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  1. Hey @Sokol_323 Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. Currently on holidays with spotty internet. Glad you got it worked out and thanks for ghe detailed update. I'll see about expanding the KSPedia entry. Cheers, Micha. G'Day @Frostiken No I haven't heard of this before. Any other Mods? Logfiles? Ideally a save file with no other mod dependencies showing the issue. Cheers, - Micha.
  2. Absolutely; send me the list of pod names and/or individual patches and/or pull requests and I'll add them in.
  3. Ah, thanks, yes, that was the other reason - non-Pod command capsules. PatchManager? I'll have to have a look into that. I'll be happy to include your patch as an alternative but on reflection I don't think it's appropriate as default.
  4. Thanks @linuxgurugamer for your Kemini patch. The simple reason why "he" didn't add patches for -all- 1 and 2 Kerbal pods is that "he" doesn't play with every mod ever made. Most patches are from people contributing as and when they play with Kemini and the pods they like to play with don't have out-of-the-box support for Kemini. It's also rather trivial to add (simply copy existing pod patch and modify to suit). One reason speaking against a generic patch (which I'd considered in the past) is that there's also a couple of pods where it doesn't make much sense (for example, in HGR, the Soyuz-style pods consist of orbital and re-entry modules; having Kemini experiments added to both is odd). So I'm undecided whether to add the blanket Kemini-for-all config. Could always write Remove-Kemini scripts for any pods which shouldn't have it, but that's just the flip-side of the argument. ---- @Sokol_323 Thanks for the report. Offhand I'm not actually sure whether there's a missions-generator for the "big" experiments yet. I've got a couple of long-distance flights coming up so I should get some time to take a look then.
  5. Is that in my build? Discussing issues about it shouldn't really happen in this thread.. but NavyFish did kinda endorse it. so I dunno. Anyway, the DPAI Settings.cfg in that build only provide the initial value of which toolbar to use. If you then use the settings window to change that, whatever you set it to in the GUI will be used from then on (overriding whatever is in DPAI Settings.cfg). Would you prefer it if the DPAI Settings.cfg always overrides the in-game setting? In which case, how would you want the GUI to work? Just for the current session? That might confuse a lot of people (who may not even know about DPAI Settings.cfg). Probably the better option is to remove DPAI Settings.cfg entirely if NavyFish keeps these changes.
  6. A quick google shows the MIssionController2 plugin using DialogGuiBox(), but seems to only use it for basic stuff. https://github.com/malkuth1974/MissionController2/search?q=DialogGuiBox&unscoped_q=DialogGuiBox Have you tried putting your labels inside a VerticalLayout, and then adding that to the DialogGuiBox?
  7. The NEOS ones do, yes. Station Science is another mod which adds complex experiments to stations and they also take time to complete.
  8. To be honest, the only way I found it was because the Unity Debug Player has a built-in log-viewer with a button to open the log file. I'd never have thought to look in LocalLow myself; it's certainly a first. Interestingly enough you can also find the data which Unity captures and forwards to their servers there too.
  9. The output_log.txt has moved; it can be found in %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\output_log.txt now.
  10. It's not (currently) exposed in the GUI, but you can edit the "GameData/NavyFish/Plugins/Docking Port Alignment Indicator/DPAI Settings.cfg" file to force using the stock toolbar.
  11. Hey @NavyFish, sorry, missed your reply. I've sent you a PM with some more information; had some time for KSP the last weeks so took a quick look. It wasn't a big change;. And yeah, it's pretty amazing how backwards-compatible a lot of Unity/KSP stuff has been.
  12. Hi Simon, I'm guessing you could modify the Goo part configuration (MM patch would do), remove the "ModuleScienceExperiment" and replace it with a suitably-coded-up module (either derived from, or inspired by, "OMSExperiment") which in turn derives from "ModuleScienceExperiment". However I haven't figured out yet how to hook into some of the stock GUI yet, such as the "Reset" button on the science popup. Regardless you'd need to code up some sort of "ModuleScienceDurationExperiment" to do the actual work. So while you might be able to add things like multiple steps and/or time to run, to the Goo, you'd lose some of the other stock features unless you can figure those bits out. That I have no idea about, sorry.
  13. micha

    Addon Localization Home

    Nehemiah Engineering Orbital Science has had localisation for quite a while now too; english, german, and spanish translations are currently included (although not for the KSPedia). More localisations and bugfixes to the existing ones welcome.
  14. Well, historically for sure these experiments were only run around Earth. And only by very specific craft. ie, Kemini is Gemini, but without mods or MakingHistory, KSP doesn't even have a Gemini capsule; KEES experiments have their origins from the Mir EEP so soviet station experiments. But as for your point, agreed, some of these experiments are unlikely to give other results elsewhere, but conversely a lot are location-specific. And even replicating the same results in a different environment is scientifically interesting. I'm open to people submitting alternate result strings
  15. micha

    Your first hours in KSP

    Hmm, that's a little while ago now. Fairly certain my first rocket made it to a splashdown in the ocean though. Flea, Mk1pod, a parachute, and Jeb (this is before Val joined the crew). These days my initial flight is still the same, except there's a couple of Mystery Goo's strapped on too and I adjust the thrust and fuel level of the Flea first. Apart from having to experiment with how many fuel-tanks were necessary to get to space and then orbit as I hadn't heard of Kerbal Engineering Redux yet I don't think it took me too long or too many explosions to get there. And then on to the Mun. I think I did watch quite a bit of Scott Manley though not long after I started playing. Many years later, and I still haven't really made it out of Kerbin's SOI yet (launched a couple of probes to the other planets and did an out-of-game test run to Duna once). When I do get time to play there's usually a new update, which means updating mods, and re-starting career mode. And since I usually have dozens of missions on the go at the same time, it kinda precludes my out-of-Kerbin probes from getting too far while I muck about with Station missions. Edit: v0.23.5 was when I started.. Edit 2 : And this was either my first, or close to it, shot at the Mun; already somewhat modded (KER, Surface Experiment Pack, KDex, Procedural Fairings, Universal Storage, and some sort of beautification mod):