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  1. Woomerang is based on Woomera in Australia (hence Woomera + boomerang = Woomerang), not Baikonur.
  2. Cheers, I didn't even notice it when I started a new game.
  3. How do you launch from Woomerang? I thought it was only possible to launch from there with mission builder...
  4. Haha yeah I know, that's what my folder looks like as well. It's bound to be something wrong on my end.
  5. Yepppp. Not sure what the problem could be but I guess I'll wait til they patch it.
  6. I only ever stick with 3 or 4 kerbals at a time, at most. My imagination doesn't stretch to video games, if something has a feature that isn't there I'm not going to pretend that it is. On a purely mechanical basis stock KSP gameplay doesn't support much more than 3 kerbals at a time (unless you're using that ridiculous passenger plane part).
  7. I think it looks like a solid test demo but nothing more than that. I don't see any KSP assets and the engine designer and ocean physics look like a step above KSP. In it's current state I'm not going to buy it but I'll probably still play it at some point if it's actually out there. Competition is a good thing but I seriously doubt this unity project will ever be able to compete with KSP. I've played several open-world sandbox games like KSP but they all struggle to implement enough features and goals to make the gameplay enjoyable for more than a half hour.
  8. Sure hope there's a release date announced in January then.
  9. This DLC is taking forever, Jesus Christ.
  10. I have no idea what 'porkalike parts' are and I don't really know about 1.875m cockpits. I'd really like a bigger xenon engine and bigger solar panels to make it work since the scale mod doesn't really satisfy me and mods that capitalise on xenon go too far from stockalike parts.
  11. Yeah, there are no rivers. Just seas and oceans surrounding abysmal landscapes.
  12. Idk about you any of but general consensus usually means majority opinion and as someone who's part of the majority I honestly don't care that much about submarines or locomotives. Ya know, KSP stands for Kerbal Space Program and that would mean the game was focused on doing what a space program would do. Now I'm not a scientist or anything but if people bought this game so they could specifically create submarines and locomotives then the devs marketing team must be awful at their jobs. I wouldn't mind a stock ballast part but I would never use it since submarines are fine and dandy but have absolutely no purpose aside from being cool to fiddle with for an hour til you get bored of an ocean full of nothingness. The submarine and locomotive sections of a space program are arguably up to modders to undertake and perfect and it's possible for the game's engine to be able to support such a submarine mechanic but again, this is Kerbal Space Program and submarines aren't the draw in for people who want to go into space. Arguably Squad could just make an expansion for KSP that adds parts, experiments and contracts for the oceans but I don't think that would sell as well as something that, for example; adds planets, general parts and additions to already fleshed out mechanics.
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