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  1. Set up a new KSP for this mod camp. Very pretty. My first steps on Serpent... Of note the runway does have a funny lip with no ground under it. Can't figure out how to fix it myself.
  2. Nope changes made at all. Speed about 20 m/s then 0 m/s when I started braking out of sudden personal combustion fear.
  3. So I had a rover going down a hill and my Kerbals catch fire then explode. Is there a way to tweak it so rovers on the ground don't suffer this weird issue? I was on the hill west of the KSC using the packrat rover mod. When they caught fire I stopped. Got scarey then. Combustible Kerbals... Who knew right.
  4. SQUAD needs to make these chutes stock. They're about a hundred times better.
  5. Still rockin this mod Magic. Keep the good stuff comin! This campaign I'm trying it with DR. The kabooms!
  6. Hey guys. This campaign I'm adding in deadly reentry and I'm wondering about the heat shields in the package and any suggested packages you folks would have for a heat nublet. Mostly wondering about some good looking shields and maybe even expanding ones. This mod looks pretty cool and I'm excited to slip it into my lineup.
  7. Love the work! I take TAC, rip out the ugly models and slip in the wedges. Looks grand!
  8. Love the mods man. This one is as critical as TAC is for me now. It makes each campaign into a story now instead of a massive burst I do in week one then just travel time.
  9. Give people the choice to avoid the usual earth shattering kaboom.
  10. Its like your writing half the game I wanted from Squad Keep up the awesome work.
  11. Sweet logo and nice mod. This IS the mod I've been looking for. Competition makes everything so much better after all.
  12. This works perfect for me still. Good stuff! Plus this seems to lack the drama in Deb's, poor guy.