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  1. http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/5109 I committed a issue here. thx:)
  2. I have done a file cache verification but that still exists. Maybe it's a platform only issue?
  3. Here is the logs https://www.dropbox.com/s/j55jkp8g2qr99iz/Kerbal%20Space%20Program_log.zip?dl=0
  4. KSP Version: v1.0.2.842 Windows 32-bit What Happens: Game freeze when I enter the training "Construction Basics" twice Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Steps to Replicate: 1) enter the training "Construction Basics" 2) follow directions until the last one 3) Press launch icon instead of quit icon 4) enter the training "Construction Basics" again Result: Game will freeze with no response
  5. I saw a news "Australian man Robert Brand and his 12 year old son Jason will be recorded in history, as the inventor of a small spacecraft can escape the earth's atmosphere and land." but just see the pictures given to show the concept of that spacecraft Umm its wings is from B9 Aerospace tail fin is from stock. They are kerbals:cool: For detail: http://wotzup.com/2014/10/project-thunderstruck-launched/
  6. Since it use stock texture ,I will use tweak scale instead.
  7. I don't think MM is enough for translation GUI and Contracts . You need xml tools at least.
  8. but still comparable for 0.23.5 except the great white warhead