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  1. It was mostly guesswork really. I made the mastodon more efficient because the actual design specified a turbopump fed engine, while the upper stage (mjolnir) was to be a giant pressure fed design. Turbopumps are pretty much always more efficient, they are however much more complicated, expensive and have a ton of moving parts that can fail. The upper stage was designed for simplicity and safety I'm assuming, as there is no gimbal or complicated turbopumps to fail.
  2. So did your crafts get their parts replaced or how did that work? I didn't even think of the same names causing a problem.
  3. This is the official release of my updated Sea dragon parts. In this version I tried to make somewhat relevant part costs but honestly the cost of fuel far outweighs the part costs. I also added some new fairings as well as a fairing mounting plate for payloads. The previous version of Sea dragon used 13.75 meter parts but I upped the scale to 15 meters to make it more realistic in Kerbal scale. The parts have similar stats since the last version but they have all been completely remodeled and re textured. The second stage pressure fed Mjolnir got increased thrust, as well as the vernier engines which are now more powerful than mainsails and look much better than the old ones IMO. The textures are a bit bad in some places and the collision meshes are rough on the engines, but I think this is a big improvement over the last version! DROPBOX LINK https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cst2n4fiwycwq5u/AADax-KmbjGM0AzcIOdjS_4ca To install simply open the Kerbal shipyards V2 folder and place smokescreen, MP_Nazari, and Seadragon2 folders in gamedata. That's it. Thank you Nazari for hotrockets! If I couldn't make large FX for the engines I probably wouldn't have even bothered making this.
  4. I was coming in at Duna at almost 50,000 m/s and the lower atmosphere of Duna slowed me down to 33000 m/s. Duna's atmosphere isn't much but it definitely slows you down significantly.
  5. Guess I should have used the rest of my xenon gas, oh well.
  6. A regular rocket would be cheaper, however the overall cost per ton of material delivered to LEO/LKO would be lower. So for example the Saturn V could lift about 120 tons for say 500 million, the Seadragon would cost say 600 million but lift 5 times the weight.
  7. I've just started working on this mod again for 24.2, I'll try to add the correct prices as well but I'm going to completely remodel and texture everything as well as add new fairings. I got a bit distracted on other projects but I think I'm going to stick with this mod for the time being.
  8. The service module looks good, especially the engine. I'm just wondering if the lower half is a bit shorter than the concept images on the first page of the post. It seemed like the bottom cylinder should be a bit longer.
  9. No I got really sidetracked trying to make IVAs and balancing summer classes/work.
  10. Did you use hot rockets with it? The FX for the engine is scaled up to the correct size using hotrockets. I checked after .24 came out and it seemed to be working.
  11. While I haven't tried the hotrockets mod in .24, the parts work just fine. I've also been working on another concept rocket that fortunately uses the same 13.75 fairing size as seadragon, so when it's done you should be able to have some big ass fairings without using procedural fairings!
  12. Can I keep using the .20 part tools or do I need the .23?
  13. So in all the IVA tutorials/questions I see prop tools referenced for adding props. However I have never seen that component in unity. I can add props via the config file but is there a faster/easier way? Also, is adding a MFDU from RPM any different from adding a stock prop?
  14. Sorry man ever since I learned how to make parts I've been spending a lot of time modeling and texturing. Not to mention Kragrathea hasn't been heard from since January so planetfactory might end up being a dead end.
  15. Definitely, I already have most of the Rombus rocket done for lifting it. But I plan on making soft landing retro rockets, another pod for ascent, making some big sepatrons, and an ascent rocket as well. Not to mention landing legs and a better fairing for the ascent stage.
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