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  1. Ive been crying out for a plugin like this that shows a planets periapsis without needing to use the mouse. I will certainly be making a donation on payday, well worth it, thanks very much.
  2. Good point that, unfortunately ive deleted the backups when I got far into the game and didnt think they would be useful anymore, but its a good answer.
  3. No theres nothing there at all at the sites, I thought if the file knows where ive already been (to make sure i dont get awarded points twice) then I could add a flag at those coordinates. I guess the only option is to stop deleting things in the tracking station. Thanks anyway.
  4. Is it possible to manually add flags to all the sites ive been to via the persistence file? I always delete completed flights in the tracking station just to keep things clean but I regret doing this as it also removes the flags. It would be nice if flags were permanent once placed and can be toggled on and off instead.
  5. Thanks for the info but im gonna stick with the default skybox, besides it reduces the risk of bugs if I keep things stock, but thanks anyway.
  6. I installed this a while ago, when I build large rockets my frame rate went down to 5fps and i started getting bugs like not able to save or exit game, I never suspected this mod to be the culprit but to my surprise after removing it my frame rate has shot up to 40fps and no more bugs. Ive spent weeks trying to fix these bugs and frame rate problems, I dont get how it can cause so many problems but it does, game now runs like a dream without it.
  7. I didn't think to target the moons i'll try that tip and see where it takes me, thanks guys.
  8. Sounds good ill look into that, thanks guys.
  9. Im in an elliptic orbit around Jool with only 500 deltaV of fuel remaining and wanted to try to slingshot off a moon back to Kerbin. After many failed attempts I decided to time warp and after about 10 orbits of Jool and a few encounters with its moons I got flung into space and into a perfect orbit that took me back to Kerbin. I was able to recreate this lucky slingshot, but I wanted to ask if there is some plugin that will predict this manouver instead of just using luck. As you can see I only need 174 deltaV to get back to Kerbin. This is such a big saving I obviously want to always use sli
  10. I installed 24 and docked first time no probs, thanks very much for your help. - - - Updated - - - Thank but its been solved, see above post. http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h165/Hail_Odin/1d_zpsa31b32a6.jpg
  11. Thanks I didnt know about number 2. Ive installed the latest version and found an update for the mod, time to test the docking.
  12. Yea ive installed it again, as I said ive been able to dock with these ports and in this configuration before so I was convinced it was a bug but thankfully someone posted a fix. Thanks for the tips.
  13. Sorry for the thread hijack, but I must say im surprised to see you describe a bug fix as "useless discussion".
  14. I did that but found that one of my favourite mods isn't compatible yet, forgot which one it is now. If I cant fix this issue with the bug fix posted I will need to consider moving to 24 but it should work.
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