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  1. No, that forces you to return the _science_ back to Kerbin, not the _part_. You can extract the science from the part and just return the capsule, for example. In NEOS, you have to return the actual part.
  2. I'm just maintaining it CaptainKipard made it..
  3. Thanks, it's why I took over maintenance since I really love this mod too. It's sadly neglected at the moment since it is quite a large and complex mod and I haven't really had much time, but I hope to get stuck back into it sometime, especially now that we have a "final" version of KSP. That said, AFAIK, it should still work just fine.. Hmm, haven't used the PC mod. Hardly surprising that it doesn't work, since the Nehemiah science experiments use their own way of progressing. Now that we have some stock experiments which take longer I wonder if I can recode the underlying plumbing and use the stock science system. Although one thing which this mod does which I don't think would be possible with stock is that it forces you to return the actual science parts back to Kerbin to get the science.. research required
  4. The MEP-825 is "special" in that it has the relevant equipment already installed. The other Labs are just empty station components, you first have to launch and install the lab equipment before you can install and run the experiments. The current version of NEOS has hard-coded slots for which equipment can be installed into which lab. I've been meaning to rewrite everything so that you can install equipment into any lab module as long as there's space for it. To be honest, I can't recall.. I think in the current version, the relevant resources to complete the experiments are generated in the equipment, not in the lab, and since you can only have a single experiment in each equipment at a time, there should not be any time penalty running multiple experiments simultaneously.
  5. If this gets implemented, we also need a way to edit a flag.. can't stand spelling mistakes etc.
  6. I see. Ideal (from a realism perspective) would, of course, be when the EVA jetpack refills, it takes the resources from the Pod instead of magically refilling. If the Pod monoprop is empty, no more fills. Anyway, derailing this conversation now! Just wanted to point out that there's other "magical" resources in the game, not just flags.
  7. While I broadly agree, there's more "infinite" resources in the game such as the RCS refills for the EVA jetpacks.. (or has that been patched now?) Anyway, it's moot, apart from bugfixes, Squad have said they're not making more releases. So we'll need a mod to limit flags in which case it's opt-in which is the best for all - those that want it can have it, those that don't aren't forced into it.
  8. On launch day, probably nothing that I don't do on any other day. Then I'll wait until there's a native Linux port. Then I'll see if it's any good based on the prolific YouTube etc content which will be out by then and applying my own metrics of "good" to that. For example, forced multiplayer will be an immediate and definite hard "no" so my emphasis will be on evaluating the single-player content and how much the game has been dumbed down (if at all) or not. Yes, I agree with making games more accessible, but only as long as it doesn't impact my own enjoyment of the game. Another big factor for me will be the moddability (and how it can be modded) - I've heard they are working on ways to make modding easier. I'm a coder, so I hope it will remain an option to write actual code for mods. Then I'll see if my HW can run it acceptably. And then I'll decide whether or not to buy it. TL;DR: I won't be in any rush..
  9. Not if you're a bit posh Down Under. Then you pronounce it as "Tarjay".. (NB: Target is a budget clothing store in Australia, if you don't know.)
  10. Release v1.0 is out. Unfortunately no longer compatible with earlier versions of KSP since I added rotation to the universal docking ports, and also made all of the smaller ports able to be cargo. If there is a desperate need/want to have a version compatible with KSP1.11.x I can do so..
  11. @Dominiquiniv2.0.2 is out.. should fix this issue Thank you for finding it! EDIT: I've also updated the wiki..
  12. Lol, me neither.. let me take a look. EDIT: From the Wiki: So I'm guessing it's not required per se (since the mod still works fine) but in 1.12 they might have added an additional check. Since this experiment has an animation associated with it, I guess this needs to be set to 1 now to stop log spam. Thanks for the report EDIT2: Ok, I think I figured it out, and it's something I accidentally broke when I updated for KSP 1.11. FXModules is the index of the animation module (starting at 0). Which was the case until I added the ModuleCargoPart in front of the modules list. Now the animation module is the second module (so index 1). I think the "correct" fix will be to move the cargo definition to the end instead.
  13. One big issue is that KAC has an existing Science Alarm. The Stock Alarm Clock does not. It does have a custom-alarm-plugin system which is great and would allow for it, but I want to collaborate with other science-mod authors so that we have a single science-alarm type, not half a dozen. And yes, it's on my growing list of TODO's for this mod Unfortunately due to the size and complexity I haven't really touched it in a while. And the fact that it still seems to work just fine..
  14. To all modders: Can we please coordinate on some common alarm types which the stock alarm clock does not yet have? From my perspective that is primarily science alarms which are in KAC but not SAC. It would be very user unfriendly if every science mod adds its own science alarm. For example, DMagic Science Alarm, Nehemiah Science Alarm, etc. Ideally SAC would add all the alarm types (whether or not they are actually active without mod support) which KAC already has as a basis along with offering the plugin system.
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