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  1. I'm in Career Mode.I'll try to make a list of mods i'm using,but they are a lot :|
  2. Err...yes i have several mods.But the previous version on SM worked with no problem.Since the 1.05 update i'm experiencing several problem.Like locking camera,sudden kraken attack...
  3. I've made other test.It seems that every time i hit the space bar,the ship manifest windows disappear. For this test i've built a capsule with 10 decoupler in stages.The mod work until i press space a first time.The SM window reappear for a split second after i press space on EVERY stage.Only when i reach the final stage with only the capsule it works again.
  4. Windows 7 Latest Version of KSP Latest Version of your mod Mod installed manually
  5. Hello.I have a small problem,the icon of Ship Manifest don't work after i launch my rocket. I've tried with and without the toolbar. Small edit:if i launch without clamp it works until the first stage,then it stop working again
  6. For what i've seen by right-clicking on the Vostok capsule,the Ablator "Resource" got chewed really fast during re-entry. I've reentered from 125x125 orbit by lowering my Pe to 50(It's my usual standardized reentry protocol).I haven't tested the other Tantares capsule. The stock ablative shields seems more durable.
  7. I'm the only one having problem with the parachute?The Tantares one does'nt work.They deploy but the ship does'nt slow down.
  8. Nice parts. It's there someone with a RemoteTech config file for these?Thanks.
  9. Dang it abandoned?? can i say...Dang it! I love this mod.I hope someone will continue.
  10. Thank you,maybe now with an example i can manage to replicate those by myself I think...
  11. It worked.It was the Liguid Hydrogen one.Thanks. The other is for Universal Storage?
  12. Hello,i need help to create a Hydrogen fuel tank in the "Procedural Parts" mod.Can anyone help me? Thanks.
  13. I'm happy to tell to everyone interested that this mod seems to work in 0.25.At least in sandbox mode... I haven't reached it yet in career mode.
  14. This mod seems very interesting.It's compatible with Kerbal construction time?Thanks. EDIT: Lost my patience and tryed by myself.It seems it work but i don't have the floodlight and i'm unable to make the provided Remotetech settings work.The only small problem is that everything you want to launch at the Kosmodrome is contructed under SPH(spaceplane hangar)I'm using the latest build of Kerbal construct...and many other mods anyway. I love it