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  1. I mean that if the player is using MKS (which is my assumption from the resource) the player should use MKSs built in machinery moving, not try to use GWs, because otherwise the parts won't get machinery automatically restocked.
  2. Machinery should really use MKSs logistical containers not a third party regardless. The maintenance action will move machinery from local logistics containers to MKS parts (certain MKS parts will perform this automatically on everything nearby once a day). This keeps machinery fully stocked. (Unless GW uses the machinery item as well in which case ignore me)
  3. Well, overheating doesn't actually shut it down, so you can still run three different resources off one drill, just not as fast as with three drills. Still seems weird though since the other multi-separator parts actually use all the separators.
  4. I've got a problem where if I fast forward for any length of time after returning to the base single pieces have fallen off the base modules or else a large number of pieces are gone. I've tried WorldStabilizer and KJR (both alone and together) to no effect. It's different every time I try but the big giant piece of krakenbait that's tether to a rover via KAS is oddly the one thing that's actually stable. https://imgur.com/a/jI5Ki0P
  5. [Smelter]-->Metals means that it'll change to metals (either by clicking the button next to it in the VAB or on EVA, with some material kits and specialized parts in active logistics containers), not that it's on metals. You need it to be Metals-->whatever
  6. Ah, that's it exactly (it'd be good if there was at least an error message to search). Now what do I do
  7. So I've hit an odd thing where when I deploy a kit it grows uncontrollably, bounces around, then explodes (due to high impact speed). I've done several kits successfully at this point, no idea what changed.
  8. So I tracked this down. The required cooling and the max cooling for the drills is the same value. Change the MaxCoolant value in the config for the drill to fix it. Or to change it maybe, I'm not sure if it's intended behavior or not.
  9. Alternatively, what's the best way to set up nearby (<2km) mining bases. The main base automatically pulls substrate when I head out Hmm, using scansat resource scanning breaks that then, cause it was the first thing I checked. I'll ask on that thread. Alternatively, lets say I skip sifting, I've got every resource within 2km. But when I rover out there I lose the mutual hab bonuses. Is there some way to get logistics to work that far out without a pilot? Or I guess I could *just* send the pilot, since they have much longer hab times, and use A drills anyway...
  10. Did you figure out a fix for this? And how did you even check, I can see on maps that I have those two resources, but I can't find any global average tool. Edit: moving Alumina.cfg and the config for the resource that must not be named out of the CRP folder seems to have worked. I honestly did not expect that when I tried it.
  11. Hmm, yes actually. I've got a container stuck to one from an earlier delivery drone so it hasn't been dismantled.
  12. A bootstrapping base already on the Mun. I went and did some more testing (I'm unhooking to go get more substrate anyway) until I broke it, and it seems that when I have both the engineer and the miner in the rover there's no manned bonus, but if I have one in each the manned bonus stays the same (less the loss of the radiator on the rover). So I will need on miner per drill rig, but they'll benefit all rigs. More worryingly is the stuff that came up about remote power while I was away. Half the reason I'm doing this is the terrible thermals caused by hooking the reactor to the
  13. If that's the case it's displaying wrong in the VAB, it says it just outputs rock, so I've been ignoring it as I don't have the tech to further process rock. I'm thinking I need to build the base as separate modules from now on, instead of attaching via KAS, but I'm not 100% sure how that works with kerbal skills. Will I need to have all my miners in the drill unit (and only the one drill unit), or will they by able to chill in hab modules? Edit: This is actually stupidly easy to test, I moved my miner into the rover and the drills work as before. Unhooking the rover
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