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  1. ...Wow. That's certainly an interesting design... But how is this a Katapult instead of a Kannon?
  2. Interesting idea, though isn't working for me. Dose it need module manager? I'm trying re-installing it now
  3. I'm thinking of closing this thread and opening a newer, cleaner one. Thanks for all the support guys. Sorry I haven't done anything in a while, I've been run over by a monster truck called life, and will be off and on for a while. Expect more soon though!
  4. Hey, me again back from the dead. Glad to see you're still working on all this, I know I find it hard to keep designing what with school work and life (Er, SCUBA diving actually...) Anyways, nice video, thanks for the updates. Keep it up!
  5. wierd double post glitchiness (ignore me)
  6. This is amazing, nice job gGATOR. That command model reminds me of another one... somewhere...
  7. I know you said out of mainstream. How about out of time stream? Doctor who. I know it's mainstream Deal with it
  8. Is "snacks" a generic resource? If so, I might just have to write in a few generators, much like the popular internet game cookie clicker. Giant snack solar arrays out in a space station generating snacks, very Kerbal. Anyway, awesome mod, I love how you managed to kerbalize the concept of life support (Haven't once touched TAC, because it's so darn complicated). Best of luck to you!
  9. Well floofie, I'm sure your work will be great. Go ahead and drop me a PM when you get this working
  10. Uh, is it just me or dose this thread not have an OP?
  11. Am I allowed to use KAS? If so I will do it in two parts. Parts: Jebediah Kerman, 1 Radial parachute. Parachute down. Get walking/swimming. I won't do this unless I find a mod with REALLY high physwarp
  12. Well, here's my entry to the ULTRA HEAVY. Yes, exploits occured, but I stayed to the letter of the law. As to why the "out of resources" clause didn't instantly invalidate it, it had a spare battery right behind the Kerbal I spoiled the pics because they will just turn this into a arms race of exploits, so please don't open spoiler until you've done it yourself (This means you) I figure it: No fuel, no problem Lighter than 3 tons (forgot the name of achievement) 206m