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  1. We all know you're terribly busy maintaining over two hundred mods, but you might have at least wanted to give the OP a glance... ;)
  2. I know I'm not being helpful here, but that being redundant functionality is exactly why I set environment from the same shell script that backs up save games and ships, renames screenshots in a sensible pattern, updates and launches CKAN, deletes MiniAVC and other nonsense, corrects file permissions (all files are executable as decreed by Squad), and eventually also launches KSP... ; )
  3. ... Since you're NOT on Steam though, your best bet would be to extract the missing files from the archive(s) you originally installed it from. The files you probably deleted are KSP/GameData/Squad/Localization/dictionary.cfg and KSP/GameData/SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Localization/dictionary.cfg KSP/GameData/SquadExpansion/Serenity/Localization/dictionary.cfg depending on whether you have the DLC installed or not. If that sounds too complicated, it's probably best to simply redownload and reinstall KSP at the same location.
  4. Opening post, second sentence: Note that you need to be in the flight scene, i.e. controlling a craft (or Kerbal) for CTRL-K to open the KK menu. Also a bit further in said post, there seems to be a video tutorial. I didn't watch it, thus I can't comment on it. You might want to check that out though.
  5. @Beetlecat, FYI the link to your patch is essentially a clickjacking attack (if a harmless one): You need to change the dl=0 in the actual href, not only the link's human-readabe description. What you're essentially doing is < a href="Link1">Link2</a> which looks like "Link2" to the end user, but actually directs them to "Link1" ;) I hope the effingexcellent Invision doesn't mangle this beyond recognition.
  6. There is one sure fire way to stop wondering: KSP/GameData/ModuleManager.ConfigCache has all the patches applied from the last successful game start. You should be able to find your answer if you search that file for RandomOriginalEngineFromAnotherModButBigger. So am I, but I'm certain you get the drift.
  7. Being able to point with the mouse, but using a keyboard key to invoke actual functions, does have some merit indeed. I don't think I've seen a game that lets you do that, but an interesting (maybe even groundbreakingly novel?) concept. Fun fact, I'm also using a trackball with a broken "right" button. They just don't make them any more, and I haven't found any that comes even close to the ergonomics and quality. Second or third-plus hand ones go for stellar multiples of the original price, and are increasingly hard to find at all... Thankfully there are several other buttons available to map it to, and X11/Linux makes it a breeze to do so.
  8. To be fair, just going off that last image you posted and those on the first page of this thread, plus what I seemed to remember from reading here. I've been following the discussion on and off, but haven't yet found the time and motivation to really dig into it myself. I didn't intend to kick off a big discussion, just something I found standing out in a way. I guess it just looks strange if you're somewhat used to seeing SI units. It was perfectly obvious you were referring to "metric" tons, but at the same time kind of disruptive, because of course, that's what I'd expect in an international engineering discussion...
  9. Of course, I was only trying to be facetious. But doesn't that go without saying, since everywhere else you seem to be using the metric system and SI units? So why now start introducing incorrect (or at least non-SI) symbols and prefixes...
  10. Already biting my nails. How come I've only now found this gem of storytelling?! Great job!
  11. And while there is no reason to doubt that, it bears keeping in mind that "no one else reporting this problem" doesn't equal "no one else experiencing it". Something I've experienced quite a few times myself, and on both sides of the screen to be fair. Sometimes something just doesn't seem to be worth the effort, or time doesn't allow for a report, or any number of other reasons... HTH
  12. avoid bugs users would introduce FTFY. Please don't spread unfounded FUD. For every broken install "caused" by CKAN, I bet you there are at least ten caused by inexperienced users that could have been avoided by using a package management system.
  13. Really makes me wonder if someone could write a mod that simulates ZX Spectrum cassette tape loading sounds and the flashing border... although I'd probably uninstall it after the second time through :) EDIT: Bonus points if the sounds aren't simply canned audio, but actually convey information about the loading process.
  14. I do find even the necessity to find a third-party service that suits me, without having to register, and without having to allow ads and tracking, a serious troubleshooting constraint. I understand that "free" services are never actually free, but I don't see why these forums shouldn't allow at least a minimal capability of hosting files as attachments to posts. Squad have always been maximally minimizing their operating costs, but relying on third parties to host for free what Squad effectively benefit from most–user submissions– just feels cheap. That includes mission report images, mods, and especially log files. No need to discuss this any further since seeing how it has been this way from the dawn of times, Squad and their parents seem unlikely to ever change it anyway. /rant
  15. Hats off to you. I still haven't found the proper motivation to really learn vocabulary, or Kana, or Kanji, for the past thirty-plus years. Sad, I know. However, without context, that doesn't mean much--could be you're now 33, then that is impressive. Still, but a little less so, if you're 92 now ;)
  16. I think they used to do that but stopped because of unknown reasons Reason was the unwashed masses not understanding the arcane concept of "beta" and "preview", and flooding the forums with complaints that sometimes bugs broke their preciousss save games... somewhat akin to "modders" not understanding that they are not modders, but users of mods, nor understanding the process of creating and maintaining mods, and complaining about bugs and demanding timely updates. Just your average, run-of-the-mill humans, basically.
  17. @gamerscircle, I haven't tried 1.10 yet, but for 1.9 at least, I didn't have to do anything, besides my personal preference for the fuel cell/solar panel swap mentioned above. I'd be surprised if any of the new parts would not appear in the tech tree, at least at the nodes Squad placed them in. Since there have been no new crewed parts added AFAICT, UKS should still be as usable as it was with 1.9. If any of those new parts don't make sense in the context of UKS, take note of which ones, and a more sensible node, and post here or PM me.
  18. Interesting, and you're correct, I just checked in GameData and it looks like zzzUnKerballedStart only gets defined if the Making History DLC or the Snacks mod are installed. Since I do have MH, this has never been an issue for me, but if you have neither of those, the zzzUnKerballed pass will never happen by the looks of it. Patches without an order specified are applied alphabetically based on the containing directory's name, and so are those with only FOR, just as if (or rather exactly because) they had no order specified. From alphabetic order, one would expect UKS to get applied after Restock, but just like zzzUKS, nothing prevents Restock from having an aaaRestock pass...
  19. Commissioning Solar Orbiter instruments from home amid COVID-19 lockdown
  20. Just an FYI @Nistenf, it's not generally advisable to use "FOR[someMod]" in your own patches, since that indicates to other patches that "someMod" is installed, even if it isn't. This causes those other patches to get applied, which can cause issues if that mod isn't actually there (for example, because you uninstalled it but forgot you still had that patch somewhere). Use "BEFORE[]" or "AFTER[]" instead.
  21. For the average new player, [em]KSP[/em] is confusing, no matter what.
  22. If I were to touch a part's config anyway, I'd make double sure to -atmosphereCurve{},* You'd be surprised how many other patches think it's a good idea to add just another node, in cases such as this where there should be only one of that type... by accident or ignorance. And in case there is only one–as it should be–, it doesn't hurt.
  23. Nice designs, and well presented, am definitely curious to see more.
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