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  1. Hey KSP community, I retired from this game, oh, two~ years ago after putting in over 900 hours of my life into it. I've played it for an hour here and then since when updates came out but never really got deep into it. Well, I got sick a couple weeks ago with a bad head cold and decided to play again to pass the time (I'm also bored senseless of some of the other video games out there right now). I mean really play, building new rockets and things, getting deep again. One thing I never successfully accomplished was putting a kerbal on Eve and return him (or her) safely to Kerbin. It's be
  2. When you look up at the stars (in reality...) and immediately think of building some contraption to get there, but then you realize you're not playing kerbal anymore.
  3. Thanks for the response above. I went into my KSP however and it doesn't look like the game is using SVE
  4. Is this mod not 1.2 compatible anymore? I have tried for over two hours this weekend to get this working and nothing... I did everything right from absolute scratch multiple times. I am not using CKAN as I think it's garbage and never installs anything correctly. I install the EVE plugin (without the configs), I installed the scatterer, downloaded and installed the scatterer configs, then lastly downloaded and installed the SVE. I go into Kerbal, it's only showing the stock EVE clouds/atmospheres and not the SVE ones. I'm starting to get really confused by this for a number of reasons. B
  5. Eve SpnKr II Hello KSP community I have come out of retirement of this game to create a new ship for landing and returning from Eve! One that that has always irked me with KSP is the lack of Eve landers (most likely due to the difficulty of landing on the planet). Another thing that has always bothered me is when people have built vessels needed to be launched from 7-8,000km above sea level. Realistically, I don't see someone sending living beings (kerbals) to another planet with a ship that won't be able to return if it lands off of it's target (which is very plausible with 1.0 now).
  6. Well, I'm glad to see others are on board for this idea. I really don't think it would be that difficult/impossible to do, even with mods... The idea kind of spawned out of the "community space station" threads, where people each contribute a part to a space station. One thing I was thinking was, are people going to randomly just build this section by section? Wouldn't it be cooler if they could, I don't know, "collaborate" on a final design with something like a browser-based VAB of the entire space station and then section off and build it accordingly?
  7. I was just thinking the other day it would be cool if KSP had a browser-based VAB (vehicle assembly building), where we could build ships in our web browser. Unity DOES work in web browsers as I developer in it myself. I thought it would be a cool way for people to build ships when they aren't home, be able to share things in the spacecraft exchange easily, and etc. I think there are a lot of benefits to it...
  8. I also used to develop in Unity (kind of retired from game development). I have to say KSP is a huge accomplishment for being a unity game, I just can't fathom all the math/physics behind this game. I've played one of those earliest version in .1 or something, if I recall it was super hard to get into space and there were also no planets/moon yet. It's amazing how far the game has come along and developed such a cult following.
  9. I want to contribute to this but at the same time, it has a lot of mods going on. :\
  10. Hello everyone, thanks for responding and the wishes. I don't know, I just feel like I'm done with the game for now. Maybe someday I'll play again, maybe not. I've taken a break for MONTHS though, I hardly ever play the game anymore and I came back and still don't feel all that enthusiastic about it. :\ I think Mat2ch brought up a good point, about the lack of polishing and things. I know I said it wasn't the game itself. However, myself, I am (or was) an extremist KSP player. I almost feel like this is kind of what kills my interest in the game. When I travel to anywhere past Duna, I just fi
  11. Hello all, Well, I'm not sure where (or should I say who) I can talk to about this, nor will some of you care (which is fine if you don't). But I just kinda feel the need to say it because of how deep I used to be into this game. After about 820~ hours of KSP since May 2014, I am officially retiring from Kerbal Space Program. I'm finished with the game and I am hanging up the pilot wings for good! I'm not dying, I'm not quitting video games. Nothing is wrong with KSP, the game is fine, the 1.0 update was great. It feels weird. But... I feel like I've accomplished everything I wanted to accomp
  12. You people need to quit hating on the Wii U. It's a capable game system. I have it, and some of the game hold up excellent graphically, especially Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. I'm sure they can optimize KSP to run pretty decently on Wii. The only downside is lack of mods.
  13. Congratulations on finding someone, I hope it works out for you in the long run. I would be a bit weary of her considering your first date sounded like it didn't go so well. Unfortunately some of us are on the polar opposite side of the spectrum... beings you got a post talking about this stuff on a KSP forum lol... I've had an extremely traumatic past in regards to women. I've been dumped, stepped on, and cheated on more than once. And once I found someone very special that I got very serious with, or so I thought, and she ended up leaving me for a woman out of the blue... (that particular i
  14. I spanked Tylo a while ago.I build this lander: I consider this particular vessel the BEST ship I ever designed, period. If I could build it in real life I would be comfortable flying in it. Ignore the science vessel and everything attached above that. The main lander starts at the lander can on the left. It was a ship I put five poodle engines on each controlled by their own reaction wheel. It had 8 landing legs attached. I built and tested this thing to the death, even going as far to figure out the real math behind how I could build an efficient lander. Starting from a 30km orbit in the pl
  15. The words "small" and "Eve return vessel" cannot be combined in the same sentence.
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