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  1. Great, feel free to ping me if 1.1 changes prove problematic, I'm always up to a challenge
  2. Oh crap, sorry people. I've stopped playing KSP and stopped paying attention to what's going on here. I knew this was going to happen, that's why I didn't want to make my release the official one @Kerbas_ad_astra, I somehow missed your PR on github. I can put out a new release with it, but if you intend to stick around then maybe it's best if you take back the maintenance of this mod. I feel like my job is done here
  3. @ManuxKerb, Can you double check if your Landertrons are set to Soft Landing mode, and not Short Landing? I was only able to reproduce the behavior you describe in ShortLanding mode. I'll try to correct this either way, but ShortLanding isn't really supposed to be used this way. BTW, I installed FAR on my dev install and didn't notice any change in behavior. @lodestar, Sorry for late reply, I must have missed your post. I think that putting airbags on a lander might have it's merits even without explicitly telling Landertron to stop at some altitude above terrain. It would make fragile cargo safe from being dropped from too high when you're coming in at high speed. So I don't really see a benefit from being able to tell Landertron to stop at least x meters above surface. I'll look into reimplementing that tweakable, but you haven't convinced me it's worthwhile
  4. My guess is you forgot that 1.4Mm limit is from Kerbin center, but the altitude shown in game is above sea level, so your max altitude is 800km. Did I guess right?
  5. OnFixedUpdate is only called when part is activated (either through staging or a call to force_activate). Use FixedUpdate (no "On") if you want it to only depend on the state of your module.
  6. KR-14 has a very narrow cone angle (0.04o), when you point it at Kerbin from Minmus it's not wide enough to connect to satellites in keostationary orbit (unless when one of them crosses right in front of Kerbin. You should use DTS-M1 (45o angle) for Minmus/Mun-Kerbin communication (both ways).
  7. That's interesting... I would guess that changing thrust shouldn't impact effective Isp calculation. After all, we'll get the same dV from the same amount of fuel. Isn't KER calculation weighted by thrust or something? (I haven't done the actual math to check how it should look like.)
  8. Out of curiosity, which attempts have you tried? It should work similar to how you change label colors, only you need to modify the button style in skin, and change also hover and (optionally) active styles: GUIStyle redButton = new GUIStyle(; redButton.normal.textColor =; redButton.hover.textColor =; =; ... GUILayout.Button("Launch", operational ? greenButton : redButton, GUILayout.ExpandWidth(false))
  9. I'm glad you enjoy it. It should work with FAR without a problem (let me know if it doesn't!)
  10. Regarding plant colors. Plants don't pick up their color after the color of the star - after all plants of Earth are not yellow If anything they pick the complementary color. Plants on Earth contain chlorophyll that absorbs red and blue and reflect green. You can invent other substance plants will use in photosynthesis on your planet, but it would make sense if it absorbed wavelengths that are most abundant in star's light, and reflected others.
  11. @CajunInABox, seems like you're running KSP 1.0.4. The versions you have are the last ones compatible with this version, all newer versions of those mods are marked as compatible with 1.0.5 only.
  12. Yes, it's a new feature in KSP 1.0.5, where double right-click enables mouse-look, akin to how it works in IVA. You can disable it in KSP settings.
  13. 5thHorseman landing A-class asteroid on Kerbin with wings (in 23.5):