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  1. Hi everyone, Does anyone have any good tutorials on how to edit and create star systems with this mod? I will say I'm still on .24.5 (Haven't bothered updating, non 64bit KSP is more frustrating than it is worth). I played around with it all last night, editting configs back and forth and such, but I can't seem to get everything to kind of mesh together. I was using Star Systems, which worked great except that my stations and satellites would stop following Kerbin and wind up floating in space, so I abandoned that. I'm not looking to create new planets and stars, just ones that came with Plan
  2. Hello, I'm having an issue where things in orbit get left behind as I warp and then wind up just sitting out in space. Suggestions?
  3. Yeah that version for .24 that you posted didn't show up in game and wasn't available to select to be visible.
  4. I just got back into town off of an extended Holiday and still plan to post my results using that special build. Sorry it has taken so long.
  5. Might do but you guys have probably covered all the bases on it as far as it could go most likely. Anyways, thanks for the link and the help.
  6. Alright thank you. I don't suppose either of you have a link or download for the last version(s) to support .24.2 do you? I can just play around with different orientations but if there is one that works a little better than the one I have, might be worth it or I'll have to go back. The odd offset makes everything look so odd, even if the database updater is amazing. If I could just get the original to do the database update in game, I'd be in Heaven haha.
  7. @Lack Thank you so much for the previous build. I was having a hard time making sure all the Squad textures from .25 loaded properly for .24.2 For the most part it worked but I was missing 1 single texture and couldn't figure it out, so there were always a few that were that red and white nightmare.
  8. Was there any version of these packs compatible with .24.2? I haven't made the big switch yet because I can't give up that sweet sweet 64 bit.
  9. Yes, I get that. I haven't and probably won't make the switch to .25 because a lot of modders locked me out from using their mods with .25. Not to mention .25 in itself changed a lot of things about the game that I feel are still being tweaked and I don't think I could go back to 32 bit from 64. I get that a lot of people said 64 bit was unstable and shouldn't have been released, but for me personally, I have never had one single issue with 64 bit with .24.2. No random crashing, no right click errors. Runs perfectly fine. Then .25 comes along and suddenly everything is screwy with 64 bit. .24
  10. The problem there is that it isn't just 1 craft or a specific build. Everything seems to be off axis or puts part in odd ways that the original UbioZur didn't seem to do and nothing I've tried seems to fix it. Using the version for .24.2
  11. Is this mod still being supported? I'm having some issues with parts being off center when I weld. Suggestions?
  12. Back again. I'm slowly getting everything to work, but a big issue right now is that changing ISP values has been causing MAJOR instability and crash issues. Anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing that? It worked fine in older versions.
  13. Disregard, found the issue with missing textures. The part is trying to use some textures from .25 Squad folder that do not exist in .24 =/ Probably from moving file names and such. Example: texture = model000 , Squad/Parts/Command/hitchhikerStorageContainer/cabin texture = model001_NRM , Squad/Parts/Command/hitchhikerStorageContainer/cabin_n The storage container isn't in command, and I don't think it is labeled like this. I'll have to dig to find out. Guess I'll have to repath all of them. Or maybe try merging the Squad folder.
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