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  1. Sigma88, first off, big fan of your mod, but I think it's a mistake to not have a forum mod thread for SD. I've known about Sigma Dimensions for a long time and being a fan of rescaled KSP, 6.4x specifically, it's a must have. But with no forum thread for it, how will newer players find it? I imagine you'll answer that it's used by other rescale mods, and that is true, but still, it's a mod and people should be able to get info.

    I'm not a huge user of GitHub, but there didn't seem to be any easy to find documentation that explains what it or your other mods do. You need to have a thread to draw people's attention, and I can't see why the original descriptive OP on the locked thread was removed. At the least, put something up to let people know the mod exists and announce upgrades. Make it clear you can't respond to forum comments and direct them to your GitHub site for support. The more experienced users can answer most of the questions for the newer ones.

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