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  1. Hello! Just wanted to say thanks for continuing this mod, it's been extremely important in my opinion, especially for slingshots
  2. [quote name='jbakes']Ever since 1.0.5 my cockpit explodes on re-entry. it heats extremely fast and it never did that before. I mean I'm not entering steep or anything. I use to be able to set my Pe to 30km and be fine. I'm usually not one to complain but its ridiculous how hard it is to re-enter a space plane now. I mean what I am supposed to do make 5 low passes around Kerbin to re-enter?[/QUOTE] Uhm, it's true the cockpit heats extremely fast, much faster than the other parts (you can clearly see it turning red when there is no reentry heat yet), so I definitely believe it's bugged in some way. That being said, I can safely reenter: Periapsis at 50k (notice that atmosphere is much higher now!), 30° angle, and you keep passing near Kerbin until you are around ~2300 m/s orbital speed. Then you are free to go down. I also fixed my mods, I can finally see clouds! ;)
  3. [quote name='Alshain']Way way way way way better than 1.0.4. (way... way way). I thought my plane building days were over, but I just tried it in 1.0.5 and I love it. Introducing the Shrike Mk2 ([URL=""]click here[/URL] if you want to compare to the Mk1 from 0.90/FAR) [URL][/URL][/QUOTE] Can you please tell me what mod you use in 1.0.5 to obtain that screenshot? I tried looking for some, but either they are broken I fail at something badly, no clouds and no good looking sky in my KSP :(
  4. An image of your ssto would be lovely
  5. Please don't listen to people complaining, fast hotfixes are DEFINITELY welcome
  6. I just started screaming in joy when I noticed 1.0.3 downloading on steam. I can finally go back to my favourite game, they fixed the bugs!!!
  7. Yeah I'm very sad with temperature gauges bug. I love KSP (500 hours on it) and I want to play it, but that bug defeates me, I have to keep the gauges disabled, so my ship sometimes explode without knowing the reason. AND there are some heavy bugs on part attachment with those "heat shield containers" for batteries, which I love to use, and they screw heavily with the rocket. Plus, various minor bug like camera shaking/stable rockets wobbling in some weird situations. And last but not least, some heatsinks parts for LV-N!
  8. I'm a bit concerned, I have basically no part exploding except for the "connectors" between a small tank and a larger tank, they explode as soon as they hit any sort of atmosphere. I thought they were meant to be quite resistent. Is this a bug?
  9. The temperature gauge monitor is a real problem... I wonder why there wasn't an hotfix for that
  10. What is that tiny thing? My pre 1.0 Eve lander was something like this: I'm happy to see they resized this requirement, lol
  11. Uhm, the key point should be using an engineer instead of a pilot (with remote guidance in addition) for the parachutes, refueling directly on eve (possibly sending a veichle AND a spaceship) or maybe composing the spaceship with docking ports directly on eve, I don't know. I'm scared, took me a lot of hours of try-die-repeat to go to eve and come back And almost a new GPU =S
  12. Any of you stumbled upon the lovely contract "600-800 m/s at 5000-8000 m"? That was one of the worst experience I faced. I had to build a 12-boosters capsule (literally was a capsule + part to test + 12 boosters), marked as a one star, my capsule was almost exploding
  13. OMG Thanks, I was coming from far and made a very nice and slow aerobreak which kept me in the atmosphere slowing down for hours... except that the game kept crashing, and crashing and crashing. And then I noticed it was caused by memory. And it's definitely a memory leak: it doesn't get deallocated until you close the game, I tried loading a Scenario, but I was still at 3.5 GB of RAM on KSP (which crashes around 3.8). Now at least I know a workaround, but must definitely be fixed P.S. I actually solved my issue (before noticing this thread) by speeding up physics: the game was skipping physical step (1/4 of steps) so was allocating 1/4 of the stuff. - - - Updated - - - Longer aerobreaks (when your ship is on fire) = more memoryleaks
  14. Well, it required some optimization and also slash taught me some very important stuff about wings and how to fly SSTO (must admit, I was adding a lot of intakes so it was much easier, never noticed it was so hard to fly them up outside atmosphere). You should definitely make a youtube guide to add to your topic-tutorial Slash
  15. I'll retry with your technique, but I must admit that adding some intakes actually made the entire manouver much easier (though, I feel a bit like cheating, there is no oxygen at 40 000m <.< )