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  1. I'm sure if you have used BD Armory in the past, you have organized dog-fights of Team A vs Team B for your own personal enjoyment or to see an F-16 fight a MiG-25. This time however, Team B has gotten far more strategically inclined, and has decided that destroying your space center is the best way to stop your weaponry production. It it now up to you, the Secretary of Defense for Team A to prepare the defensive fortifications to keep your space center safe from bombs, bullets, and missiles, are you up to the task of preparing for anything? Some rules for this challenge: You're limited to Stock Parts, BD Armory, and Hyperedit. No Tweakscale, Infernal Robotics, or other miscellaneous/edited parts allowed. Also, the BD Armory Cheats menu for infinite bullets can be used when testing the base's defense and attack potentia, but there must still be ammunition onboard. The cost of the defense doesn't matter, you can even go up to 10 million roots if you're just that focused on defense, but the more money you spend on your defensive fortifications, the more Team B can spend on their own attack force. So sometimes the more expensive solution isn't better. The defenses MUST be built on/near the space center. I generally place turrets on top of buildings and allign them so there's a good sense of coverage between all the buildings, but you can do whatever you for your defensive plans. If you can, try to provide a download to your save file so others can attempt to find the weaknesses of your Space Center's defenses. (For example, after some testing, I found that my own base was capable of taking down gunners and missile-based aircraft without much of a hitch, but struggled greatly against tanks and other ground-based vehicles)
  2. LVL 9001

    The earliest versions of Kerbal Space Program

    I started in the 0.18.3 demo, and 0.21 was the first "full" version I got. The game has really changed, with the implementation of career mode, reentry damage, new aerodynamics, and new designs for the parts. Maybe I can finally try out Damned Robotics since I never got the chance to in the later versions.
  3. LVL 9001

    Have you ever hit space debris?

    Didn't happen in space, but I remember returning from the Mün way back in the .18.3 Demo Version, I was a noob back then, so I just released my debris whenever I felt like it, lo and behold, the capsule is more aerodynamic than the debris, which resulted in the capsule crashing into the debris, gloriously exploding in the process and probably giving Bill a heart attack. Since then, I have gotten more skilled in the art of releasing stages, so another accident similar to this one has not occured in sometime. (I do still occasionally knock solar panels off stations when trying to maneuver Kerbals around though.)
  4. A grinding mechanic to get you to spend real money on the game would include a way of recieving extra science, roots, reputation, or rocket/plane parts by spending said money, monetization strategies may include having to watch a 30 second advert before the game starts and after it ends. Players can compete through a "space race" style competition, to see who can do more with their space technology, there would be a bit of a "pay to win" aspect there, however it's much more focused on economics and general skill at the game that it doesn't even really matter that much (I mean, who needs a Mammoth Liquid Fuel Engine to get to the Mün or Minmus?). They could be tracked by the amount of money, how many parts they've unlocked, or how many building upgrades they've purchased.
  5. LVL 9001

    Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.

    Is this madness? Am I in Skala right now?
  6. LVL 9001

    Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer back.

    Purple, because aliens don't wear hats. I got bit by a turtle, should I still drink orange juice?
  7. Can you make the Daft Punk helmets as a texture? That would be awesome.
  8. Hey dude, can you make the Dragonslayer from the Berserk manga/anime. It weights over 180 kilograms, and is about 2 meters long. Here is a picture of it to act as the model.
  9. LVL 9001

    [GAME!] Describe the person above you in one sentence

    A person who is Temporarily Exiled, little does he know he is permanently exiled.
  10. LVL 9001

    How famous are you?

    10/10 I've seen you before The person who replies to me better know who I am, and what my Professor Ku series is.
  11. LVL 9001

    [GAME!] Describe the person above you in one sentence

    He is a person who lives in Canada.
  12. LVL 9001

    Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    I highly recommend you don't eat that soup, Einsteinium is very toxic to your health. WAITER! THERE'S AN INEXPLICABLE HORROR IN MY SOUP!! IT'S THE XBOX ONE!!!!
  13. LVL 9001

    Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    Oh dear, that's the chinese soup, which one did you want again? (Not intended to be racist). Scruffy, what is that tiny bender doing in my soup?
  14. LVL 9001

    Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted, but it has a life of 2 seconds. Scruffy, what is that tiny bender doing in my soup?
  15. LVL 9001

    Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    The soups fine, you just hit yourself in the head in a cartoonish fashion. Waiter. Care to explain why the Titanic is in my soup?