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  1. I just made a duplicate folder of my original one. Then renamed the duplicate "KSP .23.5" & the original "KSP.24". How's that? Will KSP be able to distinguish between which one I want to use at a particular point in time?
  2. So, I have to re-launch, re-dock, and all of that?
  3. How do I go about backing it up? Do I just copy and paste an alias folder somewhere?
  4. I'm in the proccess of building a space station, and I needed to attach a probe to my science lab in order to control it, but I planned on decoupling the probe after I docked. Well, whenever I try and decouple it, the decoupler gets left on the science lab, and blocks its docking port. I've tried right clicking and decoupling, and just hitting the space bar to go to the next stage, and they both have the same outcome. This is procedural parts, btw. Here are pictures for reference: http://imgur.com/a/32Epb#1
  5. Also, can senior docking ports connect to regular docking ports?
  6. So basically its no use to build one, because it will just stop spinning? If so, then I'll draw up something else.
  7. If I have a command module docked to a multi-docking surface, and I want to put another module on the direct opposite side of that multi-docking node, and then have them perform a roll thrust using RCS, would the entire thing spin? Or can I get JUST the command modules to spin with out getting the multi-docking attachment to spin also?
  8. I loaded up a quick save (F5 & F9), and I didn't want to do that, so how do I now load up my last in game AUTO save?
  9. Yeah, i don't have those engines. Ok, so how is there a specific ratio that I should be shooting for? I have KER installed, and I know how much delta V is in each stage, so why should I need to worry about the fuel-mass ratio? For efficiency? After completing my first rocket of the family, I have this: Stage zero contains 2 solid boosters burning at 92 seconds. First stage is UDMH & N2O4. It has two RD-253's. Both stages combined gives me 6k delta V, 1.3 TWR at launch pad, and 1.35 TWR after booster separation. My second stage contains hydrolox, with the RL10A-4(two) engine, giving me a
  10. I'm currently trying to build a rocket family, and my smallest rocket is going to be able to put 6.2T into LEO up to 500km. I don't know the exact delta V for a 500km orbit, but I just gave it an extra 2k deltaV up to 11,500. So I divided that by 2 and am going to make it 2 stages, both containing 5750 delta V. My second stage is liquidH2/LOX. It's engine is the RL10A-4 (two), it has 198 thrust & 158 (ASL)-451(vacuum) isp. The first stage I haven't started working on yet, but I was going to put RP-1, and scale it with an engine that will get 5750 delta v. Could some please expand furthe
  11. It has a docking port nose cone, so I may be able to just have a cube docking port on top of the fuel tank, then extend it over the lander using multiple docking ports. I guess i'll just have to do that then?
  12. I have a lander on the mun, and want to land a fuel tank right next to it to refuel, but i'm not sure how I would transfer the fuel...
  13. I have tried everything in order to fix the tech limits in my career mode, and no matter what I do, it never works. I have created a .cfg file in my game data with the code for invalidating all the tech limits, and still nothing. Then I tried just changing all the tech limits to 'start', and still nothing. I'm so lost on what to do at this point. Any help would be extremely appreciated.
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