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  1. this looks interesting where is this system in relation to the stock kerbol system? Does it physically exist in the same space or is it only accesible through the wormhole?
  2. not quite sure what this is but I do wonder Is there such a thing as an @Aerodynamic Kerbal?
  3. hello, is there anyway I can change the FOV sensitivity for the skybox dimming? the only available setting in the config file is the brightness setting right now my skybox doesn't start dimming until my sun is like in a quarter of the fov. how do I get it do dim as soon as the sun peeks into view?
  4. I'm mistaken. I thought the handrails were added onto stock parts, but I now see that they are completely separate parts that I can place anywhere.
  5. hi there, I suppose the handrails isn't compatible with restock? Is the dragon and other stuff compatible though?
  6. hi, does anybody have like a map that says which launchpad is which? I use kerbal construction time so am always getting confused when selecting a launchpad
  7. Hi, is there a way to make the skybox dim even more while looking at the sun? Now when I look at kerbin the skybox is pitch black but I can still see the stars while looking at the sun. I have tried to change the maximum brightness but it just makes the skybox too dark to see at night
  8. Wow! When I first started using this mod there weren't so many names!
  9. Hi, I'm not sure if you are still having this problem. I had no problems using the green soyjuice but I did a search and it seems like it could be a RPM issue? I do not use RPM so maybe that's why it does not happen to me. here's some relevant info http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/60974-1-0-2-HGR-1-875m-parts%28v1-3-0-released%29?p=2000726&highlight=green#post2000726
  10. If I want the parts only can I delete the remotetech.dll?
  11. does it not work on 64 bit computers or only not work in 64 bit version?
  12. This usually happens for me when I undock crafts. Renaming crafts after undocking should solve the problem
  13. Ever since installing this mod I am getting laggy when I right click to tweak procedural fairings stuff like base angle and height. Am I the only one with this problem?
  14. I find that when I right click to change base radius and height and things, It becomes really laggy. I believe it has to do with tweakable everything. But just letting you guys know anyway...
  15. I don't know if this has been fixed yet. But for the black boxes issue I found that running in opengl does not have that problem. Ever since adding sone of USI's packs I needed opengl and my blackboxes magically disappeared
  16. Hi. Sorry if I am bothering you. But I don't think he has the same problem. For me, my cones for my old sats work. But the ones that I newly launch have a 0º cone angle.(not 180º) I see in my savefile that I have RTdishradians for my old sats And RTdishcosangle for my new sats I have tried his method but it doesnt help. I have also tried a new save and it does not work. The cone is also 0º there. Even changing the save file for the new save does not solve my problem. P.S. I don't have signaldelay, so I would be fine if an option to turn off cone angles is available as well.
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