button:setdelegate(0, [email protected]) Affect the function test to button 0 when it's pressed. (mfd button_a) Joined to label state and you have all you need to execute a task. I use the template with {button label..} in a modified basicmfd. Txt added more colum and row to keep space, new starting page, mfd it's only for kos. (next video soon) Steph. edit. (the result)
  4. hi ! I use the navigation instruments and communication in modernPack of asset_avionics in my IVA ASET_NAV_1_Radio : ASET_NAV_2_Radio : ASET_Comm_Radio : ASET_DME_Display I added the info of this file ASET_NAVAIDS_description.txt in the mfd ALCOR40-20 on 4 pages for the ksc airport and island airport. to get NAV COM and DME news live in the cockpit. // RADIO NAVIGATION AND LANDING AIDS ==================== // // VOR freq range 112 to 117.95 MHz / VOR Max Range 330 km at alt 10 km / // DME freq range 962 to 1213 MHz / DME Max Range 370 km at alt 9.1 km / // NDB freq r
  5. hello ! Working on mask border and test export. working on MFD asset too. now there is good fit between IVA and cockpit part. I will try to integrate JSI CAM in exterior model with animation, I also think to animate the two windows lateral, opening and closing , Not simple all his things there is very little information. Steph.
  6. hello ! i have a bug with flag in eva : bug tracker kerbal moves forward and knocks down the flag. steph.
  7. hi ! testing now ! the launcher do nothing, after some setting adjustment and apply, click on accept do nothing !! ksp 1.11 with the french language patch and breaking ground and making history french exe. steph.
  8. it's been days that I spend my time tweaked this mk2Cockpit_Standard I think now it's dead lol, but still happy to pass in 1.11 with all these new features . thank you! steph.
  9. I started Learning KOS programming, and how PIDLoop work, and use especially the function integrate in kos, with success. I'm not good enough to program this kind of function Mathematical, and still a lot to understand about steering things... I never practice VTOLs in ksp, first time with KOS. first landing on VAB in this save game (career mod, with kos now and lot of mod), altitude control is perfect with kos , but maintaining stability manually was very hard... it's two stage vessel, sky crane can detach, to do science has precise places. collected science
  10. hi ! I find the problem.... i hope !!! it's a problem with the space suits, the first one does not work well the one that has the option ESA, only the switches located at the bottom of the dashboard work the other two space suits allow access to the whole dashboard and everything works. there is a difference in height in the view male and female kerbal, the settings view for jeb in height and perfect but valentina it is lower. I use kerbalEyeOffset to regulate the view, I think it's a problem of distance with the first space suit (esa), the problem is that if I too dow
  11. hi ! I'm currently working to change the cockpit "mk2CockpitStandardInternals", I use it a lot in carrier mode right now to go explore all the anomalies of kerbin with a VTOL plane. I wanted a cockpit a little more complex. I redone the instruments to my taste always on a basis DE_IVA extensions, added one seat behind the two originals seat. redone the lighting with props aset same function as with MK1-3 cockpit. for InternalSeat and seat transform name i use : Seat1, Seat2 and Seat3 for portraitCameraName i use : PilotCam1 .. 2.. 3. all this compiles well
  12. hello ! @JadeOfMaar ok, I'll read your explanations carefully, and copy some part of it on the computer, and try again a day of testing soon, I had paused and was moving on to something else in the meantime. I now have the method to bake textures in blender, and how generate a normal map always with bake method using a model low poly and high poly in blender of course. Material : i use the ksp/Particles/additive, ok it's for motor I'm going to try other things. Simulate World Space : from the beginning I have this setting enabled, I'll test without. Size
  13. re . well i'm very sceptical about the parameters and their understanding, there's something I probably misinterpret I'm relying on this tutorial my understanding of English is not good enough no doubt i have this : the size parameter setup to 0.1 and 5 :from what I understand it should start at 0.1 then increase to 5 but whatever I do it appear at the maxi from the start. size has no effect in positive value, on the other hand works in negative value such as -0.5, the smoke reduces well in the end, but I never manage to get the result of a smoke plumes
  14. @JadeOfMaar thank for the info !!. I'm going to test that, and see if I can make my effects more realistic.
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