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  1. Pardon me, sir, but could we get one for the rest of the System? I'm planning a Laythe mission, but I don't know how much Delta-V I'll need.
  2. Hey Brotoro. They fixed the wheel physics in 1.2 . . . will you be returning to this story?
  3. Wait, IT WAS?! Aw, darn. What changed? Because since OPM is an analog to our system, and with KSP not being able to model axial tilt, Urlum being retrograde was a neat analog how weird Uranus is. I loved the idea. Could you put it back? Because I've been to Tylo, Eve, and Moho, and a retrograde Gas Giant out past Jool sounds like an awesome challenge. I've even got an idea for a ship that hides behind the 10-meter heat shield. I really don't want to muck about with save files . . .
  4. Aw . . . And I had such a great ship design in mind for if it was. Is there any way to do a file edit to make this happen? Surely all it'll take is assigning a negative value somewhere . . .
  5. I've heard Urlum is in a retrograde orbit. Is this true? Because if it is, that would make it a VERY interesting challenge to pay it a visit.
  6. Here is Step 1 of my Jool-5 mission--sending up the main ship. Only part mods used are TAC Life Support, Deep Freeze Continued, and Kerbal Engineer. Any issues so far? http://imgur.com/a/XGZS5 EDIT: My last post seems to have been ignored. Reposting for an answer.
  7. Step 1 of my Jool-5 mission--sending up the main ship. Only part mods used are TAC Life Support, Deep Freeze Continued, and Kerbal Engineer. Any issues so far? http://imgur.com/a/XGZS5
  8. The SSTO isn't really mine, nor is the other SUPER-heavy duty one I plan on using. I "borrowed" them from Vaos Human. Look his channel up on YouTube, he deserves more subs. Full credit for the SSTO's will go to him. I'm glad Deep Freeze is approved for this. TAC isn't an easy mod to run, plus it adds an element of realism. Now, ON TO THE MISSION!
  9. I'm gonna give this challenge a go. I challenged myself to build my main ship in orbit using only SSTO's. This Imgur album consists of me testing the first SSTO by putting a space station into orbit. It's a dry run, to see if everything's working. Is there anything wrong with this dry run that I can't use for the real mission? http://imgur.com/a/ohIbX Mods used: TAC life support Kerbal Engineer Kerbal alarm clock Hyperedit Navyfish Docking Alignment Crowd Sourced Science Kerbal Joint Reinforcement Deep Freeze Continued (It's a freezer
  10. Mine is testing the big Jool 5 ship I'm designing, the Eureka 5. He's going to Jool when it's finished. So are Bill, Bob, and Val, but those three are doing a full science survey of Moho at the moment. That could take a while. And when that's done, I'll download the Outer Planets Mod, and have all 4 explore those worlds. Many big plans!
  11. Almost 2 months since this thread updated. Kinda curious about how the 1.0 hammer affected the crew on Duna. How goes it, Brotoro?
  12. Very funny, and I've thought about doing that, but there's a reason for how I've managed who lands where. Bob is a scientist, so he'll want to check out the easter eggs on Vall and Bop. Pol has physics glitches, resulting in "floating rocks." In my Kerbal universe, it's a kind of Unobtanium, which Bill needs to take a look at, to investigate for higher technologies. That leaves Val and Jeb to fight over Laythe and Tylo. On one hand, Tylo. Kerbin gravity, with no atmosphere to help slow down . . . the ultimate challenge to land and return from, second only to Eve. On the other hand, the fi
  13. I have a question: I'm going to do this challenge with the big 4, Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val. Each is going to get a moon to explore, except for Bob, who will be exploring the easter eggs on Vall AND Bop. What category of the challenge would this fall under? I'd say 2nd, but that's for two or three kerbals, and I'm sending four . . . or am I just overthinking it?
  14. Question, KSK: Since the next few chapters are already written, what's the "release schedule" going to be like? Once a week? Once a month? Or will you do the awesome thing and release them all at once?
  15. I'm having a problem. I followed the instructions correctly, and the Planet Factory planets are present, including the extra star (Serious), but Urania isn't there. I'm also running version 0.24 of KSP. Perhaps this is the problem? How do I fix this?
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