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  1. It seems like it is an issue with some other zips from here as well. Even linuxgamer's memgraph newest version got it now. False positive of course, just saying that Chrome got paranoid from now on. Sure I figured out how to "keep" it
  2. It seems like the newest Chrome Version 74.0.3729.169 is suspecting some evil in your release zip of 2.4
  3. Ouch! Update - missed it. Sorry. Now works very well. However, doesn't function on SETI's telemetry reports anymore...
  4. there you go... I know it's very heavy modded game, but it's my default game and it works just fine, only after this mod I get the log spam... and log file itself...
  5. this mod spams debug log at insane frequency with taking available eligible reports - crew reports, eva reports, telemetry reports (SETI) or whatever the science this mod touches.
  6. the explosions somewhat tend to happen around docking ports. As soon as I un-dock something, docking ports stay in contact and after a small while mr.Kraaken happens.
  7. Check your resources, don't you have by any accident Waste Heat accumulated to the top? Adding a radiator or two might help... How many and which ones can be easily seen by pressing "i" in VAB/SPH. This heat accumulates from exposure to the sun, and does not count for solar when craft is inactive.
  8. Right, if gods of random are involved, it's always good to stop and save before bumping into the checkpoint. Random seed would be nice, as when you'd find the right one, it'd be the last reload. This never happened with flyovers over Kerbin, and I've done a lot of them, usually starting my grand marathon with 4+ missions, mach-5, all done in 2 hours.. Yes. Still, it's annoying. I'd prefer all winners. Or all the rewards from other checkpoints given on that magic one.
  9. Hello here, I've found a bug in the rover mission - got one with 5 checkpoints, and when I went to Epsilon first, all other checkpoints went off the map. Quicksave-Reload made mission complete with just one checkpoint + main reward, even if the rest 4 were never reached. It is a bit frustruating, as it was a really long drive on the Mun... at <20 m/s...
  10. Could you add expiration days and countdown timer if under a day for a deadline? It shouldn't add much to CPU load. Also, rewards and penalties would be nice to be seen. These of course should be turnable on/off conveniently..
  11. Sorry for a long delay in response - somehow modular fuel tanks / real fuels solves the issue. Yes I've meant TAC life support in all the manned parts.
  12. Some suggestions - if you agree with them, we have to come with more funny descriptions: - SSTGSO (Single Stage to geostationary (6 hours circular) orbit) - launch from specific Kerbinside launchpad/runway/helipad - land on specific Kerbinside runway/launchpad (after 10km altitude check of course) - visit all Kerbinside launch sites with the same vessel (no recoveries, probably difficult implementation) - complete 10/20/50/100/200/500/1000/2000/5000/10k/20k/50k contracts - fail 1/5/10/50/100 contracts - earn 100k/500k/1M/5M/10M/100M/1B/10B/100B funds - go bankrupt - scansat - scan 100% low res, hi res, biomes, anomalies of the body X (Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, planets, moons, and the sun) - tarsier - examine at least 10 bodies (collect science) from the orbit of body X (Kerbin, Mun, Minmus, planets, moons, and the sun) so far that's it. it's pretty much!!
  13. Can you update life support values resource numbers to 0.9#3? or remove them - they'd be auto-added by life support mod themselves correctly.
  14. Hello everyone, This discussion convinced me to join the mess. Have you ever considered Drupal for the job? It is pretty heavy and easy to make into a hell, but if done properly by a dev who knows what he is doing, it can be set up for the job within a week. At this point of time I'd recommend Drupal version 8, it will be easier to develop later with the growing needs of the community. Drupal offers out of the box, with easy configuration or light code snippet, or extra modules available: - customizable node content management -- all the data structure dreams and desires with fields -- file fields, for attaching mod files themselves, screenshots, licenses, source code, etc.. -- revisioning. Mod versions stick with their posts in revision history - there are modules to handle screenshot file field galleries - taxonomy for all your categorization needs - threaded commenting if needed - configurable user roles for various permission groups - statistics for tracking every record you configure - searching options up to apache solnr which is amazing when set up on different vps - a lot of modules available to handle rich text formatting, with purification in mind - embedded media in rich text or as a node data field - node relations by entity api, enabling options to specify incompatibilities, dependencies of nodes (mods) - oauth module, works on D7, but need to check for D8 - responsible theme boilerplates, adaptivetheme is my favorite - gynormous community around Drupal - proven to handle big projects like ONN :-) - backup and migrate is stock functionality from D8 I think we will find more goodness to adapt and utilize as time goes. I can set up a test sandbox on one xAMP vps, Debian or FreeBSD are my choices of OS. Problem is that I cannot start before 28th of June when I am back to Finland. I am travelling right now and 7" android tablet is all I have at the moment. It works well for maintaining my stuff but not too comfy for bootstrapping a project. So as we still have time, do your research and give your opinions. Greetings from Italy