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  1. I'm not sure what you exactly mean with all this. Is the 8000 m/s at sea level on mars or on earth ? Is it really terminal velocity (if yes displayed by which mod ?) or actual velocity ? But generally: Lower your speed before you enter atmosphere (=lower orbit). With RO you can't enter atmospheres like in stock game, you need always to enter a low orbit before starting to land or your speed will be too high and atmosphere won't brake you enough. Since RSS uses almost double the RAM then it did in 0.25 now you almost can't run 8k textures with 32 bit client now. Even 4k i didn't managed yet to run stable with a lot other mods.
  2. Nice explanation Namolis, thanks So much interesting and totally unexpected things out there...
  3. I think Ralathon is correct with his measurements of RAM usage. I repeated them with my actual texture folder (had to reduce it to 160MB meanwhile so KSP doesn't crash every 30 mins). The interesting thing is, with my 160MB texture folder RSS uses only ~150MB more in 0.90 then 0.25, if i replace that with 8k textures its about the same as Ralathons RAM usage. There just isn't any other explanation that RSS does something strange it doesn't do in 0.25 when 0.90 KSP+RSS with 2k textures uses only 1,3 GB (slightly more then 0.25) but with 8k textures it needs 3 GB while in 0.25 it was only 2/3rd of that. - The bigger the textures the more RAM it uses compared to 0.25, and it's always about double the size of the textures currently used. On the other side, there seems to be some kind of memory leak, but i can't say yet it if it's in stock game or any of the mods, but even if i start with low res textures and an inital RAM usage of 2 GB (with all other mods), it gets more and more over time and somewhen crashes. I could therefor imagine that a bug in stock game prevents RSS textures to be unloaded when they should.
  4. Build a high TWR rocket and see what happens
  5. 8 That's a kerbin sized config for real solar system, but you will need to install other mods you like with that yourself. It isn't compatible with realism overhaul (your rockets would be too big and engines too powerfull) - but it removes the "need" for other mods and is playable with only stock parts
  6. That was meant for orbital inclination changes. Sure a launch into the correct inclination is the cheapest with max 176 dV. (if correctly done) But already in orbit it's a huge difference. For example a 90° change at LKO costs 1300 dV more then the same change when Ap is 2880km high
  7. Taki117: Have you loaded the new version for 1/10th i uploaded some days ago that includes the cache files ? (or if old version deleted the RSS cache)
  8. Forgot to mention that Ascending node launch it's north, descending node launch it's south. Another important thing i forgot: Switch to orbital navball to see where orbital prograde is currently and make small corrections with that. In the end you want the orbital prograde to be at the desired degrees not the surface prograde
  9. Not hard to calculate yourself. Open the +note in contract window, launch when KSC is in map over ascending or descending node. Take the inclination value from the contract window. 0° inc is 90° on the navball, 90° inc is north on the navball. So if you want to start into a 20° inclination that would be 70° right of north.
  10. With it's zero inclination, zero axial tilt and equatorial KSC there is just no need to bother much about that To save deltaV don't correct inclination as soon as possible. Make it right after the hohmann transfer to target orbits apoapsis (so Apo is still wrong inclined). The lowest dV for inclination changes is at high apoapsis and low periapsis.
  11. don't have my KSP at hand at the moment, but i think those contracts want surface samples and not EVA reports
  12. it's a nice idea but i doubt the fuel needed for that weights lesser then a chute
  13. As i somewhat too have the feeling that it uses a lot more RAM now (couldn't get more then three 8k textures to run stable now and the rest is only 2k textures which was 4k before mostly). Is it normal that those use more RAM then harddrive diskspace ? Looks like it at least. My KSP uses 1.8GB when the first loading is finished (about 200 more then with 0.25), and ends with 2,9GB usage after RSS is done, but the RSS+Textures folder only has 450MB. (Folder 150MB smaller then 0.25, end RAM usage about 800 more MB)
  14. nice weight bitslizer But how do you return to kerbin without chute ?
  15. when my rockets did that flipping at 30km for no obvious reason it turned out to be bad aerodynamic design. Like mystery goo's or geigers at the side of cockpit or things like that.