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  1. Another recompile to reduce logspam when degenerate orbital information (infinite time to Periapsis/Apoapsis) are being passed in to the PatchedConics API. This happens when parachutes are being opened (the FAQ mentions parachutes are not being modelled so might be related). Also included a bugfix from @whale_2 about disappearing GUI after resuming from Pause (this actually only happens if using ESCAPE key to unpause; using the "Resume" button doesn't cause this issue..) Can be downloaded from GitHub which also has all the changes I made to the source code. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS AN UNOFFICIAL RECOMPILE; PLEASE DO NOT RAISE BUG REPORTS TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHORS IF USING THIS BUILD PS. While I love this mod, I unfortunately also cannot take this on as an official fork, as I lack the orbital mechanics knowledge and related APIs within KSP to be an effective maintainer.
  2. I don't think a couple of months counts as "abanonment" just yet. Real-life can really throw a spanner in the works, so I think it's too early to make a fork of this mod. Furthermore there are several other developers active on the mod's GitHub including @PiezPiedPy who mentioned they'd take a look at some of the issues this weekend. Earliest time for forking IMHO is after the holiday season if there has been no official response by then. Yes, it's frustrating for players if their favourite mods don't get updated immediately when a new version of KSP is out, but as @linuxgurugamermentioned, modding is a mostly unpaid hobby activity, not a paid job.
  3. Ah well, that's a helicopter. It doesn't exactly have an orbit... no idea how the calculations handle that, I'd guess it's gonna be pretty chaotic as the "orbit" keeps changing. Did it work fine in 1.7? There definitely seem to be more issues inside the patchedconics library in 1.8. Will take some sorting out, and I'm not sure I'm the right person for that. For now I'm just going to try to reduce log spam as much as possible and perhaps fix some of the easier issues until people with the relevant knowledge/skills can figure out what's going on with the calculations. Or I get some time off work and can figure it out.