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  1. Great. I'll start trying to get there This is what I was thinking. I have nothing against mods, but while I'm learning the game I want to stay stock. Here you go Good luck Btw, does anyone have any tips for space station orbits? I was just going to get it into a "close enough" orbit and call it good, but is there any easy way to get an equal, equatorial orbit? Thanks
  2. I tried redesigning to make it more stable and easier to transport. I made 3 modules. I wasn't sure how often to add reaction wheels, so I added one per module. I uploaded the craft file, so if anyone wants to test something here that is: Thanks for the help everyone
  3. I need help. I'm sort of a noob, and I just completed my first landing on Minmus. So naturally instead of doing something just a step up, I want to put a very large space station in orbit around Minmus. Namely, this space station: Is that even possible? If so, how would I do it? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the fast replies! I've managed to get into orbit! Not much, but I guess it's a start. Thank you for the warm welcome everyone!
  5. Hi! So I have been trying to be good at this game for a while now I have a lot of trouble with well, everything. I can barely get into orbit. I've only ever gotten to the Mun once, pretty much on accident. My designs JUST WON"T WORK!!! I want to go to the Mun and Jool and all the awesome places, but I can barely get to space... Any tips? Thanks!