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  1. Hi, I really like Restock! I'm on 1.9.1 with the Making History DLC and with restock installed the bottom node on the skiff engine won't attach to anything unless I flip the engine upside down. And with Restock uninstalled: I know a teenie bit about these config files but I couldn't find where the AngY was flipped on that node when Restock was installed. Stock has it set to -1 and even when I switched it to 1 the problem persisted. Must be another setting in the Restock code that I'm not aware of.
  2. Hi, I just discovered this. This bug does not involve any mods though I do have 1 or 2 installed. I'm using KSP 1.7 64 bit: Put together a stock capsule with a stock docking port on top (jr in my case), an upside down stock payload fairing on top of the docking port, and the stock escape tower on top of that. Attach a stock radial chute to the side of the capsule. Build the fairing so it comes down and covers the capsule. Set up an action group that lights the escape tower's engine and undocks the fairing at the same time. The fairing will now pull off with the tower if the action group is triggered. Set up the abort action to decouple the capsule and fire the escape tower. This setup mimics an apollo style fairing. You can ditch the fairing by lighting up the escape tower and undocking the fairing part with your action group. You abort by triggering your abort to decouple the capsule and fire the tower, then hitting your action group to ditch the tower and fairing, then deploying the chutes when the time is right. Fly a test- trigger your abort and watch the capsule with it's docked fairing and escape tower fly off the top of the rocket. Then trigger the action group that undocks the fairing. Watch it tumble away from the capsule. Sweet! Now trigger that parachute... "Parachute cannot deploy while it is stowed" error message appears. Note that the fairing part is never told to ditch the fairing. It turns out that this is what triggers the bug. I can work around this by adding the fairing to the action group that ditches the tower. It would be nice to not have to do so. For my purpose it's just aesthetics but perhaps another use case is more catastrophic. Thanks. Bryan
  3. Does anybody know of a part I can use to cover up the super dracos?
  4. Thanks Theysen. Looks like Niche doesn't support 1.2.2 yet and Forgotten Real Engines didn't have them but did get a suitable set from Real Engines. Now for a capsule with a cowling I can put these in....
  5. Hi everyone, I'm an experienced player and have done some edits to parts in the past but I'm very new to RO. My goal is to get a decent Super Draco engine working with an RO config. I see the SuperDraco_Config.cfg RO file, and the only mod I know of with a Super Draco part is the Kerbal Reusability Expansion Pack. Was this RO config created with a different mod in mind that will work with KSP 1.2.2? If so what is it? (if you tell me RO effectively updates Laztek's old mod I'll be estatic!!!) Or should I add some code to the Kerbal Reusability Expansion Pack's Super Draco part file (probably engineType = SuperDraco?) so it picks up the RO config? Thanks!
  6. And we have a winner! Thanks Svendii! The first time I tried I had the engine attached to the bottom of the tank and no knowing it was intended to be surface attached, the engine shape was giving it fits. Once I removed that and used the smooth tank surface it worked perfectly. Nice mod =)
  7. I just tried this with 1.2 for the first time and quickly noticed something that must be a bug.... but as a first time user let me know if I'm just suffering from Noob's syndrome. I think both Glenn Leg Mounts are missing their top and bottom attachment nodes? I'm not seeing any appear anywhere... Bryan
  8. Feature Request- add + and - signs to each end of the range of movement overlay (which it really nice BTW).
  9. Thanks for the reply. I'm just thinking perhaps a button that just balances the fuel among the enabled fuel tanks on the vessel. I rarely need active balancing but that's just me. Setting all tanks to the same percentage full is just part of my VTOL pre-landing and takeoff checklist.
  10. NASA grounded plenty of Astronauts for what look to me like lessor violations (like Apollo 7 astronauts refusing to wear their helmets on re-entry). If they had some wiff of doubt over Grissom he never would have flown on Gemini 3 or been made the first commander of an Apollo mission. I think there are two important clues on this matter. He didn't have the tell tail bruising that the other Astronauts had on them after pushing the plunger to blow the bolts, and the fact that the recovered capsule's titanium door strip was bent over an inch- a clear sign of being damaged. I think it's just an example of faulty wiring in the capsule. If that were the case it's ironic that he died to do faulty wiring on Apollo 1.
  11. Just adding my voice that I'd like to see some way to transfer fuel in such a way that the tanks are once again balanced, ie, they are all the same % full. I generally design to keep them as balanced as possible but I also do a lot of VTOL so fine balance is key. Papa I know you consider that a flight control thang... I'm just looking for a way to eliminate a mod from my mod list, and eliminate a click on load up if you know what I mean...! Thanks for spending your time to crete a mod that benefits us! Bryan
  12. Hi Bahanuto, Here is the log. And one new piece of info, it's working on a newly installed stock config.... great. Thanks for checking this out. Bryan
  13. Adding a "me too" to the camera tools icon not showing up. I can't bring up the window with / or [home] either. KSP 1.05, Camera Tools 1.5. Windows 10 32bit, openGL mode. I cleared out the CT folder, then tried to reinstall from the download on spaceport. No luck. I'm a long time mod user so I'm pretty sure it's installed correctly (CT folder in the gamedata folder).
  14. Hi all, Does anybody have experience welding a stock fairing part on top of a fuel tank? When I do this the fairings appear out of the center of the overall welded part when I go to build them- functional but much to far away from the fairing part for my taste. I'm not expecting UbiWelding to fix this, just wondering if there is anything I can edit in the welded part to move where the fairings emerge from the welded part so it looks right? I have sublime and I'm not afraid to use it ;-) Thanks. Image and part code below. Bryan PART { name = tank-and-fairing module = Part author = UbioZurWeldingLtd rescaleFactor = 1 PhysicsSignificance = -1 node_stack_topfairingSize31 = 0, 4.04, 0, 0, 1, 0, 2 node_stack_bottomSize3LargeTank0 = 0, -3.86, 0, 0, -1, 0, 3 node_attach = 0, 0, -1.89, 0, 0, 1, 1 fx_gasBurst_white = 0, 4.240001, -4.696847E-07, 0, 1, 0, deploy sound_vent_large = deploy CrewCapacity = 0 CoLOffset = 0, 8.251, 0 CoPOffset = 0, 2.026, 0 TechRequired = highPerformanceFuelSystems entryCost = 55800 cost = 13900 category = Propulsion subcategory = 0 title = tank-and-fairing manufacturer = UbioZur Welding Ltd description = Warranty void during re-entry. attachRules = 1,1,1,1,0,0,0 mass = 11.53551 dragModelType = default maximum_drag = 0.15 minimum_drag = 0.175 angularDrag = 1.5 crashTolerance = 6.659 breakingForce = 316.915 breakingTorque = 316.915 maxTemp = 2000 fuelCrossFeed = True explosionPotential = 0.5 thermalMassModifier = 1.5 heatConductivity = 0.12 emissiveConstant = 0.6 radiatorHeadroom = 0.25 bulkheadProfiles = size3 MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/FuelTank/Size3Tanks/Size3LargeTank position = 0, -0.12, 0 scale = 1, 1, 1 } MODEL { model = Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairingSize3 position = 0, 3.82, 0 scale = 1, 1, 1 } RESOURCE { name = LiquidFuel amount = 6480 maxAmount = 6480 } RESOURCE { name = Oxidizer amount = 7920 maxAmount = 7920 } MODULE { name = ModuleProceduralFairing nSides = 64 nArcs = 6 TextureURL = Squad/Parts/Aero/fairings/fairings_diff panelGrouping = 3 pivot = 0,0.17,0 axis = 0,1,0 baseRadius = 1.875 maxRadius = 6 capRadius = 0.375 snapThreshold = 0.25 xSectionHeightMin = 0.3 xSectionHeightMax = 4 edgeSlide = 0.15 edgeWarp = 0.02 noseTip = 0.5 UnitAreaMass = 0.03 UnitAreaCost = 18 } MODULE { name = ModuleCargoBay DeployModuleIndex = 0 closedPosition = 0 lookupRadius = 2.5 } MODULE { name = ModuleTestSubject useStaging = True useEvent = False situationMask = 127 CONSTRAINT { type = ATMOSPHERE value = True } CONSTRAINT { type = REPEATABILITY value = ALWAYS prestige = Trivial } CONSTRAINT { type = REPEATABILITY value = BODYANDSITUATION prestige = Significant } CONSTRAINT { type = REPEATABILITY value = ONCEPERPART prestige = Exceptional } CONSTRAINT { type = ALTITUDE test = GT value = 0 situationMask = 8 } CONSTRAINT { type = ALTITUDEENV test = GT value = 4000 prestige = Trivial } CONSTRAINT { type = ALTITUDEENV test = LT value = 8000 prestige = Trivial } CONSTRAINT { type = ALTITUDEENV test = GT value = 2000 prestige = Significant } CONSTRAINT { type = ALTITUDEENV test = LT value = 4000 prestige = Significant } CONSTRAINT { type = ALTITUDEENV test = GT value = 1000 prestige = Exceptional } CONSTRAINT { type = ALTITUDEENV test = LT value = 2000 prestige = Exceptional } CONSTRAINT { type = SPEED test = LT value = 2000 situationMask = 8 } CONSTRAINT { type = ALTITUDE test = LT value = 300000 situationMask = 16 body = _NotSun } CONSTRAINT { type = ALTITUDE test = LT value = 600000 situationMask = 32 body = _NotSun } } }
  15. Here is what I've found: the dragon v2 parachutes behave very strangely. They seem to brake fine in the vertical direction but the horizontal velocity doesn't decrease....maybe. It looks like the capsule is carried sideways by a strong wind. The Merlin 1d vacuum engines sometimes overhead and explode for no apparent reason in orbit. I see no temperature bar and the engine was running at low thrust for only a few seconds. It wasn't surrounded by parts either, just one engine with the upper landing legs stuck to it like they are supposed to be. I'll bet the engines need game balancing too but it's just a feeling.