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  1. Alright guys, here is the video! I hope you all enjoy my 45 minute special. It took awhile to get out, and I am sorry about that. By the way, I have decided not to post my ships, because since there doesn't appear a ship that is not affected by this, I judge it not worth it, and a waste of your and my time.
  2. Alright guys, I finished the video yesterday, it should be up in about 10 ish hours. By the way, it is a long one, I will try and annotate it, so it is very user friendly, but keep in mind it is around 40 min long. Sorry it is so long, I might have been able to cut off 5 more minutes, but it was either this or you guys would have to wait for probably another couple of days. Anyway it will be out and it has everything you guys need,
  3. Alright guys, you should be able to expect it this weekend, I don't have much homework from school.
  4. The comment was meant as general feedback for everyone to see and the picture was the strangest thing to come from the glitch. Also "infected" means that it is effected by the glitch. Infected is faster to say and type than affected by the sliding glitch. Also don't worry, I am recording the entire process and will even be providing the ship files. - - - Updated - - - Something weird that occurred is I tested a ship around kerbin and it was fine but the glitch occurred both times I tested it around layth. It was my fighter btw. Also what seems to happens is, at least so far, they slide clockwise around the planet on their orbit and will stop their sliding at around 199 distance. More details in the video, there will be a lot more to go off of and you should be able to make your own observations. You will probably know what to look for.
  5. Let me introduce you to something I came across examining the glitch. Edit: Also my initial finding show that it only happens around layth but I will be testing every other planet in the sytem off camera to see if that is true. Incase you are wondering, I am testing every location with a infected ship and testing most many different ships, some stock, some not to find the parameters of the bug, that is why this is taking so long......
  6. By the way, you guys can expect the video tomorrow hopefully. I will put in my old tests and some new ones as well as the ship files hopefully. Also I just want to point out I will be compressing like 2-3 hours of video to around 15-20min. So yea........ I hope to have a full examination of P.E.T.E by then, and of located the problem. Also I will try to give you the ship code. I might just message it to you, or use paste bin or something..... Edit: Extra info P.s. I am really sorry about the delays, I am really bad on estimating time till completion, and I am sorry. I really want to get it out before the weekend but we will see what actually happens >.>
  7. I'll try to get the percise steps and the ships up today, I will see if I can get some testing in to help find the exact conditions. You need to know all you canto find and dix a little bug, which with coding can be very hard.
  8. What happens is when we teleport ships using the rendezvous setup, they will slide on their orbit. With 2 ships it is annoying. With 3 there is a explosion, and rarely a immortal space debree that breaks space and time that I nick named P.E.T.E (I just came up with this btw: Potentially Extremely dangerous Terrestrial Ex-object). Any it seems all our ships when put into orbit slide along it and due to using rendezvous to get them up there collide instead of stopping at a distance. Since we have none of our ships ready to go fly to orbit and we don't have the time to do so or do it in the first place we are in a bad spot. Anyway when I sit down to do additional testing I will try to give you a exact distance. Sadly I am busy with scholarships at the moment and time is something I am lacking..... Edit: By the way I check this forum twice a day.
  9. It is more a matter of do we have the time necessary to spend designing and launching these ships into orbit during the summer? We could manage it. During the school year? Not a chance. There are too many other things I have to do, and I know Chroininja lacks huge antiquates of free time as well. We would be easily spending two to maybe even five months just designing launch stages and launching these ships, and that just isn't worth it. I am sorry.
  10. Honestly, I don't think there is a way to fix this, I think it is a crippling bug with hyperedit that we ,may have to wait forever to be fixed, I would honestly be surprised if we do continue, since none of us have the time to launch the ships the regular way.
  11. Yes, sadly we get the same results, but thanks for the idea! Also sorry the video isn't out yet.
  12. Thank you for the offer! I will be make sure to try those ships to make sure they aren't affected (the bug is probably caused by hyperedit). If they aren't then I will know my ships are infected, and if they are then it's hyper edit and battles are going to take a lot longer to set up.
  13. I would just like to remind everyone that we are still active, we just only have ships that will slide into each other and collide and no way to fix that, and no time to try designing new ships. I will try to get my conclusive video about the bug this weekend, but no promises.
  14. The Kraken likes my ships, in the bad way. :,( Also I am a little busy IRL but I will try to get the video out shortly.