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  1. Ah, I see. And who cares if I use your subs as weapons. Fun Fact: Ever since ships started sailing, they've been plaguing animals such as whales with noise pollution, said pollution has caused what used to be a world wide communication system for whales now barely works over 200 miles
  2. If it's silent, it won't bother the sea life Also could you look into adding a sort of fog that appears once you go below 200m? Around 200m in real life the sun stops shinning so I thought it might be more realistic if you did that
  3. Because it would be awesome, that's why. Also when you get sonar working, you won't have people coming to you asking "GIVE ME CATERPILLAR" and to be honest I don't see it being that hard to produce compared to the other stuff you have to work on for this mod
  4. Another 2 things I'd like to see is Sonar and the Caterpillar drive from The Hunt for Red October
  5. I know you said it would be pretty ridiculous to have a launch bay, but I want it anyway. If not for launching rockets, maybe for launching some sort of smaller minisub
  6. Those planes are on backwards :/ Also I did not uninstall the firespitter.dll By the way, some of the things in my list are actually things you should change, not necessarily bugs And how do you figure that? People are great at breaking stuff
  7. I have the latest version, and it doesn't mater what craft I use. Maybe if you added a stock one in the mod we could get duplicatable results
  8. Here's a list (If you want photos you can ask, but I'm too lazy to do it without you asking ): 1: Certain part combinations with parts within the mod tend to somehow act like they've disconnected for no apparent reason but I can still control them. 2: Sometimes the bridge will start sinking though the body of the ship but again act as though it is still connected as I can still control it. 3: The animation to extend the smoke stacks of the diesel engine doesn't work and the stream of smoke from the engine doesn't stop no matter what. 4: The hatch on the bow doesn't work. 5: The cargo bay has the ability to have kerbals within it (AKA it has seats in it) 6: One of the spot lights of the bridge doesn't work 7: The dive planes aren't as powerful as I think they should be 8: The auto keel is very reliable 9: The auto buoy is very reliable either 10: It NEEDS more SAS power 11: The dive computer needs to have more to it, like an automated diving system
  9. Hard as hell to drive this thing, but I eventually got the hang of it. Some of the animations and the auto keel as well as the auto boey are kind of bugged. For the most part it works pretty well, but it really needs to be polished.
  10. Hey when you get around to aircraft carriers (I'm assuming you're mostly working on subs at the moment) could you look into catapults for the aircraft? Taking off on such short distances is pretty hard
  11. How about some torpedo tubes? Wire guided would be nice. I'd like to recreate the events of The Hunt for Red October if ya catch my drift
  12. To be honest I'm probably just going to fill the damn thing with potatoes and make an island very slowly out of potatoes. Why? You know what I'm going to say
  13. Yeah something like that was actually what I was wanting, I love making small rockets like the airlaunched pegasus. A satalite launched from a submarine would be even cooler no matter how small it would be.
  14. That's really cool! About time someone has made a submarine mod for KSP again. I was wondering if I could trouble you to make a part to act as a launch bay for nuclear missiles perhaps? (FOR THE MOTHERLAND)