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  1. Well, since I mentioned I want something that will fit for all stock probe cores, I'll probably be designing something for each of them, something that can be slapped on the bottom of one and then....hold on... *tries to draw something....Fails* I'll put up some specs later if someone hasn't given some ideas I should really be sleeping
  2. First off, I'm surprised I could read half of that....maybe grade 3 french class did sink in a bit... (or the fact that I should be sleeping so my mind is like "That word means THIS...that make sense right?!") And, not exactly what I was thinking, but that is pretty neat! I wouldn't be dealing with deliveries at all, just with the satellite. I also want to mod this cause I did have a mod, I just never got into it, and, playing KSP right now, I keep on sending probes everywere xD so I wanna help make my little probes and sats look...well...something not like I had to grab parts from 20 differen
  3. That actually sounds like a good idea ^.^ I'll be making a little list of these ideas, with credit to whom provided me with them of course
  4. By, "more mods like BoxSat" you mean, a KIS-able mod that allows one to interact with EVA? I'm already thinking of something like that, as I extremely enjoy modular mods that allows me to snap things together, or upgrade something. Now that my creative juices are flowing I'll probably start drafting some ideas. For science, I would be tempted to do that, but don't expect a whole lot There's a lot of biomes and planets out there! (That and a lot of other mods with science-stuffs, so I'd have to find some stuff that they don't have) I'm not that interested in coding at this precise time, just i
  5. The one thing I think KSP is missing is early rover and sat parts. I loved CubeSat, and Universal Storage and how they do things, and I'm planning on getting into modding again. Unfortunately one mod which I would really like to see progress but, hasn't, was C.O.R.E. So I was thinking of developing something similar to that, but of course, not copying his design. If anyone is interested in more sat parts, or small rover parts (and maybe larger ones, but there seems to be a lot of mods for that, so I don't know how I feel about that) and want to share their ideas, then I'm willing to check it o
  6. as it's purely a part mod and doesn't need any of the other mods (though, I think those mods are updated to 0.90) I see no reason why not; Once I get some new juicy stuff for you guys I'll update everything
  7. Well thanks Note to users: I've changed up my workspace a bit (new laptop) so it's going to be a little bit before I can get new stuff back. I'll try to have something when KSP 0.90 releases for ya
  8. Thanks About them flex-tubes, I might decide to do something like that, but it would be in a separate mod, as my mod does not need any other dependencies other than KSP itself, and I like it like that. Of course downloading KAS will make my mod 10x better, and having Snacks makes it even more enjoyable; but you don't need them. But for a simple add-on mod for this, I'll think about it
  9. hahah WHOOPIES You're NOT suppose to see that too late now xD Though, the landing legs should be the only ones that are white; everything else should have colours...
  10. well, theres more coming in the future! Not tooo much more mind you; but there will be more.
  11. Nope, but really didn't want to so, you guys are stuck with this EDIT (only cause I don't believe in posting again right after myself in the same day) The concept of the Logistics Module in game: (note, it will change, the texture was...well..had to be done) Also: New nodes in the cargo bay!! will be used for other stuff too (hint: Super Secret Surprise)
  12. Cargo Bay Release! Change Log: Added the Cargo Bay. Changed the Exercise Room to hold 4 kerbals when KeepFit is not installed. Otherwise it'll default to 2 kerbals + exercise equipment. Changed texture, darkened it up and dirtied it up as well. Next release plans: Landing Legs Bay as I'm calling it - It's 2 little bays which can hide the medium landing legs. It could probably work with the smaller one as well, but those might break Logistic Module - This will be a piece that will fit inside the cargo bay, and will carry extra KAS storage. It will also hold a special type of storage for...a s
  13. welp, got some new lovely stuff: Landing legs bay! which is going to replace my landing legs idea due to...well..issues... Still needs textures and loving, but it's not far from complete EDIT: New Download, See release thread!
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