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  1. I don't know how much of a challenge one ton is in stock, but we'll have to try out your City Wonton during my stream today, @Human Person. Very interesting.
  2. It took you long enough


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      I don't really check messages on the forums

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      I know, just joking.

  3. Basically, I try to see how complex a ship I could launch without frying my computer. The entire cruiser is eventually launched in one piece, though Kerbal Joint Reinforcement was involved.
  4. A new YouTube series. It's just a bit of speculation - real space plans will be worked in when convenient, but it's all meant to be taken as more of a . . . suggestion.
  5. Hi! I decided to make a movie production cut of my 7-part Apollo Tribute Mission, reducing 2 and a half hours of video to one hour, using custom kerbal dialogue, and adding music from Kevin MacLeod. The result is the tightest video I've ever made. Enjoy!
  6. Ack! I didn't add episode 6 to this post on the day I released the video on YouTube! Well, here it is now, and it covers the launch from the surface of the Moon as well as the rendezvous between the LM and the CSM. Below it is episode 7, in which the mission concludes.
  7. Time for Jeb and Bill to EVA on the surface while we also listen to and watch Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin do the same. A bit tough this episode, because Neil and Buzz sure had a lot more to do than the kerbals did.
  8. Time for the lunar landing video! I couldn't add the real descent footage, unfortunately, since I didn't have two reference points to get the timing right (touchdown is one point, but there wasn't another point in the video) and there's always issues with the footage timing because of frame rate discrepancies, etc. If you'd like me to upload a version of this episode with the original Apollo 11 footage in a corner, even if it's not timed right, please say so and I'll get it done. Enjoy!
  9. Episode three is lunar orbit insertion and the tense time in mission control while they waited to find out if Apollo 11, on the opposite side of the Moon from Earth, made the burn successfully.
  10. Two hours and forty-four minutes after launch, Apollo 11 went for trans-lunar injection.
  11. On the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11, the kerbals attempt to conduct a tribute mission with a replica rocket. Will they succeed in setting foot on the Moon and returning to Earth? Includes audio from the original NASA mission. Mods: Realism Overhaul and Dependencies (including Real Solar System, Deadly Reentry, and Ferram Aerospace), FASA, Active Texture Management, Crew Manifest, KerbQuake, HullCamVDS, Telemachus, Environmental Visual Enhancements. Here's the playlist: And here's the first episode, featuring the launch of the mission: Hope you enjoy it!
  12. I just released the video of the first EVA of the series (the video below). I need some ideas for subsequent EVA videos, since it's hard to figure out how to make them compelling, so be sure to mention any ideas! Also, don't hesitate to mention any other ideas you might have for the series. Next item on the plan is a test launch of the Saturn C-3X, which can carry 40 tons to LEO.
  13. Mission 12 and 13 were the launch and docking of the L-1 Truss, which makes the Titan Station look a whole lot more like a station. You can watch both videos below and the mission press kit is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cqt9r4ayldbj1tr/012%20-%20L-1%20Truss%20Press%20Kit.pdf
  14. Mission 10 is up, and we send Jeb, Bill, and Bob to orbit for the first time. Here's the video: And, of course, the press kit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxj6kd9szfvcj5p/010%20-%20Calliope%20Launch%20Press%20Kit.pdf Enjoy!
  15. Hey there! What a coincidence - I'm just watching the third episode of your Space is Hard (Vacuum) series as I type!