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  1. Hmm... this got me thinking. What if each time you open up KSP, a kerbal universe is created (for the kerbals, of course), like in TRON or something? Spooky.
  2. FAR, Procedural Fairings, Editor Extensions, RCS Build Aid, KAX, RemoteTech, TweakableEverything, Texture Replacer, Hyperedit and maybe Mechjeb. That's my minimum.
  3. Put fins on the bottom of the rocket. Don't turn 90 degrees in a split second. Use FAR. Problem solved.
  4. "Color Blindness Correcting Glasses" I'm skeptical about it's functionality.
  5. 1 should be retracted, 2 should be extended, 3 should be hydraulics disabled, 4 should be broken.
  6. Use hyperedit to put a ship in orbit and give it a really, REALLY large speed. Gives the same effect as Thegamer221's screenshot.
  7. It's much easier to build a rocket with a recoverable first stage (recover it using FMRS). Much, MUCH easier. I think that doing that gives you way more freedom in building payloads to be launched with a reusable booster, you have much less size limitations.
  8. I almost read Urlum as "Urmum" in the thread's title... wait, you could use "Urmum" as a name! Think of it like if it were a greek god or something!
  9. This reminded me of Danny2462's ultra-fast friend-spider that has disappeared, "Sargeant Gonzalez" was it called?
  10. I have a slight suspicion that the "force him into a suborbital trajectory" is a code for something.
  11. 10/10, looks much better now! You could make the images clickable (leading to a thread or something), though.
  12. Is good, no? EDIT: Wait, this got approved by a moderator, ABORT, ABORT
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