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  1. Assuming that 'name' refers to the contract agency, then the name should be "Nehemiah Engineering" : ...\GameData\NehemiahInc\NE_Science_Common\Agencies\Agents.cfg
  2. Thanks for letting me know. I don't know the "Field Research" mod but will take a look.
  3. @Gordon Dry Well, without information about other installed mods it's a bit difficult for me to troubleshoot :-D But thank you for updating with your finding - looks like it's already helped at least one other person In general, if anybody encounters an issue with this mod, please try to repro first using the absolute minimum set of mods. This really should be the first trouble-shooting step before raising issues for any mod. If the issue can be repro'ed stand-alone, then definitely raise a bug report (adding a log at minimum, and ideally a save-game which can repro the issue). If the issue can't be repro'ed without other mods, try to find the offending mod by adding one mod at a time, then raise an incompatibility issue to both.
  4. Definitely not normal. Can you please provide additional information and a log file when this occurs? Ideally also a minimal save (ie, using no other -required- (ie, parts) mods other than NEOS and KIS if possible. Optional mods (eg, KER) don't matter).
  5. Thanks @Apaseall. I created an issue on GitHub and submitted a fix, but as I've never used EL I have no way to test it.
  6. Just bought Making History; primarily so that I can test it with the mods I maintain, but decided to give it a quick go anyway. Not even 10 minutes in and there's a GLARING issue - when reverting to the VAB to tweak your craft, you have to rebuild it from scratch. Every. Single. Bleeping. Time. EDIT Ok, so it's actually possible to re-load the last craft you built for the current stage of a mission. This wasn't obvious to me since so many other parts of the game are restricted/disabled during Making History. So it's not quite as bad as I originally thought, but still: not a good user experience. In the standard game, going back to the VAB always has the last craft you built open. When reverting to the VAB in Making History, it should be the same - autoload the last craft built for the current stage of the mission. /EDIT That is NOT a good user experience. Feature Request: When reverting to VAB, have the last ship you built visible (as is the case in the core game), and not an empty palette.
  7. While I haven't tried it recently I just saw that the US configuration has changed quite a bit. I'll update the OMS wedge to suit. And to be honest, I can't recall whether the US Wedge ever had a Storage Manifest. When you dock your ship at a station which has the requisite equipment, can you install the experiment? The "Install" and "Move" buttons for the experiments are only available if it's possible to perform one of those actions. I'll see if I can add a Storage Manifest to the Wedge. ---- > I'll see if I can add a Storage Manifest to the Wedge. LOL, that's actually easier than I thought! Add the following lines to the part config of the wedge (or wait until the next release): MODULE { name = ESCStorageManifest }
  8. Yayy for update; hopefully many bugs squashed. Pretty Meh about the Steam Workshop etc stuff myself. Although I did buy KSP through Steam, but almost always run KSP non-Steam. Also I don't have Making History yet, and won't be buying it until the core game and the expansion are reasonably bug-free. See it as an incentive to concentrate on quality, not fluff-features. Something that *would* actually have been really useful would be a built-in mod-manager, which allows enabling and disabling mods based on the save-game. (*) As for Redshell, it looks like a lot of developers are ditching Redshell based on gamer feedback. No mention in the article of Squad/TakeTwo joining that sentiment though, despite Kerbal Space Program being mentioned right at the start... again, no money from me until things like that are either removed, or fully disclosed and optional (ie, can be turned off via an approved and simple mechanism). (*) The idea here is that each savegame would have a list of *required* mods and *desired* mods. When loading the savegame, the corresponding mods are loaded, if they are available. If any *required* mods are missing, the load fails. Any other available mods are *not loaded* unless the player explicitly adds them to the savegame, at which point they either become *required* or *desired* as the case may be. Anyway, keep up the (mostly) good work! Looking forward to the update..
  9. micha

    Final frontier mod

    How about asking in the actual mod thread for Final Frontier? I'm also not sure I can parse your question. Could you try to rephrase what you're trying to achieve and what your problem is?
  10. And thanks to you guys for ruling out some of the possibilities which were going to take quite some time. Now, back to work. On a Sunday. :(
  11. Thanks for trying this - I'm a bit busy today, but that was going to be my next step; clean install of Linux in a VM. I already did this; several times! It must be *some* setting or bad config file somewhere in my system, but it *only* affects KSP1.4.x. It's very very strange. ---- Update: SOLVED! By default, KDE is setup to use a 101-key keyboard layout. My physical keyboard is a 105-key UK keyboard. Changing the keyboard layout in KDE from 101 to 105 fixed it in KSP1.4.3. Looks like Unity 2017 and/or KSP 1.4 changed the way how keys are processed considering earlier versions of KSP worked just fine. ---- Update 2: Really Solved (?) It wasn't the physical layout; it was the fact that I had multiple keyboard maps configured to let me switch between languages. Removing one makes KSP work. Unity bug or KSP bug?
  12. Ok, slightly more information: It seems to be related to KDE. Keyboard works fine if I use WindowMaker (but that has all sorts of other issues). I've gone through all the settings and can't find anything which might be the cause of this issue. All other software (including older versions of KSP) work just fine. Typing into a text input box (eg, VAB or the Debug Console) in KSP also works fine. It's just the game control keys (eg 'M' for Map, or 'R' for RCS) don't work.
  13. > It would help immensely with planning, as if you play with life support mods, there's a massive difference between 1 hour, 1 day, and 1 month in space. Apart from "Kemini" (which only take a few hours) the idea isn't to launch experiments in a single go, run them, and return, but to install them on a station with (regular?) resupply missions and return completed experiments to Kerbin. But I can see if there's some way to programmatically add time requirements to the experiment descriptions.
  14. ...so I'm literally the only one with this issue? I'm just on stock Debian 9 (effectively Ubuntu 17.10) with a fresh clean install using Steam. Older versions of KSP (pre-1.4) work flawlessly on this setup. The game also runs fine under Windows (same hardware).
  15. Discussion continued in the development thread...