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  1. Here's a direct link to the timestamp on that video where "prograde" is engaged, but behaves just like stability assist: . Note that for my ships, they're SSTO, so only the first stage has been engaged when the OKTO2 isn't working properly.
  2. Sorry I've been away. I've experimented and got a HECS ship where the prograde control works, and an OKTO2 where it doesn't. Working HECS ship: Not-working OKTO2 ship:
  3. I have RCS on, and I can steer manually, and SAS will hold the current heading, but it will not change my heading to go to prograde/retrotrograde/radial/etc.
  4. Yes - I've had this problem during takeoff from Kerbin, while in orbit, and while coming in for a landing on the Mun.
  5. I've been using OKTO2's with all my recent ships, but when it seems that no matter what I select on the "direction selector", SAS just behaves as if "stability assist" is selected. I have plenty of RCS thrusters and fuel, and I can easily manually orient my ships, but SAS won't do it. Has anyone else run into this issue?