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  1. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    The fourth ship I've built so far using that Nuclear Lightbulb engine, 532 parts and over 370 tons. Just need to get it into space before I post it and one or two other ships also using the Lightbulb (I used hyperedit for the pic) The lifer will probably look something like this (pic is of predecessor). The side struts will prevent it from falling apart, and the huge, ugly mound of boosters on the bottom will blast it into space.
  2. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Stock Nuclear Lightbulb. Coming soon to an irradiated wasteland near you!
  3. How can I find the highest mountain on Eve (visually) and what are it's coordinates? How much Delta V is needed to launch to orbit from the highest mountain on Eve? How big of a concern is re-entry heating? How fast can a MK2/MK3 ship be going before it burns up in Eve's atmosphere? Between Mammoths or Vectors, which would be better for a VTOL SSTO from Eve's highest mountain? Any other recommendations for how to build this thing? I'm getting ready to build an Eve SSTO, either taking off vertically or horizontally, with refueling on the surface and once in orbit around Eve. Since I've never been to Eve before, I have no idea what specifications I need to build it to, hence these questions
  4. Phoenix: Crew transport shuttle

    Thanks 0.73 at Kerbin sea level, 2.83 at Duna sea level and 0.96 at Laythe sea level. All of these get higher as it burns fuel.
  5. Erebus: Tylo capable VSSTE Dropship

    IT IS COMPLETE! After going through the hell that was refueling this thing in orbit (and coming up with an interesting design for a reusable refueler in the process, which I will post later), I have finally been able to conclusively test the Erebus and make sure it is actually SSTE capable. The OP has been updated with new pictures, stats and the download for the latest version. Thanks The bi-couplers on the top do look a bit like muscles.
  6. Erebus: Tylo capable VSSTE Dropship

    Another success! It is now a VTOL SSTO, unless you count the launch clamps Now I just need to refuel it and give it a mining/processing module, then it should be a true VTOL SSTE. Although it only gets into orbit with a mere 60 Delta V left in the tanks, refueling it will still be much cheaper than that launcher was. I've also done loads of smaller changes and fixes, which have increased the Delta V when in VTOL mode by about 2000 and increased the TWR so it can VTOL with a full tank of fuel and 6% of it's weight in cargo (about 18.5 tons) on Laythe. Thanks a lot Although the Erebus itself no longer needs the launcher, a heavily modified variant will live on as a large re-usable lifter.
  7. Erebus: Tylo capable VSSTE Dropship

    Success! As you might be able to see, I replaced the Terriers and Aerospikes previously used for horizontal flight with six Vectors. It's lost about 800 delta V, but the insane TWR it gets now is more than enough to get it into Laythe --and possibly even Kerbin-- orbit from sea level. I'm going to polish it up and test it a bit more, then post the final version here. I believe there's a good chance this could become a VTOL single stage to everywhere.
  8. Although the Fierbird proved more than enough for transporting cargoes to the surface of Duna or other low-gravity celestial bodies, it was not practical for tougher missions such as putting base modules onto Tylo or Laythe or carrying heavy payloads between planets. The Erebus was designed to do both of those things and then some. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vmolbswndjkdlry/Erebus.craft?dl=0 (comes with mining/processing module in the cargo bay) Features: VTOL capability: The Erebus has three Vectors and two Thuds on the bottom, which allow it to vertically take off and land with full fuel and 18.5+ tons of cargo on Laythe. Horizontal flight capability: Twice as much thrust as in VTOL mode for the same Delta V and better stability. However, this mode is not good for landing. SSTO capability: Although in some cases it will need to be refueled after getting to orbit, the Erebus can take land on and SSTO from every celestial body except for Eve and Jool when equipped with a mining/processing module. Interplanetary travel capability: With roughly 3500 Delta V when fully fueled, the Erebus can travel between planets and still have more than enough fuel to land. Hidden top docking port Passenger capacity: The Erebus has space for two pilots and eight passengers, not including any you may stuff into the cargo bay. Aerodynamic VTOL thrusteres: When the VTOL thrusters are not being used, the cargo bays they are placed in can be closed to make the Erebus more aerodynamic. Action groups: Toggles the cargo bays that the VTOL engines are in. When they are closed it cannot VTOL but is more aerodynamic Toggles VTOL engines Toggles horizontal flight engines, including the bottom ones. Toggles bottom horizontal flight engines, but not the top ones. This is useful for pitching up quickly on liftoff. Toggles fuel cells Toggles radiators on the mining module Notes: When going fast through atmospheres in VTOL mode it can sometimes have control issues. The vectors can be used to stabilize it when this happens. Be careful with ramping up the thrust quickly in VTOL mode, Sometimes going to maximum power too quickly can cause the front wing and VTOL engine to go flying off, crippling the ship. Make sure not to run out of fuel! When the tanks are completely empty, the Erebus is not only stranded, but also without power and RCS.
  9. Firebird: Versatile rover dropship

    The download in the OP has been replaced with one that has fixed decouplers. Thanks Thanks Didn't even notice that niche while building it, but I imagine it'll be useful when carrying rovers with antennas or other things that poke upwards.
  10. Named for it's uncanny ability to recover from situations that would cause most crafts to undergo rapid unplanned disassembly. The Phoenix CTS (Crew Transport Shuttle) may not be able to haul cargoes like the Firebird, it's bigger sibling, but it's increased range and speed make it ideal for scouting ahead to find Ore or transporting small amounts of Kerbals between bases in Duna's Sphere of Influence. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/u503f5d8t72xl7y/Pheonix.craft?dl=0 Features: Crew transport capability: Space for one pilot and two passengers Vertical and horizontal flight modes: One Terrier on the back, one Aerospike on the bottom High speed: When flying horizontally, speeds of about 300 m/s can be reached in Duna's atmosphere Aerodynamic VTOL engines: The Aerospike is hidden in a service bay, which can open or close to make it more aerodynamic Frontal Clamp O Tron: Can dock far less awkwardly than the Firebird Descent Autopilot: With an experienced pilot, the Phoenix can be landed simply by setting the SAS to keep it retrograde and adjusting the throttle. A small kerbton of Vernors: Can do sick barrel roles with ease Action Groups: Toggles service bay, when it is closed it cannot VTOL, but it is more aerodynamic Toggles VTOL engine Toggles horizontal flight engine Toggles Fuel Cell Notes: I'm very happy with it's lifter, it looks good, gets it into orbit flawlessly and can do all but about 100 m/s of the Duna transfer burn It seems to need the Caps Lock precision control to dock, otherwise the Vernors are too strong and it just gets tossed around Still being tested. I wouldn't be surprised if the current version has issues turning in the atmosphere With about 2150 Delta V when using the Terrier, it could actually probably be used to ferry Kerbals between planets Unlike the Firebird, it doesn't come in pairs You could probably fit some science equipment or Ore scanners in the service bay, if you moved the monoprop.
  11. A mid-sized Dropship, the Firebird is designed for transporting Rovers to and from the surface of Duna. Thanks to the "Moar Vernors!" strategy used by it's creators, it is extremely agile, stable and ideal for carrying oversized or lopsided cargoes. Imgur album that shows more of the features: http://imgur.com/a/CqfDp Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5k4ufjyp1r4v4ok/Firebird x2.craft?dl=0 Features: Descent Autopilot: With an experienced pilot, the Firebird can be landed simply by setting the SAS to keep it retrograde and adjusting the throttle. Claw: Since it has a Claw instead of a docking port, the Firebird can attach to just about anything that can fit underneath it. Vertical and horizontal flight modes: Two Thuds and two Terriers on the bottom for VTOL, two Thuds between the tail booms for horizontal flight Crew transport capability: Space for two Pilots and Eight passengers, A metric kerbton of Vernors: Can do sick barrel roles with ease Two service bays on the top: Currently just used to store Monoprop and fuel cells, but they could easily be modified to store a couple small probes Aerodynamic VTOL engines: The Poodles are stored inside two service bays on the bottom, which can open or close to make it more aerodynamic Hidden top docking port Action groups: Toggles bottom service bays, when they are closed it cannot VTOL but is more aerodynamic. Toggles VTOL engines Toggles horizontal flight engines (I recommend using these while in space, slightly less Delta V but it doesn't need to use the Vernors) Toggles Claw Toggles fuel cells Notes: Comes in pairs for balancing reasons With 1850 delta V, it's not ideal for going between planets. Decouplers get stuck to the hidden docking port when you separate the Firebirds from the transfer stage. This will be fixed soon Lots of aesthetic bits that don't contribute to function Still being tested. I wouldn't be surprised if the current version is incapable of docking. Rover not included
  12. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Dropships! With two cargo bays for rovers and about 4500 Delta V, this thing is turning out to be one of the best ships I've made. It's got lots of issues, but it's been a great learning experience and the knowledge gained from it will be very helpful in making the next version.
  13. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Building a Hovercraft. Hopefully I'll find a way to put it on Laythe so it can be used as a mobile base for VTOLs.
  14. Looks great Certainly going to download this this once it comes out. Working dozens of dishes into a massive Mun mining abomination is going to be interesting and fun.
  15. Nuclear Reactors... Need to be risky.

    I think this would only really be interesting if the reactors had a "Melt down" phase before exploding, which would gradually overheat and destroy everything on the ship and then explode after five minutes or so. That way there'd be time for evacuation if you have escape pods or landers, but the mothership/colony would still be destroyed (unless you have a way to decouple the reactor and get away from it). Running away from a reactor that's going to blow in a rover with all your Kerbals in it would be amazing fun Otherwise, this wouldn't do much. Most of the time when something crashes hard enough for a reactor in the middle of the ship to be destroyed, the ship's beyond repair and stranded anyways, or even already completely destroyed.