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  1. Hey KSP community, I retired from this game, oh, two~ years ago after putting in over 900 hours of my life into it. I've played it for an hour here and then since when updates came out but never really got deep into it. Well, I got sick a couple weeks ago with a bad head cold and decided to play again to pass the time (I'm also bored senseless of some of the other video games out there right now). I mean really play, building new rockets and things, getting deep again. One thing I never successfully accomplished was putting a kerbal on Eve and return him (or her) safely to Kerbin. It's been in the back of my mind for the two years that I've taken off from this game and now I felt like attempting it. I just wanted to say I hugely compliment Squad on the difficulty of Eve. For someone that's now put over 1,000 hours into this game and I STILL haven't done it. It just says something. It's nice when a video game has an actual huge challenge or feat like this. Even with some of the new engines and mining, it's just such a RIDICULOUS challenge to try and do. You have to be extremely patient, dedicated, and eager to land a Kerbal to and from Eve. And that is with stock parts and gameplay restrictions in place. You have to build, test things, test some more, and really plan it almost like a real-life NASA mission or something. I put maybe 40 hours in since I started playing again just for Eve. I blew up about 6 or 7 ascent vehicles I built in a spectacular explosion trying to land them on the surface with reentry heat on. Finally land the ascent vehicle. Landing objects near one another is a feat in itself, so I put a rover on the surface. I blew up two of those trying to land them straight on the surface. Finally had the ascent vehicle and rover. Send two Kerbals down, drive them 180km (which took hours....) with my rover to the ascent vehicle. I miscalculated the TwR on the ascent vehicle, barely lifts off, waste tons of fuel, crashes back down to Eve. I'm back to square zero. To make this more grueling, as mentioned, I have reentry heat on, and I'm also playing with TAC life support mod and EVE atmospheres. So I had to land numerous probes down to find safe spots to land because I can't see through the atmosphere. Besides the life support (and some big wheels for my rover), all gameplay and rocket design is stock, I want to to the landing and ascent with stock parts. But I just had to say something about it here at the sheer difficulty of Eve. Pic of the descent vehicle and rover if we can still post images below.
  2. When you look up at the stars (in reality...) and immediately think of building some contraption to get there, but then you realize you're not playing kerbal anymore.
  3. Thanks for the response above. I went into my KSP however and it doesn't look like the game is using SVE
  4. Is this mod not 1.2 compatible anymore? I have tried for over two hours this weekend to get this working and nothing... I did everything right from absolute scratch multiple times. I am not using CKAN as I think it's garbage and never installs anything correctly. I install the EVE plugin (without the configs), I installed the scatterer, downloaded and installed the scatterer configs, then lastly downloaded and installed the SVE. I go into Kerbal, it's only showing the stock EVE clouds/atmospheres and not the SVE ones. I'm starting to get really confused by this for a number of reasons. But to not overcomplicate things, here is my current folder setup.... Here is what KSP is saying about loading the high-res SVE:
  5. Eve SpnKr II Hello KSP community I have come out of retirement of this game to create a new ship for landing and returning from Eve! One that that has always irked me with KSP is the lack of Eve landers (most likely due to the difficulty of landing on the planet). Another thing that has always bothered me is when people have built vessels needed to be launched from 7-8,000km above sea level. Realistically, I don't see someone sending living beings (kerbals) to another planet with a ship that won't be able to return if it lands off of it's target (which is very plausible with 1.0 now). I have built a vessel to solve all of these problems and more. using a series of aerospike engines with mainsail engines for initial take off, I have created a ship capable of landing at sea level on Eve and returning safely to orbit. After it gets off the ground, decouplers eject all of the parachutes, spare batteries, landing gears, and more safely from the vessel. The ship must be flow straight up the entire flight until 45-60km a gravity turn could be cautiously done. I also never go at full thrust as the ship wants to burn up and also causes aerodynamic issues, especially when ejecting the mainsail engines. This ship has a lot of YouTube Preview: https://youtu.be/FG9irV0ZJ74 Note: okay dumb video got corrupted (I'm actually REALLY furious it's screwed up!), but here is the first couple minutes of landing and launch (it's still uploading but should be done soon). It did in fact make it to orbit though successfully. I'll see if I can make another one later at lower quality so I can record the whole thing. Link to craft file: http://www.filedropper.com/evespnkrii Sorry if these are supposed to be uploaded somewhere else - apparently the forum isn't allowing me to upload files. I seen an issue on another thread about posting file sharing sites but I don't know where else to post it. Edits/Testing I have not built a launch vessel yet to take this from Kerbin to Eve but plan on doing so soon (I've been using hyperedit for testing now). I also did one reentry test with heat shields attached to all the rocket engines and it made it successfully, although I think I'm going to have to move the battery packs into a storage bay as they currently burn up in re-entry. I'm also thinking of adding more parachutes. Right now it descends at 5.2k/ms and sometimes this causes the landing legs to sometimes go through the surface (I party blame Squad for not fixing that issue yet). As long as there is some space between the surface/engines usually launch doesn't have any problems.
  6. Well, I'm glad to see others are on board for this idea. I really don't think it would be that difficult/impossible to do, even with mods... The idea kind of spawned out of the "community space station" threads, where people each contribute a part to a space station. One thing I was thinking was, are people going to randomly just build this section by section? Wouldn't it be cooler if they could, I don't know, "collaborate" on a final design with something like a browser-based VAB of the entire space station and then section off and build it accordingly?
  7. I was just thinking the other day it would be cool if KSP had a browser-based VAB (vehicle assembly building), where we could build ships in our web browser. Unity DOES work in web browsers as I developer in it myself. I thought it would be a cool way for people to build ships when they aren't home, be able to share things in the spacecraft exchange easily, and etc. I think there are a lot of benefits to it...
  8. I also used to develop in Unity (kind of retired from game development). I have to say KSP is a huge accomplishment for being a unity game, I just can't fathom all the math/physics behind this game. I've played one of those earliest version in .1 or something, if I recall it was super hard to get into space and there were also no planets/moon yet. It's amazing how far the game has come along and developed such a cult following.
  9. I want to contribute to this but at the same time, it has a lot of mods going on. :\
  10. Hello everyone, thanks for responding and the wishes. I don't know, I just feel like I'm done with the game for now. Maybe someday I'll play again, maybe not. I've taken a break for MONTHS though, I hardly ever play the game anymore and I came back and still don't feel all that enthusiastic about it. :\ I think Mat2ch brought up a good point, about the lack of polishing and things. I know I said it wasn't the game itself. However, myself, I am (or was) an extremist KSP player. I almost feel like this is kind of what kills my interest in the game. When I travel to anywhere past Duna, I just find it completely unrealistic/impractical to cram three Kerbals into a command pod and send them on a 5+ year voyage to a place like Jool. I had to build HUGE ships to do these missions... I mean, just take a look at my screenshots: http://steamcommunity.com/id/johnkimble218/screenshots/ I built huge ships with crew storage, life support, tons of fuel, disposable tanks, landers. And each time I do this over and over it becomes a huge grind. I have to build these huge vessels that (literally) take me 12 hours to get into orbit into kerbin, and once all the parts are there, at Mat2ch said, the game's physics mucks up, things wobble and shake, the framerate sucks, and it's not my custom built PC as much as it is the crappy Unity engine that kills it. Even with limited mods this becomes a problem. So yes, that was one thing. but again, as stated earlier, I have done EVERYTHING else. Built huge space stations (manually with shuttle flights). Built rovers, sky cranes, bases, establishments. One aspect of the game I've kind of avoided is colonization. I always thought of maybe starting a colony on Laythe. Maybe that's an idea that wouldn't take a massive amount of parts to accomplish because I wouldn't need to bring anything back.
  11. Hello all, Well, I'm not sure where (or should I say who) I can talk to about this, nor will some of you care (which is fine if you don't). But I just kinda feel the need to say it because of how deep I used to be into this game. After about 820~ hours of KSP since May 2014, I am officially retiring from Kerbal Space Program. I'm finished with the game and I am hanging up the pilot wings for good! I'm not dying, I'm not quitting video games. Nothing is wrong with KSP, the game is fine, the 1.0 update was great. It feels weird. But... I feel like I've accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish in this game. I've been to every planet and every moon countless times, including most of the outer planet mods. Taking off, building new rockets, landing on planets, trying challenges, new mods, I've done it ALL. And I just don't feel the same fire or enthusiasm to play this game anymore. I took a good long break for a while and came back but I still don't feel much of a spark. And finally I came to the conclusion that I am finished with KSP. I don't think my whole life of 25 years on this planet have I ever felt like I was totally finished with something! But KSP, that's it! It's funny, but I feel satisfied with my time on KSP and it feels like it's time to move onto new things, both on and off the computer. It's weird because it almost feels like closing a chapter in my life with the amount of time I played this game. So yea, this is it. But thank you SQUAD, for making this wonderful and educational game on spaceflight. We need more kids enthusiastic about the exploration of space. I thoroughly enjoyed this indie game and put more time into it than the AAA, big-budget titles out there. And I will always recommend it to others that haven't tried it! If it wasn't time consuming and I had the motivation to do it, I was thinking of having a send-off, fly all my ships into Kerbol like the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. But let's say I did it in spirit! I will probably drop by the forums from time to time and continue watching Scott Manley videos here and there. But, I feel like I've had my dose of KSP, and now it's time to retire. Good luck to you all!
  12. You people need to quit hating on the Wii U. It's a capable game system. I have it, and some of the game hold up excellent graphically, especially Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. I'm sure they can optimize KSP to run pretty decently on Wii. The only downside is lack of mods.
  13. Congratulations on finding someone, I hope it works out for you in the long run. I would be a bit weary of her considering your first date sounded like it didn't go so well. Unfortunately some of us are on the polar opposite side of the spectrum... beings you got a post talking about this stuff on a KSP forum lol... I've had an extremely traumatic past in regards to women. I've been dumped, stepped on, and cheated on more than once. And once I found someone very special that I got very serious with, or so I thought, and she ended up leaving me for a woman out of the blue... (that particular incident was several years ago but it has given me severe depression for my whole life and it will always haunt me). This year after years of being alone I thought I found someone again. She seems very special, but to make a long story short she is stalling ever going on a single date with me because she is stuck living with a freaking guy she supposedly doesn't want to be with. She swears she wants to leave him for me "sometime this year", she has to move out and it sounds like he may be abusive. But I'm not holding my breath. It's a long story... I've also tried the online crap to find someone as well. I would say between match and a few other site I have probably messaged over 200 women and don't have a single reply. Everyone says I'm good looking, I have an athletic body, I have a career, I even work for Hollywood in the movie industry. But no woman seems to want anything to do with me, or if they do they end up stabbing me in the back somehow. I'm also getting older now and it's getting harder to put one foot in front of the other anymore regarding this subject. I'm an agnostic, borderline atheist, I don't believe spiritualistic bullcrap and love cliches where everyone is destined to find someone. I have a statistically terrible track record for being rejected by women both online and in person, and the only direction I think it's going is down deeper into the hole. After a while it starts to suck the life out of you and make you feel worthless. I have a good career and money and things but material goods and wealth don't always make you happy after a while. I sincerely hope you "Whackjob" and others on here never, ever have to go through or be put through what I have with your feeling and emotions. Besides KSP and a few other hobbies of mine off the computer, I don't feel like I have much of a life worth living anymore. But that is the game of life, and like everything else someone has to lose for others to win. Good luck.
  14. I spanked Tylo a while ago.I build this lander: I consider this particular vessel the BEST ship I ever designed, period. If I could build it in real life I would be comfortable flying in it. Ignore the science vessel and everything attached above that. The main lander starts at the lander can on the left. It was a ship I put five poodle engines on each controlled by their own reaction wheel. It had 8 landing legs attached. I built and tested this thing to the death, even going as far to figure out the real math behind how I could build an efficient lander. Starting from a 30km orbit in the planet, you could land and return anywhere on Tylo with ease with this lander... (yes, one of the tricks to conquering Tylo is to get extremely close to the planet so you can conserve precious fuel for the landing sequence and knock off some velocity). It would burn fuel perfectly so that by the time you were about 5-10km above the surface, all the extra tanks were jettisoned and you would just be running the 5 engines each with a single fuel tank and reaction wheel, making it extremely easy to maneuver on the strong gravity of Tylo with fuel to spare. For breaking orbit, you would use up what was remaining in the four surrounding engines and then the single poodle engine in the middle would fire, having enough delta V to get back into orbit. It also had a science Jr. attached with all of the experiments on it, so you could do full science research while orbiting and landing on Tylo. I had a video of it a while ago but lost it. I made Tylo look like Minmus difficulty with this design. I also landed on the moon over 20 times with it. Also the entire vessel for landing was made using stock parts. I consider Eve the hardest by far. It is like the ultimate boss fight in KSP. I have played almost 1,000 hours and never actually got a ship to return from Eve. I've used other people's designs, built my own. I could never return. Before 1.0, I was working on a design using Hyperedit. I could make Kerbin have the same gravity/atmosphere as Eve and I was testing several designs. One did get to orbit from sea level. But I never took it to Eve because it would take me forever to get there.
  15. The words "small" and "Eve return vessel" cannot be combined in the same sentence.
  16. I just found this mod and LOL. SO disturbing. Why, why did you make this?! I was expecting a Scott Manley Kerbal look alike skin, this is just creepy! I want to know Scott Manley's reaction to this mod.
  17. AlexinTokyo, I am looking at the values for vacuum, NOT atmosphere, I've been using flight engineer for a very long time. I think Ferrows comment is interesting. Something is definitely different, though. These things use to ALWAYS have better numbers. I am putting them on a smaller-sized vessel, though. Maybe it is the larger vessels where it will make a difference. I will have to see.
  18. I just now unlocked the nuclear engine in KSP post 1.0. I am building a ship for Duna atm and flight engineer is telling me I have better delta V with LVT-45 engines instead of the LV-Ns, I also remembed to remove the oxidizer from the tanks for the LV-Ns. ...? Did they severely nerf these engines now? Why are regular engines better now??? Is there even a point to the nuclear engines anymore? This doesn't make any sense!
  19. I am on the latest version of KSP on Steam on Windows 8 64 bit. I only have a couple mods installed, one is a command pod and the engineering redux, that's it. For some reason, certain parts (one in specific the "launch escape system") relocks after I purchase it! I am playing the full career mode with science and funds. The science unlocks the part, but the funding. I will buy the part and unlock it and it will stay that way until the next time I restart KSP and relaunch the game. The part gets "locked" again and I have to spend funds to buy it again. Why is this happening, is there a way to fix it on my own?
  20. Has anyone been keeping up with the news on NASA's Dawn mission at Ceres? http://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewfrancis/2015/06/23/ceres-has-a-mysterious-lonely-mountain-but-no-dragon/ In the past day they just released images of what looks like a 3 mile high pyramid on Ceres. This is added on top of the already spooky bright lights on the planet. Does anyone have any good explanations of what this stuff can be?! I am not a crackpot alien conspiracy theorist. But this stuff is getting pretty tough to explain anymore. No one has came up with a good explanation for the bright white spots including NASA. In fact, they even released a public poll asking people what they thought the features was: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/dawn/world_ceres/ I'm finding it hard to accept that this is "salt" or "ice". Haven't we seen such things on our own moon? And the moon does not look this abnormally bright. I'd really like to see darkside images of Ceres to see what the bright spots are. I am speculating possibly volcanic activity. That would be the most "logical" thing to me before saying something is living there...
  21. OP, First of all, I am a web developer and often do UI interfaces. Thank you for posting that very interesting Apple Guidelines article, I have saved that PDF to my PC for future reading. Very interesting read on user interfaces. It looks dated but still practical for today. Secondly, I happen to be a Unity developer myself, well used to be anyway. At the time KSP came out, I may be mistaken, but the early versions of Unity did not have many "assets" available for creating simple user interfaces, eg. checkboxes, radio buttons, and etc. These features were added on later as assets. If I'm not mistaken, they significantly improved that area over the years. Also, speaking as someone who has done tons of game programming in the past, creating UI's for video games is VERY complicated. At the core, you want to make a fun and exciting video game and make the gameplay most important. Often times when doing that, it is easy to skip or overlook the UI. In KSP's case, I feel this is probably what happened. They focused on gameplay more than interface, which is a good thing. The game does have a rather clunky interface and is difficult to understand for newcomers. M Making UI features is complicated and time consuming, especially things like buttons. You have to literally program every aspect of it, the up and hover positions, a click position when clicked if wanted, attach sound effects, and then even have it scale appropriately when the screen is different sizes. They are a HUGE pain in the rear end to do correctly. One of the hardest things to create are health bars. Health bars are the absolute hardest to program. Resizing sprites/textures as health goes down. Personally I think one of the video games that has the best UI's out there is Diablo III. Yes, a commercial game, but I hugely compliment blizzard on the interface of that game. It is one of the best ever created IMO.
  22. I have legitimately been to and returned from everywhere except Eve. I have been to Eve but taking off is a different story. The planet is notoriously difficult to escape from. I've tried several rocket designs, none of which work. I even used a mod with helicopter blades to try to leave without any luck. Many say to start from high altitude but that is a very difficult task to do a precision landing on Eve.
  23. bjbeardse, I don't have anything to add into your post, I just wanted to say I approved of your Garak avatar from DS9, loved his character! I liked his conversations with Dr. Bashir. I went to a DS9 convention years ago and got most of the cast's autographs including Captain Sisko's!
  24. Nah, I think OP is trying to start a generalized discussion about modding, not something so much mod specific. OP, to answer your question. Pre 1.0, I played religiously with mods. All the visual mods I tried, tac life support, KW rocketry, deadly re-entry, alcor capsule, and many others. I had so many it was causing problems for my game's stability even on Linux. I was also using the outer planets mods for a while although they were a bit too far to reach, I then had to use things like futuristic propulsion but the game was simply getting too deep/complicated at one point for me playing as realistic as possible. I used to play with HyperEdit as well, strictly for testing rockets only, I didn't use it in a cheaty-fashion. I take (and still do) KSP overly-serious, I try to play with realism, life support mods, and do things in a way where a real spaceflight would be carried out. Unfortunately it cuts into my real life and I had to take a step back and quit getting so deep into a video game! As of 1.0, I am trying to remain as vanilla as possible (for the reason above and more). I am only using flight engineer and stage recovery, two mods which I feel should be officially endited into KSP. I've only gotten to Duna so far manned with career mode on hard. It's a unique challenge, especially relearning the entire game.
  25. OP, here is my take on this. I am a huge KSP fanatic, and I have played for a long time before the most recent updated to 1.0 and the realism overhaul. First of all, you knew you were playing a video game that has been in alpha/beta for years now and knew that it could significantly change. For that reason alone, you shouldn't be so upset and biased against the 1.0 update. Secondly, Squad has talked for months about updating the core gameplay in this fashion to KSP, including change the functionality of ISP on engines, the atmosphere, re-entry and more. For that reason alone, personally I stopped playing KSP for three months and forced myself to literally "forget" how to play the game because I knew things would be very different when I would come back.... That is what I recommend to you, OP. Do not quit KSP, especially if you find it fun and it makes you happy. Instead, embrace what Squad has done and relearn the game. What I recommend you do is do what I do. Start a brand new career mode with contracts and virtually no parts unlocked. From the very beginning you can get the feel for the new atmosphere by building small, rudimentary rockets. Start off small with experimental rockets and work your way back up to interstellar glory one rocket at a time. You will learn that launching rockets is not as simple as what you are thinking and is much different than what you used to be able to do. Turning your rocket at an angle is now much different, depending on the mass, velocity, and general aerodynamics of your rocket things are much different now. You must learn to crawl before you can walk. Haven't you ever built a model rocket and flew it? They don't fly straight. That is how KSP is. You have to use aerodynamic fins and have a proper center of mass for your rocket to fly. For example, if your center of mass is near the bottom of the ship, the rocket can get lopsided easily and flip over in flight. If you relearn the game from the beginning you will understand the new aerodynamics more and more. Personally I think it was fun and invigorating to start the game over as an amateur again. Instead of being a master-level pilot that can visit the worlds of Jool and other planetary bodies I now struggled just to get off of Kerbin again. Seriously, relearn the game and have fun with it, you should enjoy learning and being new at the game again because it only happens once.
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