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  1. You put these profiles into the TUFX mod folder, in Profiles (At least that's what I do). But you need TUFX mod installed. Also I use them on JNSQ (With Ad_Astra installed) and it works wonders. The Adiri RSS main is my favorite
  2. Ok ok! I googled for NF companion to Tweakscale and found it via Googling that, in fact, the Companion is named https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/TweakScaleCompanion_PKMC/releases So I added it and works flawlessly. ^-^ Thank you bro!!
  3. Thank you for your work in any case, Lisias!! Question: Are there patches for Tweakscale with Near Future Launch Vehicles? I saw in the OP of the Tweakscale companions thread that the KIS Companion had patches for NEAF Addons, but it doesn't seem to work x( Thanks again!
  4. The Discord invite is invalid But I would also like to know what sunflare you're using? The one from Ad Astra has its' edges cut off for some reason: EDIT: Managed to change the Sunflare by replacing the main 2 .png Ad Astra Sunflare pictures with two .png files from Sunflares of Maar (One of the Galileo Sunflares :D)
  5. So I tried using older versions and only Tweakscale version worked flawlessly with KSP Recall version. https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/TweakScale/releases/download/RELEASE%2F2.4.5.9/TweakScale- https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/KSP-Recall/releases/tag/RELEASE%2F0.2.0.5 Every other version above had that annoying bug! T_T But I can't wait until you update Tweakscale and fix that bug, so that we can enjoy the Waterfall effects for Tweakscaled engines as well Thanks again!
  6. Well darn! I can't wait for that new version then because I tried downgrading to and Tweakscale doesn't get activated
  7. So I got this annoying bug where I upscale some parts from ReStock+ and save the craft. Do some stuff, come back to load it and it appears like so in the VAB Modlist: And if I do an instant Save/Load Function of a Craft, it shows the Tweaked parts glitching into each other Player log: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AucfyQV7bniVgYgeNAdYSH4ZNuzhow?e=o94N72 Any help is appreciated!!
  8. Yeah it's incredibly minor. A lot of other folks seem to have it but it goes away after upgrading the Launchpad No stress then^^
  9. So I'm trying to get back into KSP but I encounter an issue with Scatterer / EVE Default Config + JNSQ and KSP 1.12 ModList:
  10. Alright so I massively dimmed the effects of the shadow by updating Scatterer to latest version and using Very High preset. Should be fine for now
  11. Just want to take this chance to say thank you for the Config, it makes the game 1000x better, same with blackrack's scatterer!!! 1000 times thank you!
  12. I saw you guys talk about that a few times in this thread. How does one do that? This is my scatterer config window looks like My TUFx config is Alberro's Map btw <Removed link at Creators' request>
  13. It happens whenever I zoom out of from the ship, like they replace the ship's textures or shadows with something less performance impacting? But it's annoying as heck. This happen to you too? I use TUFx and Scatterer and Spectra.. But thanks for that hint, I can try disable TUFx and see what happens. EDIT: Disabled TUFx, same problem
  14. Hello, Did anyone else encounter this all-encompassing shadow of a ship as you zoom out? I can't find any information on this... Thanks for any advice!
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