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  1. Apologies for how long it took to resolve, but NEOS v0.8.2 is out now fixing the KEES issue. Would have been resolved MUCH quicker if somebody would have provided a log file earlier, the error was immediately obvious. Just saying. Fly safe!
  2. Had undocking bug first time ever the other day too (and been playing since 0.23 or thereabouts). 2 craft assembled in VAB, docked to each other (via Corvus nose cones). Launched, undocked, redocked, then couldn't undock again (no undock buttons on either craft). There may have been a load/save between the docking and the attempted second undocking. I did manage to get an undock button back after a reload, which worked, so no need to resort to save-file editing. There may or may not have been autostrutting. Will see if I have a save/autosave from before the docking to repro.
  3. Looks like Chandrayaan2 is flying a version of KDEX:
  4. Lol - ditto. I have a handful of mods which I install before even starting any version of KSP for the first time.. KAC is amongst them. Although I'll now make sure to have a "clean" install on hand for testing NEOS on its own...
  5. Thank to @killwort (via Github issue tracker) who sent some logs etc and also figured out a workaround for the KEES-experiments-not-working issue. I haven't had a chance to look yet, but apparently the issue has to do with the Kerbal Alarm Clock integration. Specifically, the experiments don't work without KAC installed. So until I fix it, a workaround is to install KAC.
  6. Oh, there's a log in AppData too? I mostly play on Linux so forgot about that one. But yeah, no need now thanks - would only be of interest when the issue occurs. But it's a really odd issue. But when you got the issue, did you upgrade from an earlier version of NEOS, or was it a first time installing it (for that savegame)?
  7. "wrong log"? The primary one is the one in the same folder as the game.. The thing is, you might not see anything of note, but at the very least it tells _me_ what mods you have installed and things like that. Anyway, glad it's working for you now! ---- @kirkz47 Try reinstalling; seems it worked for someone else. Otherwise, PLEASE provide more information, as has been requested numerous times here now.
  8. Simple Rockets 2 doesn't have high part counts. As far as I can tell it effectively "welds" a rocket into a single part for flight mode. Even during construction you tweak parts to the sizes you need instead of lego-building your craft as in KSP keeping part counts low.
  9. Hmm, that's interesting. It's a real shame nobody can be bothered to submit log files when they get this issue. I really want to try to figure out how it can occur and then fix it. FWIW, I also play with a copy pulled from CKAN so that in and of itself cannot be the issue. CKAN also pulls the mod from GitHub so again, it can't be due to a bad upload to another site. To answer your question what sorts of mod could cause issues: * Mods which interfere with the science system in some way (auto-collect science etc) * Mods which interfere with the way resources flow in some way (NEOS experiments use the KSP resource system to run) Again, getting a log file would let me see which mods you have installed. Anyway, hope you're having fun with NEOS And thanks again @Brigadier for the support!
  10. Well, without further information, such as logs, savegames, etc, as has been requested, there's not much I can do to troubleshoot. The exposure time should visibly start incrementing after a few minutes at the latest, although it will take several orbits to complete.
  11. No, guessing a copy-paste error. The current version is 0.8.1 and is a should be a release build, which means that the "Debug Dump" button is should not be visible. Turns out this "feature" seems to be enabled. Hmm. (For those interested, it just writes the current status of the KEES experiment into the game log file). Regardless, the experiments work. They take time though, which is clearly stated in the docs and the KSPedia. KEES - Running Experiments : "Go and perform other missions or have a cup of tea!") - argh! I completely forgot my tea! It's been brewing for 2 hours or so now! *sigh* Anyway, I just tested on a brand new install and it all works (excepting the "Debug dump" button being enabled for KEES).
  12. As @Brigadier mentioned, we need more information to even start diagnosing your issue. But the biggest thing is that you seem to have installed a development/beta version and not the current release. For support with beta versions, please use the Development Thread, but since the latest full release there's no active beta at the moment.
  13. Ditto. My actual spare time is limited, but as a backup-dev I'm happy to volunteer. I know source-code-control etc. Web-dev less so. You have my contact details already
  14. Just to confirm, the source code is still here? Reason I'm asking is that it seems nothing has been updated in a very long time, yet I know you've been working on it..?
  15. Feature Request When editing a mod description, please make the Markdown link open in a new window. Or a "warning, leaving page, are you sure?". Or something! I just lost a significant edit to a mod description because it opened in the same window, no prompt, no warning, making me lose the entire edit. Browser-back didn't fix it. I really should know better than to trust web interfaces by now, but I keep getting caught out by this sort of thing Thank you for all your hard work maintaining this awesome resource for the community! EDIT: Created issue #196 and submitted a pull request. Looks like for some pages it already opened in a new Window/Tab, just not all.