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  1. http://kerbalx.com/Arron_Rift/Battle-Mech-100-stock Hey guys, this is the first creation I've ever posted here, I hope you like it The description in the save file gives usage instructions. It sort of "skates" with the wheels on its feet. The autopilot can generally keep it upright, especially on moons. It's not necessarily practical, but it is a LOT of fun to drive With its ion engines I was able to land on the mun when launched from 80,000m above Kerbin. I recommend using it with Hyperedit (or at least quicksaving before undocking the mech in case it falls o
  2. First off, I just want to say that I LOVE your mod (even more since you added the two little HUD displays), it is always the first one I install and I never consider playing without it! They really need to make it stock one day. But one suggestion: have you considered adding a "Lift/Weight" ratio of some kind, particularly in the hangar? I used to love making glider type planes by adding up the lift ratings of all the wing parts until it was higher than the weight of the plane, making it a dream to fly as it takes off without even lifting the nose and can practically land itself. But this is
  3. Good to hear, the main reason I use CKAN is because I have faith in guys like you to be thorough and make sure everything works before dummies like me go installing every shiny thing they can find and then wondering why their save file melted On behalf of the community, I thank you
  4. I'm suspecting I'm missing some inside joke, but....why is it called that then? If Bob does not look great when he's naked in space, why is it named that?
  5. I was actually seconds away from posting asking why this is listed as incompatible on CKAN, lol! By the way, and idea why Bahamuto dynamics is listed as incompatible as well?
  6. Amen to the cyborg part, the guy is AMAZING! All hail our cyborg overlord!
  7. While we all have our own thoughts, lets all come together and at least celebrate to climax of Squad's 4 years of effort! Congratulations Squad and everyone here! We finally made it!
  8. Regarding the prior discussion, I'd be fine with it being for in-system warp only. The main thing I was wanting out of it was something that could fit on moderately sixed SSTO and spaceplanes (since I love those) looping right over the wings while still allowing clearance for landing gear. The main benefit in this setup is because most SSTOs can only get to Minimus at most without refueling, and this would provide greater range if you are willing to deal with the whacky orbital mechanics that translation causes. I was mostly hoping to build tiny, challenging-to-engineer ships that could fly t
  9. So, does this add depth (pun intended) to mining? It has always bothered me in mods like kethane and Karbinite, that the resources are never more than two feet below the surface O_O
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