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  1. That's exactly what this mod does. Although you can only move it along the bottom edge of the screen. Check out the youtube video on the first page.
  2. Anything but the current confetti. I'd also like to see a proper round top.
  3. I would assume it's an installation error or a corrupt file. Delete the KerbalEngineer folder from your GameData folder. Redownload it and reinstall.
  4. Should be. The only changes for 1.0.2 were a tweak to the Mk16 parachutes drag and a cooling issue when splashed down. Nothing that KER would seem to apply to. Only 1 way to find out though. Fire it up!
  5. Yes. I thought it would be a silly gimmick but after trying it I like it.
  6. Plenty of people dislike it but plenty love it too. What the ratio is nobody truly knows.
  7. Well done! Wikipedia says 0.27 m/s² or 2.8% of earth's.
  8. Squad has said they're working on multiplayer and they'll add it later. This isn't the final release.
  9. Seems to be working now. Thanks!