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  1. Basically, I am doing a project using the orbit of the ISS. I am struggling however to find a proper ground track for the ISS. What I need is simply a world map (equirectangular projection), centered on the equator and base meridian, with 1-3 orbital paths of the ISS displayed. Must include a map scale indicator as I need to measure land distances as well. Thanks! If there is some kind of software that can give fresh data of the ISS orbit, that would be even better!
  2. Since I haven't seen anyone post it here yet... What do you think? I think it shows promise, also nice to see a movie about interstellar travel as well.
  3. Well now I know, thanks ;D Should probably get a console then for dedicated gaming.
  4. The specs are too vague, because it doesn't mention what is the frequency or generation of the i3, and modern Intel graphics are actually very powerful. Don't think RAM should be that big of a deal. Remember these specs are usually just for max settings.
  5. I wonder if my Surface Pro 4 can run it at some acceptable level. I have the i5 4GB RAM Intel HD 520 version. I can run Space Engine at native res and on max settings pretty well.
  6. It is finally coming out in 2 days!
  7. You definitely can. KSP 64-bit is well optimized now, and the 6th gen i5 is up for the task. Even 4GB is plenty for a single game, especially since the SP4 and Surface book use DDR5 high-speed RAM. If you have a bigger wallet and very high demand for video performance, you can get the i7 version with Iris Pro graphics, though the ones that come with the i5 one are sufficient for KSP(e.g. max settings with a few mods and 700+ part ships). Regarding a MacBook, a MacBook Pro is the only remaining Apple laptop worth buying. But now, I can no longer recommend a Mac when I know there are way better laptops out there now with better specs and more features (paying over 1000$ for a laptop that doesn't even have a touchscreen is ridiculous in my mind).
  8. If I were you, I'd go with a Surface Pro 4 You can jot notes with the amazing pen, use it as a tablet and have a powerful laptop under the hood. It doesn't have a dedicated GPU, but the 6th gen Skylake processor and the integrated graphics can easily run demanding applications and even run AAA games like GTA V at low settings. KSP works like a charm at max settings. In terms of specs and design, it beats the MacBook Air(weight, screen resolution and features). If a MacBook was a number 1 choice 5 years ago, now it would be a Surface. I'd suggest getting AT LEAST the core i5 4gb RAM 128GB SSD model, as it is best value for money and vastly more powerful than the m3 model with a 100$ difference. If you want a nice monitor in your dorm room, get one later and just plug the Surface in when you need to. Regarding Windows 10 - it works best on a Surface, they have done a good job the last few months fixing bugs and such. You can easily deactivate any sort of tracking if you wish to. Just remember - everyone collects data about you - all of your social media website, Google searches etc.
  9. This: I thought I was playing KSP for a moment there.
  10. When I hear stories like this, this video always comes to mind:
  11. @Columbia glad you enjoyed it! The OST was ok, and the David Bowie soundtrack was very fitting too. Sad that he passed away this year ;(
  12. First of all, I don't think the OP did enough research and has no idea what he is talking about. Secondly, I will vote for terraforming Mars. And there are plenty of reasons to do so. It is relatively close to Earth, and has a similar rotation speed, and has an atmosphere at least. But that is not the important part. It has water, lots of it. The North polar ice cap alone has enough water in it to cover 1/3 of the planet with an ocean. Compared to other planets and moons, Mars is not too cold or hot. It can get all the way up to 20 degrees Centigrade during a Martian summer, which is really impressive. While it does get very chilly, yes, it is incomparable to Titan or Ganymede. The planet itself is rich in elements, making colonization possible and economically sensible in the long term. The atmosphere can be transformed to meet our needs through methods others mentioned earlier over a few decades, it can be thickened substantially also by deflecting asteroids from the asteroid belt and burning them up in the atmosphere slowly via aerobraking. Mars was similar to Earth before, we can turn it into a garden.
  13. Hello, I am doing a project with some friends on Mars and how people can colonize it effectively, which also involves constructing a space elevator and strives towards terraforming. Where can I find the most reliable and accurate resources on these topics? Info on how ecosystems, climate and agriculture work would be very helpful. Thanks!
  14. Actually I used Tayasui sketches! Used a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 to draw it. yep
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