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  1. This is just awesome. It's one of those mods that should be implemented in the stock KSP in the near future...
  2. That's actually a really good idea. +1
  3. Definetely, since he summons him at will.
  4. With all the survivability mods I have, the (usually) first thing that happens to Jeb in my career mode's is that he dies. But don't worry, he does it in many different ways, so it's always fun.
  5. I found a mod from Roverdude yesterday that, for what I've read (I haven't actually tried it out), let's you float things on water, so that'd probably would make your idea work.
  6. Hello community! I've been playing KSP for some time now (roughly a year), but I only started reading the forum a week ago. So... since I've seen this is a really nice community and there's lots of mods, updates/previews, and things in general going on I've decided to present myself to you! Truth is that I haven't played regularly during this year but I've come to know some good mods and also I've gained some experience in this rocket science thing. "Realism" and futuristic technologies mods are the ones that most attract me (FAR, KWR, DR, etc.). That's pretty much everything. I hope I can learn more about piloting silly rockets full of kerbonauts into the sun around here, and I hope to help someone do it too in the future...
  7. That be a great little mod. Having a long list of dozens of spacecrafts and spaceplans doesn't help you find what you're looking for at all...
  8. I just found this post a couple of days ago and I must say that I'm very impressed. Mostly because one of the main issues I've been having with KSP since I started playing is the stock tech tree. It's just so impractical, there's no sense in it. However I've found that there's still no file to download (I know it's says [Planning]) and it'd be great if it was... So my question is, when will be the first release?
  9. I only have one little problem with the 0.9 pre-release: somehow, the big life support storage seems to weight around 200 tons. I can't even imagine how to launch that much mass. How's that possible?