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  1. As I go through all the items I need changed for what I want to do I think that I might just need to write my own code as there are a number of config nodes I will need to touch that are not modules and I will need a way to change child nodes and specify which nodes to be changed. I appreciate you help and thoughts.
  2. Hmm. I might have to look. I have been trying to see if I could use the part variants to remove the duplicated parts in Realism Overhaul, mostly engines, and my last issue has been the plumes. RO uses RealPlumes and Smokescreen which uses the EFFECTS node. If there is an alternate to that then maybe I can get that to work.
  3. If I am reading this correctly then I would assume that since the EFFECTS node is not a module you are not able to make changes to it via KSPF
  4. Is it possible for KSPF to change values for the effects? I am specifically looking at the localPosotion so that I can adjust the plume positions to match the different models
  5. In you r example, how do you specify that FairingsTextureURL and FairingsNormalURL are to be applied to ModuleProcedurealFairings?
  6. I will leave the config as is with the stats from FASA for the Gemini capsue then. I only brought this up as the Mercury capsule is a bit different with the MK1 form stock and the Mercury from FASA. If it needs to be adjusted later then I can do that. I do believe that erroring on the side of caution is the best approach.
  7. I started with that, but the FASA Gemini capsule assumes that you will have the FASA service modules for Gemini which generate oxygen, electricity, and water so the capsule itself has a more limited amount. I picked 7 days as that would have enough in the capsule to complete the 2+ crew orbit contracts from RP-1 (as currently configured). While the Gemini capsule (from FASA and what I am doing for this one) has lunar rated heat shields, you would need to add additional life support resources to accommodate a lunar flyby/orbit mission which I feel is appropriate. Also for the engines I was
  8. I have the engines completed for RO. Working on the plume configs. Should have that finished for tomorrow. I also have started the new Gemini equivalent pod. I have it sized to be 3m at the bottom, top is sized that same as the Mercury pod so the RCS pack is usable. I see that the stock Mercury pod had some RCS thrusters added, shall I also add to the stock Gemini? Also if I can get some guidance for the amount of electric charge, food, water and oxygen should be pre-added? I was thinking that ~7 days should be about right.
  9. I do have the expansion and as I will be on vacation next week I will work on adding configs for the engines and capsules. I feel that the engines look decent enough to use for people wanting to reduce the number of mods installed and I am willing to keep these updated.
  10. Quick question. I have a Ranger I probe core form SXT and I cannot get Ship Manifest to transfer experiments into it. I have tried comparing the configs to the Early Controllabe Core which I can transfer into to but do not see a difference. I know I had this working in 1.2.2 and even look through those configs to see if I could find something but no luck. Any thoughts on this?
  11. Hey Starwaster, I have been progressing on the configs for RO and while I can get the radiators to work correctly, the resetting of the conduction multiplier really bothers me as it is adding MLI to the tanks without adding in the mass needed to accomplish this. I have been looking for some details about how much weight this would add (preferable as comparable to the insulation levels on the Cyro tanks in Real Fuels but I can try and get the calculations based on Default and Balloon as a base if I need to) but have not found anything that I can understand enough to work with. If you could pro
  12. I do believe I can work with this. Thanks a bunch.
  13. Starwaster, I can work on configs for RO/RP-0 if you can point in a general direction for finding data. I only use RF in RO so those configs are important to me.
  14. I have noticed that craft under assembly in KCT when a save is loaded do not have their rotation persisted. This isn't overly major, I can edit the craft and save without making changes and then rebuild them and they do persist the rotation then. If you want I will replicate and attach logs.
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